Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Arrivals - the itty bitty kind

NEW ARRIVALS: These kittens arrived to us after being rejected by their mother who was sick from a mastitis. They were 4 days old, and had not been fed in over a day. Listless, lifeless, and on deaths door.. but thanks to 'round the clock feeding and a whole lot-a TLC they are now healthy little critters. We were also luck enough that we were able to place them with Charlotte, a mother kitty who we took in very pregnant and gave birth Thursday. Charlotte was very quick to pick up the new babies, and place them with the rest of her litter. Everyone is happy and doing really well, purrrrrs all around.


  1. We're so happy the kittens are doing well! Is the little tuxedo kitten male or female?

  2. The whole litter is all males.. i think there is something in our water. All of our litters are always all males!