Sunday, April 11, 2010


Meet Speedy: a 6 months old Italian Greyhound who was facing euthanasia. Why on earth would such a rare, expensive breed, and possibly the cutest puppy ever be facing euthanasia?

Despite coming from a ‘reputable breeder’ (not that that even matters, a breeder is a breeder in our eyes) he broke his knee shortly after being bought, and his new owners thought he would grow out of it. Unfortunately (if only life was that easy), he did not, and then was facing euthanasia at only 6 months old. His knee is now a big ball of cartilage and scar tissue. He has not even used the leg for over 3 months. A specialist has evaluated him, and there is no hope in saving the leg because of how old the injury is. So Speedy now needs an amputation. Not that is will really make a difference, as he has never really used that leg and living up to his greyhound breed he is still faster than any other 4 legged pup out there.

His dead leg however is not his only issue (it can never be that simple). Again, living up to his grey hound breed.. he has horrible teeth. At 6 months old he has had to have a full dental, and extractions of adult teeth that were already rotting. We are not sure if he even has enamel on his teeth, which makes him pre-disposed to building up tartar. He even had a small benign growth in the mouth, which was also removed. Okay so Speedy is a lemon pup, but hey he still deserves a chance at life, which we are more than willing to give him.

Other than those small little issues, he is a fantastic little guy. Playful as any other puppy, happy, affectionate, a great kisser, and already house trained! His adoptive home should expect to be showered with more love than physically capable to handle, he is a little teeny-tiny bundle of joy. However he will need his teeth cleaned daily, twice daily ideally. It is just a matter of making it a part of your routine and he loves the tasty chicken toothpaste, so you won’t hear him complain. He will probably need a few more dental surgeries down the line, and will probably not be left with many teeth at a very young age. His three legs will not affect him or his joints in the long run, as greyhounds have great joints and hips.

In our eyes he is a gem, and we are hoping there are other people out there (who are just as crazy as we are) that can see the same golden pup we see. We will be amputating his leg as soon as the funds are raised, we have already had his dental done.

Lets join forces and save this little unlucky pup!

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  1. I already have an Italian greyhound and a miniature schnauzer (both rescued dogs) and I look at this little one and I feel like I should take him. Could you give me more information?