Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet Grey Goose - previous 'devil kitty' now a lap kitty.

She is a not so new arrival, we took her on early January actually but have been waiting for her to progress before putting her up. She has progressed so far from when we took her on. When we took her on from another rescue, we were told she was a hand full to say the least. After being kept in a garage saved from being brought to The Berge Blanc for a sure death. Originally born outside in the middle of winter, and completely feral. They said the rest of her litter turned out pretty nice but she was insane. So crazy actually that the veterinarian could not sex her, or even hold her to vaccinate. Call us insane for taking her on and thinking we could break through to this tough nut, but we always like a good challenge. Well meet her now, an affectionate, adorable, delicate lap cat. She simply was terrified, and needed a little extra tlc. Even when she was brought to be spayed she had all the staff in her cage all over her, she is a sweetheart and makes you go all mushy.

This is what her foster home said:

I just wanted to let you know that Grey goose is doing SO much better! She's not really afraid of us anymore. She definately is easily startled but she's at a point where she walks all over us and cuddles because she wants to, not because we're holding her. My guess is that when she does get adopted, she'll take a little time to get used to the new people but she's going to be a wonderful house cat. She's really affectionate and playful and calls to us when we're not in the room with her. She's a talker!

Lets not forget, that all of this kitty's progress was because of the amazing foster homes loving dedication to her. They are awesome, and she would not have been able to come any where near this far without their help, experience, and patience.

Grey Goose is now for adoption, although will require a special home how will understand and be patient with her. Who will help her slowly gain her confidence around them until she is confident enough to snuggle up. She is a gem, and will be an amazing companion.

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