Sunday, May 16, 2010

House & Feed a cat for a day

Kitten Season is here, spring cam early this year and so did 'kitten season'.. we are over flowing and unfortunately over our brim right now in cats/kittens.

We currently have EIGHTEEN kittens for adoption, this week alone we rescued two mothers and their litters from the streets. All of the fosters we have are at their brim, and with summer many are leaving to go home for the summer or on vacation for a few weeks. Our foster homes for cats are at a serious LOW right now. To compensate, we have had to resort to boarding, last month alone we paid well over 100$ in boarding fees.

For us to continue to take in, feed, and treat the growing demand of cats in need at this time of year, we have set up a fund. If you are unable to foster but would like to donate towards housing & feeding a cat for a day, you can do so below.

10$ houses / feeds a cat for 1 day, 20$ houses / feeds a dog for a day.

Of course we would much rather prefer to have foster homes for them. Please spread the word amongst family, co-workers and friends that fostering an animal is rewarding and SAVES LIVES.

You can find more information about fostering here:

Thank you in advance,

The cats/kittens of Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue

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