Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sponsor an Animal – Speedy had his surgery!

Yesterday Dr. Plante of The Poirier O'Brien Veterinary Clinic and an Eleven Eleven Tech / Founder Caroline Ross both went in on their days off to perform the surgery Speedy desperately needed. Speedy needed an amputation after his knee was broken 4 months ago and left untreated by the previous owners. The surgery took over 2 hours, and Speedy was a trooper. Everything went very well, and should heal beautifully. He now no longer has a dangling leg to trip on.

Waking up was hard, as an amputation is a huge surgery and very painful. He was given a morphine injection before he woke up, has a Fentanly transdermal patch on, had a Metacam injection post-op and will be on oral pain killers for the next week or so. Needles to say, we have him on good pain management. He did loose a decent amount of blood during the surgery, as we had to go through a few very large veins and arteries so we kept him hospitalized and on fluids for 24 hours. We are going in to re-rvaluate him tonight and see if he is ready to come home or not.

Here is a video of him waking up from the anesthesia:

If you would like to contribute to his medical care please see here:


  1. Poor Baby Speedy! Waking up seems rough!
    Good work Caroline and Dr Plante, Thanks for all the hard work! :)
    Now a pain-free live can begin for Speedy!

    Many Many kisses to Speedy!

  2. Yay Speedy. Poor thing. He will need a lot of love in the next week.

  3. i dont like to hear dogs cry.. but i know its a good crying for him.. i wish him all the luck in getting better and happeness that will come after :)

  4. We never made it to meet Speedy at his meet and greet but I am so happy that he was able to have his operation and we send him hugs love kisses licks and wags.
    Shelley and Iggies, Gibson and Simon