Monday, May 17, 2010

Celebrate Your Pet - Contest for THE WEIRDEST PET!

Dose your dog, cat, fish, hamster.. rabbit have weird habits? Have they ever done, or to they regularly do things that make you want to pull your hair out? But in the end.. you still love and maybe even a little more!

With moving day around the corner, and so many pets being abandoned for no real good reason, other than an apartment with a better view. Let us set a good example, lets show that pets should be treated as family, not accessories to our lives.

So what the cat ruined your couch, get a new couch! So what the new boyfriend is allergic, get a new boyfriend! So what the dog thought your 2 day old, 3000$ laptop was a chew toy?

Lets join together and celebrate all the annoying, weird, gross and even embarrassing quirks our pets have! And why we still love them, despite all the above.

WEIRDEST PET WINNERS (There will be 3 grand winners) get a free photo-shoot, on our Celebrate Your Pet Photo Day June 27th and they will also be featured in our promotional video.

TO ENTER: Post or send a picture and short description of the weird habit(s) they have and why you still love them
- Post on our Facebook contest event page -
- Send an email titled "CONTEST" to

TO VOTE: Your entry will be posted on our contest entry photo album, find you picture in the album and post it on you wall. Ask your friends to vote for you to WIN.

See album here:

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