Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diamond has overcome her upper respiratory infection!

        BEFORE                                      AFTER
(August 3rd)                             (August 13th)

Diamond and her siblings were brought in a box to be euthanized. They were all sick and had an upper respiratory infection, Rhinotracheitis virus. Diamond was the sickest of the group, she was so affected by the infection she could barley breathe. We were not sure if she was strong enough to fight off the infection, even with the antibiotics. But we gave her a chance, and to our surprise she responded amazingly to the treatment!! She has now overcome the infection, and is ready for adoption!

Diamond is a beautiful, elegant, petite cat. She has bloosmed with us from a terrified, deathly sick kitten into a playful, active, affectionate, healthy kitten. She is a joy to have around and really has an amazing personality. She has overcome so much at such a young age, and is just ready to relax and be a kitten. 

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  1. OH WOW!! LOOK AT THAT AMAZING PROGRESS. my boyfriend and i are in shock! she looks millions of times better than when she had rhino. she's doing so well! that's amazing. thank god. yay, diamond!!