Saturday, March 13, 2010

Charlie Update - Picked up from the hospital tonight

We went by to pick Charlie up tonight after his bag of iv pain killers was finished. He is now on Meatcam and Tremadol to help with the pain. Even with the epidural he got yesterday, being on iv pain killers since Thursday night, Metacam and the Tremadol.. he is still in an immense amount of pain. He hardly wants to stand or move, but even sitting or lying is also hard for him. He just can not seem to find the right position to sleep.

The car ride was an adventure in itself. Every bump, pot hole, turn, start or stop all was painful for him. He panted and trembled the whole time, and licked ny hand as if he was asking me how i can make it go away. We all know what the roads in Montreal are like. I cringed the entire ride home for him, it was torture.

He is finally safe and sound in his big new crate that he will have to call home for the next two months of strict bed rest. But i think he is happy to be out of the clinic. He was originally abandoned in a veterinary clinic when he was brought in to be euthanized by his previous owner, because he no longer had time for him. Because of that clinics are always stressful for him, he had no idea we have not abandoned him and will be coming back. Every time we go to one he anticipates being abandoned again. Little does he know, or maybe he should by now, over our dead bodies will that ever happen to him again.

Now it is plenty of meds, rest, tlc and then physiotherapy starting in 8 weeks that will last for months. But at least the hardest part for him is over, he survived a huge surgery and even got out of if with his leg still in place.

Now the hardest part for us is about to start, raising funds to pay off this surgery. We are in the hole right now, a very big and deep hole. With that it also means until Charlie's surgery is paid off.. with our deepest sympathy, we will no longer be able to accept anymore animals in need into the rescue. Our doors will be bolted shut, it would be irresponsible for us to take on anymore as we at this moment in time would have no means of paying for their medical care.

We will be hosting a fundraiser - pet beauty day at Naturalanimal in Westmount on March 28th (Sunday). Nail cut's and ear cleanings, full details to be announced soon. We hope to see you all there!

For now... he is happy to be back with his best little friend:

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