Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Arrival - Chouppie


Age: Adult (1 year)
Sex: Male
Breed: Daschund
Size: Small
Date Rescued: May 4th 2010

Reason Rescued: Chouppie is the result of sites like Les Pac, the french version of Kijiji. He was bought, and sold, bough and sold, until he finally came to us. Between the 4 homes in 1 year, he was very clearly abused. However with a little work his trust issues with new people can easily be worked through. He is looking forward to finding a home that will let him know, he is there to stay. Fear issues aside, he is sweet, affectionate, lovey dovey, loyal and all you could want out of a pup. He would be a great family dog, and actually prefers kids or younger people over adults.

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