Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feral Cat Population #01NDG09

New arrivals & New Project! - Rescued from feral cat population of decarie Dec 12th. We froze our fingers off! But managed to catch 3 of 4 kittens. Will be going back for last and mother who looks like she has a good case of masstitis (ouch!)!

Tabby Kitten - Male
Black Kitten - Male
Black & White Kitten - Female

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  1. I'm so happy these cuties are inside with these temps! You're very wonderful people to do this.

  2. I watched the rescue and you did an amazing job. The task at hand, to catch 4 feral kittens among a group of hungry adult cats in the back of a snow filled parking lot was not easy. It was cold and getting dark, but you hung in there. Maintaining a healthy feral cat colony is a collective effort and we could not be doing this without your help. From all the people who have banded together to help these cats, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.