Monday, November 16, 2009


Piglet: Rescued July 7th and adopted August 5th. Piglet is a one year old female pug, was given up to me on July 7th 2009 because of her shedding. She came to me petrified and overweight. The first few days I had her, she would not move, and just hid under my couch, or in my pile of clothes. She weighed a whooping 22.9lbs, I was able to get 4lbs off her in one month of my care. With Purina Over Weight Management and a lot of exercise. She bloomed into one of the sweetest dogs I have ever come across. Like any pug, she loves to play, and everything in life to her is a game. Her spirits always high, she can make you smile on any day with just her goofy personality. She loves to shower you head to toe in kisses, until you can no longer stand it. Everyone who met her instantly fell in love with her. Fostering her was a pleasure; she brought a lot of joy into my life while having her around. I loved her like my own, and will definitely miss having her around. But I know she has been placed in an amazing home. She will be unconditionally loved for the rest of her life and have all the attention she deserves (and demands for!). I am very happy to see her go into her new home, and I am excited for her, as this is the beginning of a long, amazing life with them. 

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