Friday, May 7, 2010

To put things in perspective: 'We have found a kitten'

To put things into persecutive on the overpopulation we have in Montreal with our stray cat population, below i have posted a few emails that we have received within the past week alone about kittens outside.

The first email below we have taken priority to help, along with two other litter of kittens not listed. However all of the other emails, we have had to reply starting with 'i am sorry' because we are absolutely powerless to help. With the lack of foster homes, and more important.. funds, we are left unable to help any other way other than giving information.

With a reality like this, when you hear shelters and rescues say 'we are full' or 'we can not save them all' ... we are, and we can not. We are absolutely drowning, with every life we save we know there are hundreds more un-helped. This is where you have to be their saviour, you can make the difference in their life. Take it upon yourself to be the rescuer, be or find the foster home, find the responsible adoptive homes, make sure they have been sterilized. Make the difference in these animals lives, yourself. If we all work together, this could become history.

It is an epidemic of the most preventable form of cruelty. The need to spay and neuter our animals, to prevent contributing to this is vital.

Please also see Cheryl Cornacchia's article published this week in The Gazette - "One Unspayed Cat: 3, 200 Kittens"

** The kitten pictured to the top left, was rescued by Eleven Eleven from a feral population at 6 weeks old in the middle of the winter.

** We are always looking for fosters for pregnant cats, or for feral kittens that need socialization. If you are interested in fostering please see here:

We have a stray cat that we have been feeding in our shed. We were planning on having her neutered when we noticed she was pregnant. Unfortunately she gave birth to kittens which should by now be three weeks old. We have not entered the shed for fear she will move them. We are unable to keep these kittens as we already have cats. We will still have the mother neutered in the trap and release program.

What can we do with the kittens? They will have to be euthenized if they are not socialised. Can you help us? In this town abandoned cats are an epidemic.

Thank you

We have a stray cat problem here in Dorval. There are 5 kittens which were being fed by several people in the neighbourhood. They are in fact getting to be quite big.

Now we've been told because of one complainer that we can no longer feed these cats.

Dorval has no animal shelter. The city by-law states residents cannot feed stray cats but the by-law also states it is against the law to be cruel to animals. I think it will be cruel to sit and watch these cats starve to death so we are in a catch 22 situation.

The only thing the city seems interested in is to issue fines if we are caught feeding these cats. Although they have recently said they will look after the situation. Now I'm wondering if they plan on putting these cats down which I'm against.

My question to you is there anything you folks could do to help these animals!

Thanks for your time.

We recently found a litter of four kittens in our back yard, guarded by their mother. They've made a home in a half empty bag of peat moss. They seem to be safe for now, but we're not sure what do with them. We'd like to make sure they grow up safe and healthy but adopting them by ourselves isn't really feasibly for us. Is it possible to find a home for them? I think they are around 3 weeks old. For now, while they are still living in the yard, is there anything we could do to help them, such as giving the mother some food? We've given her a dish of water. We haven't dealt with a situation like this before.

Thank you for your time


I might need some help finding a kitten a home. Last weekend my son found a stray kitten who appears to be around 4 - 5 weeksold, but I can't be sure of his age, as I'm no expert. He seems to be still nursing, as he is a little plump. He is the only kitten t...hat we saw. (My son found him in a old, beat up camper that it behind a garage.) I didn't want to take him when I saw him, because I think he still needs his mother, and I wasn't able to take him home, as I already have a full house, and one more pet would probably drive my hubby over the edge. Can you please give me some advice on what to do with, or about him? Thanks so much!


Je cherche un famille d’accueil temporaire pour une belle petite chatte affectueuse qui, somme toute, a été abandonnée. La maman a eu 4 bébés (3 noirs et 1 tabby) en dessous du cabanon de mon 2e voisin. Les bébés ont environ 4 semaines.

Il y a un HIC...Mes voisins ont 2 chiens dont un Jack russel qui est très gentil mais c'est un vrai chasseur (c’est sa nature de terrier) et il n'aime pas les chats. Les voisins ont sécurisé les lieux mais les chatons grandissent et vont vouloir explorer...

Je fais quelques contacts ici et là...Les refuges sont plein de chats abandonnés. C'est toujours comme ça. Le Berger blanc peut recevoir la mère et les bébés mais on ne se cache pas que c'est l'euthanasie qui les attend. L'idéal serait que la maman et les chatons soient en famille d'accueil le temps de permettre aux chatons d'être socialisés et adoptés. Ça ne sera pas simple d'attraper les bébés mais c'est faisable. La maman se laisse flatter et elle ronronne. Selon le vétérinaire, les bébés ne devraient pas être séparés de leur maman. La maman est aussi facilement adoptable.

J'étais prête à les prendre chez-moi le temps que les chatons soient prêts a être adoptés mais étant donné que j'ai déjà 2 chats dont un que j’ai sauvé alors qu’il été bébé. Mon chat a la rhino (grippe de chat). C’est une maladie respiratoire chronique qui est contagieuse. Si je fais entrer la marmaille, j’expose mon chat et les bébés à de gros problèmes de santé qui pourraient être très graves.

Il faut attraper les bébés et la maman...Pour la maman, ça risque d'être simple mais les bébé compliqué à cause de l'espace restreint.

Je ne sais pas comment les choses vont évoluer car tout ça se passe chez mes voisins. En attendant, je fais des démarches ici et là pour une famille d’accueil...un sous-sol, une chambre d’amis pourraient faire l’affaire...Vous connaissez la vous connaissez quelqu’un qui connaît quelqu’un...faites-moi signe.



I have several feral cats which have probably all had kittens but right now
I have one mother with two kittens.they are about 5 or 6 weeks old. I had three
cats, but I just lost one she was 17 years old, I will probably take in one of the kittens
but I was wondering about what to do, I would like to get the mother fixed and put the
other kitten up for adoption. they are very friendly kittens due to the fact that my 8 year
old daughter is always holding them, they dont run away , they even fall asleep on her
please let me know how you could help me


  1. This reply is mostly for people needing help in what to do with their stray cat issue.

    My friend has a colony of cats in her yard and we feed them regularly and have a winter shelter for them.

    A few years ago, we had over 20 cats, 2010 it went down to five. Some died from old age, some died of illnesses, some moved to other territories and some were taken into homes. We catch the kittens every year, keep them in the washroom or garage and socialize them then place them in good homes.

    We caught one female so far, had her spayed, still trying to catch the other females but they grow smart about how the trap works. So we're trying alternatives.

    You can easily buy a trap for 40$ or go to the SPCA and rent a trap for 20$ and you'll get back when you return the trap. Stray cats have a better survival rate remaining outdoors, the least you can do is have them spayed to avoid adding to the problem.

    Dont have the money to pay for spaying or neutering? Try calling different vets and explain its a stray cat, you'll be amazed how many till lower the costs. Colleges who have vet program enjoy helping and they cost a fraction of the regular price for a domestic cat.

    Instead of relying on rescue groups who already do so much, try to find alternatives, they are out there. They only need to be found.

  2. Also, from what I understand AMR animal services now offers a spay and neuter program at very reduced rates. Not sure exactly how it works or what the prices are but I will look into it and post more later. Or if anyone else has any information please post.