Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet YODA - Yoda is a male, neutered, and 5 years young! He acts like a big kitten. He loves to play, and knows not to be too rough as he grew up with two young boys. Yoda was first found living under a balcony, all tiny and mal-nourished "runt of the litter". He was placed in a home where he lived happily until recently, un-forseen circumstances have him searching for a new forever home, his family seprated, allergies were an issue. The result was Yoda being some what left behind in a condo probably very close to a trip to the SPCA. FYI- He gives the best head butts and lots of happy feet massages! Pic does not do justice it's super hard to get a good photo of this little guy! He gets along pretty well with other animals considering he'd never seen any before recently. However, he's a little rough for older cats, but young ones, or a ferret would be hilarious to watch!!! He's a great cat with lots of love to give.