Friday, August 6, 2010

Roommates come and go...

Your pets will love you for the rest of their lives no matter what happens. Something to think about.

It's high time that we encourage ourselves and others to go vegan (more on that in future postings) and to continue showing support for shelter and rescue nonhuman animals. Eleven Eleven, along with numerous rescues, exist because we are a community of dedicated human beings--the very species that exploits nonhuman animals for profit, for convenience, and for amusement-- and have decided to take responsibility for the colossal mess our species has created for nonhuman beings.

So please think of your nonhuman family members when searching for an apartment. If you are considering adopting, please have a look at your allergies, your roommate and/or human family situation and your lifestyle. By doing so, you prevent a nonhuman being from being disposed of with jaded disregard. You will prevent a nonhuman being from roaming the streets, homeless and faced with the tragic possibility of being kidnapped, mutilated, killed or sold into a devastatingly exploitative practice or institution.

Because they are ill in the early stages, physically broken, of senior age, psychologically damaged is not grounds to have one killed or given away as if they are a toy one no longer has the use of. When we care for fellow human beings, we are there for them through joyous moments as well as through painful ones. Sending a nonhuman individual off to a friend or to their death because one couldn't handle it/has allergies/will be having a child/[insert excuse] is betrayal. The bond between a human and a nonhuman consists of friendship and parenthood. Nonhuman beings will never give up on us. Yet each and every one of the faces brought over to Eleven Eleven are victims of humans who gave up on them. It's high time that this changes. It's high time that we live alongside these individuals as equals.

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