Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Arrival - Brittany

Meet Brittany

Age: Puppy 5-6 months
Sex: Female / spayed
Breed: Husky x Lab
Size: Medium
Date Rescued: April 16th 2010

Reason Rescued: Brittany was abandoned in a house when her owners moved. They left her and another pup, George, without food or water, until the city discovered them. They were then brought into a clinic to be euthanized by the municipality, as they do not have a pound.

Brittany, despite the hard start.. is a fantastic pup. Loving, affectionate, forgiving, smart, and all around awesome. She is fearful, of many new things, people, and dogs. But with a little reassurance she quickly overcomes her fear.

She wants nothing more than to just be right by your side, all of the time. She has great re-call, and picks up new tricks and commands very quickly. In fact we tought her to lie down in 5 minutes. She is crate trained, and house trained.

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