Monday, August 9, 2010

Violet now Mr. Jay

This little boy was rescued the other week after he was brought in by his previous owner to be euthanized. Her previous owner wanted to euthanize him because he became allergic to him. Thankfully he was able to be rescued at the last minute, we saved him from being euthanize as literally the euthanol syringe was being pulled up. He enjoys plenty of play time outside his large cage. He is a great bun, and with such a close call deserves a great new family. One that would not even dream of giving her up or euthanizing him. He is a jem, who ever adopts him will soon realize they are the luckiest bun owners ever.

Mr. Jay has been in foster care for almost a year now. His last foster home was planning to adopt him but has recently realized he doesn't fit in their lifestyle. This decision came as quite a suprise to us now we have less than a week to find a new foster or forever home.

Mr. Jay is a nice boy, he's on the large size as far as rabbits go, we think he has some flemish giant in him. Which makes for a great pet! He is great with kids, cats and small dogs.

PLEASE HELP!!! This bunbun has no where to go!


  1. Thanks for posting this story. It is wonderful to see how a horrible situation was turned around into a wonderful outcome!! This gives me hope. I found this inspiring animal story to share with everyone. It is such a miracle.

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