Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ginny Adopted!

Last weekend we made the trip to Vermont to bring Ginny the mother of 6 Husky puppies to HER forever home.

After a few wrong turns, getting lost, and crappy weather, Ginny (and us) made it to her adoptive home in one piece! A fresh start to a whole new life. Thank you to everyone, supporters, contributors and especially the Montreal SPCA Emergency Shelter volunteers for helping her get to this point.

She is a very loving and nurturing home, with a lot of space to run and finally just be able to enjoy life.

Her new mom says:

Hi Caroline,

She’s doing great, getting used to Vermont and our home. She is a joy to us and I think she has that figured out already.
She is too funny when she doesn’t want to pay attention to us. As I expected with a husky, Ginny definitely has a mind of her own.
She is a challenge, but a good one and we couldn’t enjoy her more!

She is also eating well, we have licensed her and she has an appointment with a local vet.
Thanks so much for bringing her into our lives.


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