Monday, November 16, 2009


Moon: The sister of Madeleine,  was adopted by her amazing foster family within the first week of fostering her. She is such a doll and won over their hearts pretty fast, and even their cats heart who was not to pleased with her at first. Her and her sister were borne in the shed of a mans house by a stray cat, they lived there for 5 weeks with out any human contact. Because they had no human contact, they were feral kittens. They were facing being kicked out of the shed, and becoming just another cat in the stray cat population. To avoid this, and avoid the hundreds of babies they would have produced, we decided to take them on. To catch them, live traps were set and constantly checked. Moon was the first one to be caught, although having no human contact she actually tolerated being handled very well. She was tiny, and riddled with fleas. She was then placed in her foster family where within days she came out of her shell. She became a loving affectionate, playful, little kitten and continues to grow and thrive in her now forever home. 

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