Sunday, March 14, 2010

YAGO, Blue Fronted Amazon, has been adopted!

YAGO adopted!!! Yago's previous owner's were no longer able to provide Yago with the time and space he required. They came to us in hopes that we could help find a new forever home for him. Once again we came through!

This past weekend Yago was introduced to his new forever home. I've already received an update that his transition is going very smoothly. He's even been breaking bread with his new family. Things sound like they are going even better then we could have expected! Good luck Yago and family!


  1. poor yago,, we wish you'll find happiness in your new home

  2. Yago is doing great, loves to take long showers, learned new words, not shy at all, and loves peanuts. He is so adorable!! ;)

    The new happy owner!