Monday, May 17, 2010

Some of the weirdest pet entries so far!

Panda is the funniest and sweetest dog in the world. Her weirdest habit among many is that when she's fed human food she wants it on utensils. She also happens to eat off a fork like a human and without just trying to lick the food off. In this picture she has to lick because she's enjoying the remainder of my snow taffy (which she at first tried to bite like you would with a fork). She's also not allowed on the bed unless I'm feeling particularly generous but when she gets in there she always uses the pillows for her head and ALWAYS pulls the blankets to cover her if I haven't done so already. She's a cutie a half for sure! Best part of my life!

My dog Bee...Bee is a "special" dog ... She is a tomboy...never been too
happy about peeing like a she started off by backing up a
tree until her butt was in the air and pee UP the tree...Well now, after
many years of experience...she simply raises her butt in the air while
she is walking and pees..."SPECIAL"

My rescue kitty Mia Mau has a Q-tip obesession. She likes to dig them out of the washroom garbage can and play with them. Most mornings i wake up to a Q-tip next to my face. It is quite disgusting, but i love her nonetheless :-)

Salem is a very vocal dog! From whining and talking when he's too excited, too happy, annoyed, bored, sleepy or hungry to barking like the very serious guard dog that he (thinks) he is. When he barks, we tell him no, and he does it a bit lower.

"WOOF!" "No." Woof." "No!" "Wff." "No..." "wbwf." "no!" "bwrvv..." No...." "Bh."

And it goes on and on until he basically just make his huge mouth go pop with air, or blows a raspberry on the floor where he lays down and sighs as a sign of oh-so-tragic doggie drama queen protestation. He thinks he's so badass :) It can get annoying when it takes ten minutes of this after a delivery guy leaves, but IT'S SO CUUUTTE!

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