Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jill (Now Lucky) Update - Progression of a Puppy-Mill rescue

Hi Caroline,

I am trying to send updates as much as possible but I am busy at work and when at home in complete awe over my new Lucky girl!

She got her booster shots not this past Thursday but the one before on February 25th. The vet wanted to wait one more week before removing the sutures. The Doctor thinks she is just a Gem... She said I have a great new addition! When I tried to pay and had Lucky in my arms it was a little difficult, so the girl at the cash asked if she could give me a hand and reached for Lucky who sat on her lap with her two front paws on the desk. She kept saying "look I have a new assistant". Really cute...

Wednesday March 4th, we had the sutures removed and it was a breeze.

You would not recognize little Lucky now... She has most of her energy in the morning.... She slept with me last night because she is waking me up at crazy hours!@# 4:30 a.m. and the next night 2:30 a.m.!@# So last night, she slept with me because I NEED some sleep oh... Boy! She steels all my socks and we even had a tug of war this morning. I put her on the floor so I could make my bed and found out that she is quite capable of jumping up on my bed!!! Then she wouldn't let me make it... All the time jumping around and running around like she succeeded something super special which she has actually...

This is all true but only when it is her and I... When I have visitors she regresses and I am sure tonight going up North, we will be back at square one... Sometimes, I get discouraged only because I know that she has that puppy in her and a stubborn streak too! But she will eventually come around.

To give her confidence in the beginning, when she wanted to go on the couch, she would put her paws on the couch and I would take her little hind paws and give her a heave ho, so she would think she could do it herself and I created a monster!@# Just joking...

Anyway, have to go...

More news to follow and keep your fingers crossed for my weekend up North!

Carole and Lucky girl

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