Sunday, November 15, 2009

Exotic Adoptions 2009

Nemo was rescued September 20th and adopted September 25th 2009. He was rescued from a pet store in Lachine that is closing down and needed somewhere for their animals to go. Nemo was bottle feed and has just recently been weaned. He is so young that he doesn't even have all of his fur yet. He is such a little sweet heart and gives great little kisses. He is going to make and amazing affectionate companion. 

Betty was rescued with Nemo from a pet store that was closing down and needed somewhere for all the  animals to go. Betty was originally bonded with another little female but unfortunately that female was  exposed to rat poisen in the pet store and died. Betty has now been adopted and is living in 'rat heaven' enjoying free run of the living room and home cooked meals.

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