Saturday, March 20, 2010

How big is your heart? Meet the not-so-lucky St. Patty's day kitty

Lets just say Kelly did not win the genetics lottery, and should probably never gamble.

Kelly Green is named after St. Patrick’s day. The day she was brought into a clinic and asked to be euthanized. Kelly Green did not have the infamous luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s day, or in general. She did not win in the genetics loto that is for sure. This little doll, is blind as a bat. If that is not bad luck enough, she is deaf as can be. She was a stray, that some how survived and managed her way around outdoors with no eye sight or hearing. I guess she is lucky in that sense, and lucky that she hit Eleven Eleven right in our soft spots. She is so well adapted to her disability the family that took her in from the streets and eventually brought her to be euthanized because the other cat in the house did not like her had no idea. Even the veterinary clinic took a couple days and gathered the team of vets to confirm that she is deaf, and blind. She gets around just fine, maybe a little slower than most but her disabilities do not affect her. She is sweet as a pea, soft as can be, and full of life and spunk. Estimated to be around 9 months old, and otherwise very healthy. The only thing her disabilities will affect is her adoptability, with so many perfectly ‘normal’ cats and kittens for adoption how is she to compete with them? How big is your heart, big enough to fit this sweet heart in? Open up your mind and heart to her, she will open up yours big and wide. We dare you to take a leap, and give this jem a chance at life. To us she her disabilities and courage are what make her endearing, she is one in a million (literally), consider her a rare diamond.

*** Foster home needed! No dogs / kids.

*** There is no adoption fee, because we are just flat out lucky if we can find anyone with a big enough heart to adopt her.


  1. what a lucky cat,she must of gone through
    alot,being blind and deaf and living on the
    streets .this little kitty is meant to be,
    i know she woul dmake an exceptional pet,and i
    really would scoop her up in heartbeat if my daughter was not soo allergic to cats!! i wish her the best of luck in finding her forever home!!

  2. and she is so beautiful. I wish her all the luck in the world.