Monday, March 1, 2010

NEW 'Sponsor an Animal' – Meet: Ginny & Her Puppies

Ginny was saved from a hoarder up north and came to us three legged & very pregnant

Meet Ginny: She is a young, affectionate, happy, obedient dog who loves nothing more than to just simply be by your side. She is one of the sweetest dogs Eleven Eleven has ever come across, and has no ounce of angry or resentment in her considering where she came from. Ginny is a survivor in the strongest way possible, not only over coming conditions that would kill most dogs but not even letting it affect her personality and demeanour. Not even holding her negative experience against anyone, or the humans beings that inflicted it on her. The only thing that gives this lovely girls past abusive conditions away, is her missing front leg.

Ginny was rescued in December by Animal Quebec from a hoarder up north who was hoarding over 30 dogs in despicable conditions. She was kept and compassionately cared for by the loving and dedicated volunteers at The SPCA Emergency Shelter. Ginny was one of the many, but only one of the very few Huskies, most are golden crosses (also for adoption, through the E-Shelter). They were chained to trees outside with no shelter, warmth food or water and expected to survive. Eleven Eleven took over Ginny January 31st and welcomed her into a loving, warm foster home. She gave birth to 6 healthy puppies February 4th, despite the doctors predictions of only 2 puppies.. maybe three. We were very surprised to see this tiny little mother of only 35 pounds produce so many puppies!

Ginny is emaciated, on a body condition scale of 1 to 9 she is easily a 2. Despite being so under weight she also has to nurse 6 puppies, before we can nurse her back to health. On top of having 6 puppies Ginny fought with gastro-intestinal upsets which we worked very hard to control. Medication after medication and expensive diet after expensive diet, we have finally found a combination that agrees with her. Which unfortunately is an extremely expensive food that only comes in 8 pound bags, which she goes through at least one a week. Ginny also has two severly broken Canines with full pulp exposure which we are looking into having a root canal or cap done on them to save the teeth, otherwise if not possible we will have to remove them. She will also need to be spayed, and before going into surgery will need a full blood panel done. She has had several worm protocols to help facilitate the control of the gastro-upsets along with the puppies. The puppies will all also need to be spayed, de-wormed, vaccinated and place.

Any donation towards Ginny and her puppies is not too small. To summarize our expected medical expenses (2000$ + estimate):
  • Ginny's Teeth removal or repair - Min 100$for just removal per tooth (200$+)
  • Blood work for Ginny - (100$+)
  • Deworming: Ginny and puppies - Drontal done twice, Pyran to be done 4 times for Ginny and per each puppy (100$+)
  • Vaccinations: Ginny and Puppies (245$+)
  • Sterilization female surgeries - Ginny and one female puppy (400$+)
  • Sterilization male surgeries - 5 male puppies (600$+)
  • Ginny's heart-worm test: 40$
  • Food costs 400$+

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