Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meet - Allie.. the Squirrel-Cat

Actually, Allie was rescued from a population of squirrels at the beginning of March. She survived the winter nesting with the squirrels, and eating nuts. She is only about 7-8 months old, and until we took her in, she had spent her life outside.. with the squirrels. She is still adjusting to these funny looking sub-scpecied of squirrels she lives with now, called humans. They have beds instead of holes in trees, and food other than nuts. It's a rather new, and funny life-style in her mind.

Her foster mom says; She is weirdly more interested in being around people than many cats I know. When she's not sleeping she's following me like a baby duck, and often I'm on the computer or even lying in bed reading or about to fall asleep, and she sits as close as she can without being touched and just stares at me until I play with her. If I don't get the cat dancer going she'll hop up on the bed and get even closer, or start playing with her toys by herself. She's kind of weird with her clinginess, but in a good way. She will one day allow someone to pet her, but she would have to have been living with them for a few months at least, which isn't really practical for most people.

In other words, she is adorable. But still has some adjusting to these funny looking squirrels she is living with. Won't you be the one that gives her a chance?

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