Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pumpkin - Adopted!

Pumpkin (now Mottly) was adopted by her foster home. Pumpkin was brought into a vet clinic to be euthanized after her previous owner passed away and the rest of the family wanted nothing to do with her. We took a quick look at her mouth and realized she needed a teeth cleaning. Little did we know her mouth was so bad it was rotting, literally. She had a marathon dental from hell, the vet was in there for hours removing teeth left right and centre, fighting back bursting abscess built up behind teeth. She is a good example of what happens if you do not keep and eye on your pets dental care. Thankfully we had the dental done, if her teeth were left in that state any longer hre vital organs would have shut down from bacteria overload entering the blood stream. None the less, she recovered amazingly and after one week with her in foster she wanted to hear nothing about her being adopted to anyone else. The foster home adopted her and they are both happy as can be.

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