Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brittany Adopted!

Brittany finally found her forever home. She was abandoned in an house when her previous owner moved away. He took the cute little new puppy, and left Brittany and another dog behind in the house for god knows how long. Because the city does not have a pound, she was brought straight to a clinic to be euthanized. We picked her up from the clinic, about 2 hours outside of Montreal.. and took her into our care. She has since worked through her separation anxiety, fear issues with men, and other little details. She blossomed into one of the most wonderful dogs we have ever had the pleasure of saving, or meeting.

Yesterday was HER day, we brought her to her new home over and hour east of Montreal. She will now be spending and sharing her life with her new friend a Great Dane! The new family is looking forward to including her in the obstacle classes they do with their current dog. She has a nice house, with a big yard to run in now. Her days of being and underdog are OVER.

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