Monday, July 20, 2009

Pet Airways

I guess it's about time some people realized animals are not objects. After many airlines killed.. many dogs between the lack of climatization during flight at the hours on the tarmac in dead heat. Airlines then after god knows how many dead dogs, or i guess after being sued god knows how many time. They decided to change the rules, which then made it next to impossible to travel with your pet. One of the rules being; making sure the temperature is a certain degree before you can board with the dog, which in my case meant i had to wait the 30 minute line up four times to simply ask if we can board yet and her to say no. Until i almost even completely missed my flight. As i come from a family who has traveled many pets from many country's; our family dog coming on vacation with us every summer.. moving a rabbit from England to the cayman islands, a horse from the cayman islands to Canada, along with 2 cats. I very much appreciate the idea of a pet airline. Although that doesn't mean i will be able to afford it!

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