Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mission 'Save Speedy' - ACCOMPLISHED

We embarked on a mission, a mission so save one little unlucky pup. Together with the support of the public, the joint efforts of several medical professionals, and dozens of compassionate caring individuals; we are proud to say this mission has been accomplished.

Speedy has been adopted in to an exceptional home, and will become a certified Zootherapy dog. His great nature, love and joy is abundant and contagious. The love and joy he will be able to share and bring to countless peoples lives will be extraordinary. But most importantly, he has become a loved and cherished member of a family he can call his own.

Speedy received the surgery he desperate needed, after his leg was injured and left untreated as a puppy. Unfortunately the leg was unable to be saved, which left the one option of amputation. His leg was amputated thanks to Dr. Monique Plante of The Poirier O’Brien Veterinary Clinic who came in on a day off, the founder and technician. Caroline Ross who also came in on a day off to assist the surgery. Of course this would have never happened if it was not for the staff at the DMV, most importantly Leesa Fauve Guillemette who pleaded to save him.

We would like to thank each and every donator, supporter, and caring individual that came together for this one special pup.

To see his full story, or contribute please SEE HERE

You have heard us say this a thousand times, but we can never say it enough. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Contributors: Jody Gallacher, Dorothy Kryworuchko Languedoc (Creations and Stuff by me), Chastity Castro, kimberly jeffrey, Sylvia Bongiovanni, Isabella Amodei, Alex Robert, Gabrielle St-Jean Savoie, Gabrielle Lisa Collard, Adele Russillo, ilana shamir, Dan Saindon, Chris J Shiers, Simon-Pierre Ratte, Vanessa Marussi, Elena Benelli.

Please see his thank you video, see how happy he is now and what you have helped accomplish:

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