Saturday, April 24, 2010

Charlotte finally has her kittens!

When Charlotte first came to us, we were told she was ready to give birth any day now, and it showed, her baby bump was already huge. Well "any day now" turned into two weeks, and she only got bigger by the day!

Everyday we'd thought we'd seen the signs and were on the lookout for kittens. Well this past Thursday morning, our patience paid off, we woke up to four beautiful, healthy, fluffy kittens. She must have given birth just as we fell asleep, because by the morning they were all cleaned up. The kittens are absolutely adorable (as most are), three tabbys like Charlotte and one black and white kitten. Charlotte's amazing character is really shining through, as she still loves company and sneaking in a cuddle while her kittens nap. She is a great mum, very attentive and always purring, although she wouldn't mind getting some of the attention that her kittens are getting!

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