Sunday, March 21, 2010

Become a valuable member of our ever growing rescue team!

Search Engine Management - Position needed!

Job description:
o Update: Pet, and with new arrivals, adopted animals, information (Spayed, ect).
o Create up-beat, funny, unique and informative short descriptions about each animal.
o Up-dates can be daily or weekly depending from week to week, minimum 1 hour per week of work.

Must have’s:
o Have basic HTLM understanding
o Have adobe photoshop to format and edit pictures to our dimensions

New arrivals, most pictures and up-dates on pets can be obtained through our blog which you will need to translate to the search engines. You just have to keep up with everything :P!

See blog:

Please email:

*Please note it may take a week to reply to your email as i am out of town and currently only have access to internet on weekends.

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