Sunday, November 15, 2009

Naya - Leighs

Naya: She was going to be put down summer 2008, at 7 months because she had diarrhea. She was tested for Parvo Virus, she was thankfully negative. She was a beast of a dog, 80lbs and hip height. But she was such a sweet heart, she is the definition of a gentle giant, really one of the sweetest most submissive dogs we have ever met. Caroline knew right away her personality would work great with Leigh’s dog and her rabbit, she had tried out other dogs that did not work out. The next day Leigh (our exotic girl) came to see her, and she got along great with her picky (when it comes to friends) akitamix.  Leigh took her home, and she has never had another episode of diarrhea again. We have since found out that she is a huge hoover and will eat anything in sight. She has even eaten gloves leigh use to dye her hair with out the bathroom sink. Most recently, an ant trap. Which explains why she was probably sick a lot with the other owner. She continues to live hapily in her new home. 

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