Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sponsor an Animal – Charlie

Charlie had his follow-up evaluation by Dr. Auger last week, it is now 8 weeks post operation. It is hard to believe it has already been 8 weeks since the accident, since we almost had to say goodbye to him uncertain if he would even make the night. Well 8 weeks later, he is doing fantastic and is almost in full use of his leg that 2 doctors and the specialist were not even sure if it would be able to be saved.

They took a third set of follow up x-rays, everything has healed almost perfectly. There is a fragment of bone that is not 100% attached to the main bone, but Dr. Auger says with time it will attach itself. The break through the femur head has healed, along with all the other breaks. However the one concerning factor is that the 14 inch plate needed to keep all he pins and bone together is now rubbing against Charlie's knee joint, and causing irritation which is resulting in damage. We have been told exactly what we feared the worst.. we are going to have to go back into surgery. In a few months from now, once everything has healed even more we are going to have to go back into surgery to remove the plate and pins. The estimation for this surgery is 1000$ if everything goes well. Oh Charlie, our million dollar baby.

On a better note, he is doing great in his new home and slowly adapting to the new family and rules. He is pushing his limits, like he does (which is how he got in the accident in the first place), and seeing how much he can get away with. They have so far only lost a few sandwiches and a banana bread loaf to his counter surfing habits. Because of his cage rest, and pent-up energy he had taken the habit of burning this pent up energy by stalking their cat. Which they have been working with, and he is now responding and leaving the cat alone for the most part. They none the less, love him.

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