Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update: BAMBI (now PENNY)

Penny is doing great in her new home.

Another happy tail!

Coming soon... Homes needed for SEVEN BUDGIES!!!

The mother of one of our followers has become ill and can no longer provide proper care for her budgies. So, homes foster or permenant are being sought for these little birds. More info will be posted in regards to this as it comes in.

Another rabbit ADOPTED!!!

Shayo, a rabbit brought into one of our affiliated vet clinics has been adopted by his foster family. Once a bun facing euthanasia for aggression, is now being described as a lap bun!!! His name has been changed to Shiloh and he is right at home in his new digs!!!


Shadow the dog found running around in Longueiul was not reported missing, or posted anywhere as lost has found a new forever home! His foster parents decided he was to special to give up. Even the resident cat has proven interested in him, she's not sure what too make of him yet but I'm confident they will become great friends! He's already making friends at the dog park, loving his walks and his new family. I'm happy too, as this family also happens to be in my family! My father and step-mother are the happy new puppy parents!!! Yay for Shadow... opps I mean BUDDY!!! Good luck little guy!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dewey wrap-up (Case closed!)

Dewey is a regular little pup; full of love, joy, happiness, gets into trouble and still has accidents in the house. He is your typical 3 months old puppy. However unfortunately for Dewey his elbow was broken while being punished for something that, well every puppy does. Dewey had an accident in the house. He then faced three options, being euthanized at such a young age, leave it un-treated and have a life long issue with the joint or have the corrective specialized orthopeadic surgery done.

Dewey is a fantastic puppy, with a whole life ahead of him; an accident in the house should not have to mean the end of his short life (or a broken elbow).

We were able to raised 1,040$ online and 300$ at our Nail Cutting / Dewey Meet 'N Greet Fundraiser of 2000$ for Dewey's surgery and had the surgery done within 48 hours of him being surrendered. He was operated on February 12th 2010 by Dr. Auger at The Riv-Sud Veterinary Hospital. The surgery went GREAT and was a huge success. Dewey now has a 100% chance of recovery with no life long issues.

We would like to thank the people who made it happen! - who helped SAVE this puppy

The contributors; Barbara Howard (Curly's momma), Susanna Burak (Cricket's momma), Steven Monsour (Tango's dad), Kimberly Jeffrey, Jennifer Mete, Sylvia Bongiovanni, Douglas Stein, Arlene Nadeau, Kristen Theodore, Naomi Abbey, Danielle Pare, Joyce Stempkowsky, Nancie Jirku, Elena Caro, Rick Kimmel, Heather Winter, Jessy J Sebastian, Anouk Bachman, Marie-Aude Gagnon Rousseau (Coco aka Maggie's momma), The Akerleys (Kenya's family), Aliki Courmanpoulos, Matthew Forbes, Mary Davanzo, Stefanie Anderson (Bandit's momma), Krysten Authier (Moon's momma), Brian Sargent, Kristin Minorgan,

The staff at Riv-Sud, and the dedicated doctors and staff at The Animal Health Clinic who worked together to make this happen.

Also huge thank you to everyone who showed their support and concern for Dewey, and for those who took the time to drop by and say hi to Dewey at his Meet 'N Greet February 21st.

Dewey was adopted February 3rd 2010 to a lovely family who followed his story from the start. They have taken on the task of his physiotherapy and countless post-op veterinary check ups. But he is now guaranteed a long, loving life in his new home with plenty of love and space to run (once physiotherapy is over of course). We can not wait to see him finally be able to just be a bouncy playful puppy again, after having to put that (or at least us trying to) on hold for a few months while he healed.


Rocco wrap up (Case closed!)

After recently turning his life around, Justin now needs help saving the life of his 6-year-old dog who has seen Justin through all of his hardships. Justin Durrell is a familiar sight to NDG residents. Rain or shine (or 30 below), this young man can usually be found panhandling outside the corner of Sherbrooke and Hingston.

Justin is friendly with many locals, who give him change, or bring him hot coffee on cold days. They are also familiar with Justin's two beloved dogs, Rocco and Molar, who are always by his side. But lately residents have noticed that one of his dogs, Rocco, has been absent. Rocco recently suffered a leg injury, and Justin is desperately trying to raise money for an operation. He was playing ball and took a bad fall. He tore his ACL ligament and hurt two others - needs expensive specialized surgery to recuperate. Operation and recovery will cost 3, 700$. Justin ended up on the streets after a hard start to life and a series of foster homes. Justin has recently gotten off the streets and is in his own apartment, but doesn't have the money for Rocco's operation.

Justin’s plan was to try and raise 50$ a day panhandling for about 60 days to be able to afford the surgery. Even at –30 despite concerned citizen’s warnings Justin was on the streets desperately trying to come up with the money. Christmas day and all of New Years Eve, Justin still continued to relentlessly try and raise money for Rocco. However with the collective help of the community and good Samaritans we hope to be able to help Justin and Rocco and see them through the surgery and recovery.

As the word of Justin and Rocco buzz around NDG, Montreal and across North America (Thanks to the
C4P Newsletter) this rescue story has quickly brought an entire community together in the efforts to save Rocco. From local vet clinics and businesses advertising Rocco’s story to neighbors coming together and donating an entire community is working together. From as far as Walkin’ Wheels in the states donating a much needed doggy wheel chair for Rocco to The DMV foundation covering 1000$ of the surgery and helping us raise money. Even Diane Bond from House of Shoes is organizing a ‘Shop for a Cause’ day for Rocco January 31st. The community is in motion, and Justin’s dream of seeing Rocco back on his feet is coming closer and closer.

Rocco had his surgery January 19th at the DMV with Dr. Plante - and Rocco is doing GREAT, thanks to the DMV Foundation!

Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue was able to raise online 1000$ of 3700$ for Rocco's surgery!

Also thank you to the DMV Foundation who donated 1000$ towards his bill, The House of Shoes who raised 350$ at their Shop For A Cause day for Rocco, and an anonymous good samaritan who donated 500$ to the DMV for Rocco's surgery.

We would like to thank the contributors: Yulya Faibusovitch, Elena Benelli, Angie Laurusaitis, Stefan L'Esperance, Marie-Aude Gagnon Rousseau, M. Michelle Nadon, Kim Gladding, Kimberly Jeffrey, Elizabeth Abbott, Amy Webb, elizabeth cowan, Marie Kirby, Philippe Daviau, Anna Campagna, Joan Fraser, Jesse Radz, Ceilia Guigui and Luigi D' Agnillo.

We also would like to thank: Nathalie Simard from The DMV Foundation, Dr. Planté who preformed the surgery, Lisa Marie from Walkin' Wheels, and Diane Bond from The House of Shoes for all of their support.

Boston Adopted!

Boston has finally had his break and found himself a forever home. He came to us in November after he found his way on someones porch and made camp.. for 1 month in the cold. Finally we took him in, found him a warm foster homes and had all his vetting done. He has been with us for 5 months looking for a home, and has now found what he was looking for. He is a gentle cat, sweet and affectionate. He will complete their lives like they have his, and will never be dumped on his be-hind again. This is one happy warm and happy toosh.. i mean tail ;)

Nikki - Adopted

Nikki was picked up as a stray and dropped off at Animal Control. No owner in sight and the shelter at its brims we took on Nikki and placed her in a loving foster home. Nikki was a very nervous pup when we first met her, had no idea where to hide or who to trust. In his care she blossomed into an affectionate, playful, happy go lucky puppy. Her foster home actually found the adoptive home for her, and a great one at that. Nikki is now a part of a family, and enjoys going to the office everyday with her new dad and the other office dogs. Not to mention getting the run of their big backyard.

Bandit - Adopted

Bandit was dropped off by his owner at a clinic to be euthanized because he did not have the energy to take care of him anymore. Bandit's previous owner did not realize getting a puppy in his old age was not the best idea; unfortunately Bandit almost paid the price for his bad decision. Eleven Eleven had 48hours notice, to find a foster home, get him picked up from the clinic which was over an hour outside of Montreal and save him. Thankfully he was saved last minute, and put him into a foster... who has fallen in love with him and chose to adopt!! He is a GREAT dog, they could not have even tried to find a better behaved dog. His previous owner in short is a loser, and lost out on this jem.

Cash Pictures - For Adoption

Newton Up-Date

Newton in his new home and log house, think he approves?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Foster Home Needed


New Arrival - Shadow

Age: 1-2 years
Size: Medium
Date Rescued: 19/02/2010

Okay boys and girls, this little guy has a look all his own! Somewhere between maybe a spaniel, terrier, boston? Your guess is as good as mine! This medium size dog was found running around longueiul. We posted in search of his owner on Craigslist, notified the local animal control office and searched postings on Kijiji not to mention any and every other lost dog site I could find. No one has come forward to claim this specail lttle guy, after a week in our care he is now up for adoption.

Our wonderful foster family told us he's doing great! He loves to go on walks, he pulls a bit but knows to stop at intersections. He doesn't use a backyard well, doesn't know to do his business there and he looks for a way out (but that could be because he's not operated yet). He loves the dog park, he plays very well with other dogs. He does not do well in a crate/cage. He does bark when people come to the door, and when someone moves around up stairs but then he stops once he sees them. Apartment living might be out for this guy...

Posted by Leigh

New Arrival - Shayo the angry bun

Cross your fingers everyone! Shayo a rabbit brought in to one of our affiliated clinics to be euthanized for aggression, has been placed in what seems to be an excellent foster home. They're intention is to adopt... if they can break through his angry facade and teach him how to be a lovey bunny. From what I hear... so far so good!

New Arrival - Rabbit saved from being snake food!

Meet Snake: After placing Shayo in foster care the foster family stopped off to buy a cage from someone off Kijji. Shortly after I received an urgent email advising us that the women selling the cage was so distressed about not being able to find a new home for her rabbit, she was considering giving him to someone who offered to take him, but to feed him to his snake!
Even if it was just a threat we couldn't take the chance, we got the poor bun out of there a.s.a.p!!! It seems the reason for the adoption was that the woman had developped allergies. In an attempt to reduce allergens in her home... this unfortunate bunbun was shaved! The woman was extremely lucky that she didn't cut through the skin, something that happens to easily when shaving rabbits.

Hopefully, a warm and loving home can see through the funny haircut and give this boy a loving, forever home!

Hehe... I've named him Snake, I'm sure this will be changed in his new home but I thought this was a good boy name aside from his story.

Snake is a Holland Lop cross
Approx. 2 yrs
Neutered today!
Supposed to be litter box trained (stress can affect this)

Posted by Leigh

Meet Ginny's Puppies

Ginny's puppies - Photo shoot bloopers

We took on the task of taking profile pictures of each puppy for the website, well working with puppies this young is always a handful. We thought we would share some of the cute photoshoot bloopers!

Little Pony: Trip to the vet!

Little Pony is a kitten we placed in a barn because well.. she had a little too much attitude for us to be able to place her in a house. This girl is full of spunk and likes things her own way, any other way you might find your finger or hand a victim of her fury. Lets just say, she was too wild to be a house cat. Our alliterative - barn cat! She was spayed, de-wormed, fully vaccinated, FIV/FeLV tested and finally integrated slowly into the barn. She spends her days hanging out with the other barn kitty's, catching mice, wondering the woods and property on an isolated stable far outside of the city.

Well Little Pony somehow hurt her leg the other day and would not put any pressure on it. Probably was not quick enough to get out of a passing horses way, or maybe tested her boundaries a little too far with one, who knows. We took her right away to the vet, as she will be Eleven Eleven's responsibility for the rest of her life. One of our 'permanent foster' residents. We had to heavily sedate her, as there is no other way to be able to handle or manipulate this spitfire. The vet examined her and took a series of x-rays, there was no visible fractures or breaks. We are not too sure what is causing the pain. So she is now on pain killers and antibiotics, incase it was a starting infection. So far she has responded, so fingers crossed that was all she needed. She was also due for her booster vaccines, so we went ahead and did them at the same time.

Even the spitfires get the best possible care! Whether they appreciate it or not!

11 days to save Brindi

Meet Brinid: Brindi is a young affectionate, loving, go lucky dog. Who wound up in a shelter for 2 years, but finally got a break and was adopted. She was adopted into a loving, active home where she found everything she wanted and more. Until she was seized by the city and put into a pound on death row. She had only been free for less than a year. She has now been in the pound, which is only set up to hold dogs for 30 days.. for 2 years. Her mom has spent over 30, 000$ fighting for her life in court, but the city refuses to release Brindi.

Brindi's moms says in her Free Brindi blog:
"On July 24, 2008, my beloved Brindi was seized and put on death row. She had a few scrapes with other dogs, but never bit a person. She's smart, gentle, affectionate, and passed obedience class. All the scrapes with dogs were on our property line, and happened accidentally. In all, there was one minor injury. I was never charged with an offense, but they seized her. I apologized, gated both exits, and arranged for a private trainer. At my expense, an expert assessed Brindi after she was impounded for 5 months: she found her highly trainable. I paid thousands to get euthanization order quashed in court. But the city kept Brindi, ignoring the law. Rather than holding a fair hearing on whether Brindi is truly a danger, AC charged me with 3 by-law violations on the last possible day, in order to leverage a new kill order. The trial began in October and won’t resume until January. I’ve asked HRM many times to release Brindi pending trial, or at least send her to a better kennel- the pound is not designed to keep a dog over 30 days; also asked the court. All requests were refused."

As Victor Larhkill from Let's Adopt says, "Starting from today, Brindi is no longer just a dog. Brindi is now a symbol that represents our most essential values: Justing and the Right to live."

Brindi's case will have it's final ruling March 9th 2010. We have less than 11 days to save Brindi's life.

See Brindi's blog here:

See Blog post on case by Let's Adopt - US:

Posted by Caroline

Puppy mill dogs - owners share their experiences

We recently posted an up-date on Jill (now Lucky) a traumatized puppy mill dog that Eleven Eleven took on the feat of socializing and finding her a special home to work with her. Lucky is now doing great in her new home, and slowly coming out of her shell. See Lucky's up-dates and story by clicking here

With that post we had some other people share their experience with their own Puppy Mill dogs that they rescued and worked with. Helping a Puppy Mill dog explore their world and over come feats is a humbling and life changing experience. See their stories and response to Lucky (Jill) below: 

Louise Makovsky: It is certainly special to have a puppymill dog. I remember when mine found a box of kleenex and thought it was amazing that she could keep pulling them out. One of the strongest memories was when she was taken out of the car and brought in front of my home she looked up at the sky and wagged her tail, I realized that she had probably never seen the sky...caged all of her life. Very touching. Good Luck Jill.

Shelly Elsliger: I have a rescued Boston Terrier from a back yard breeder who was kept in a cage in the basement for two years. we have had her for two years now..a little love bug who runs the house with joy and bliss and constant tail wagging....She still willl not go in the basement..understandably so...nice thing now is that she doesn't have to and knows it:) There are soo many rescues that given the chance- can teach us humans so much about forgiveness, strength and unconditional love! Thanks you soo much....ElevenEleven Animal rescue is truly making miracles happen and creating happy endings!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jill (now Lucky) a rescued traumatized puppy mill pup - Update

Jill was surrendered to the SPCA emergency shelter by a puppy mill. Eleven Eleven took her over January 31st and provided a foster to work with her issues one on one. In short Jill was absolutely traumatized by the experienced. Which left her a shell of a dog, she had no idea the joys of life, out doors, or human interaction. She flinched at every touch and pet, and was terrified of snow or anything related to outdoors. She would sit in a corner for hours on ends as she grew up with out the option of moving around, and never even knew once out of a cage that she was allowed to be free. She was adopted February 14th 2010 by a loving home, who at first was intimidated by the feats they knew they had to accomplish with this litter scared pup. Here are some of the up-dates of how with just a little time and TLC she is blossoming into a happy, joyful, fulfilled and 'normal' dog.

February 243rd 2010 Up-date:

Things are much better and I received a lot of support from work colleagues, my vet and I also called Canada K9.

I have an appointment at the end of the week with my vet for the booster and suture removal. She knows me now and shows affection but still does not come to me which will take a bit of time. She however has come a very long way and so have I. She was not good with the pee pad and it only took a day to train her to go outside. We had one oops since but that's o.k....

Outside is not her favorite place at the moment but getting much better. We walk three to four times a day and she finally walked for a whole half hour the other day. She no longer pulls on the leash and walks right beside me. We have come in contact with another friendly dog named Lokey (big dog) and she was very nervous at first and then she was o.k.. She is fighting her own fears one step at a time and doing rather well. Better then I would have thought.

I think we have a long friendship growing and yes things get better every day! She actually jumped from side to side with her ears up when she saw me this morning which was a verrrry big surprise! She was so cute... A real little Teddy Bear when she is a little excited.

February 24th 2010 Up-date:

She was too funny this morning! I put her on my bed on her blanket in the morning after our walk so she can keep me company while getting ready for work. For her that is a treat! Believe it or not! I was trying to fold a shirt and she came off her blanket took my shirt with her teeth and dragged it to her blanket and then jumped around like she did great thing!!! I guess I won't be folding that shirt today, I said. Then I tried to fold these sweat pants and she did the same thing!@# Just too funny to see her jumping around.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kenya (aka Leyla) - Update

We just got this email from Kenya in!

Hi Caroline, Joanne and Charlie! Well, I’m so happy in this house. I go for a long walk or a run every morning and then get to snooze until lunchtime. OOOOOOOH, I love noontime! I get to go to the park and make lots of friends! So many smells, too. It’s awesome! My pack leaders make sure I don’t pull on my leash, but when we’re near the dog park I just can’t help it. My friends are waiting over there! I take another nap after lunch and then play with everyone when they get home. After another walk, I get my dinner and hang out with everyone. I know I’m not supposed to beg or eat people food, so I just sit quietly while my pack eats.

A couple of weeks ago, a really nice man (with yummy treats) took out those itchy stitches. I can hardly tell I had a wound there, well, except that my fur hasn’t come back yet.

I get to play in the country on the weekends, but I really don’t like going in the car. I hope I’ll get over it when I’m bigger. I like to go outside at the chalet and watch the birds and smell the wild animals. I can stay outside as long as I want, or I can sleep in front of the wood stove. What a life!

Thanks for finding my pack!


Meet Ginny & Her Puppies

We have been itching to release these picture for a while now. Meet Ginny and her puppies! Ginny was rescued from a hoarding situation up north with about 40 other golden crosses. She was the only Husky and if she is not already special enough she is missing a leg. Who knows how or why, but she gets around just fine! On February 4th she gave birth to 6 beautiful healthy puppies, 5 males and one female. Despite the predictions of 2.. maybe 3 babies and confirmed by 2 doctors, lets just say watching her have SIX was an experience. Aft 3 we kept thinking the next was the last, after about 5 we were not sure when it would end! The pups will be for adoption April 1st, and will also be needing foster homes for then. Ginny is a very well tempered, easy going, affectionate mommy and tiny at only 35lbs (although very underweight). We are hoping her puppies carry the same temperament and petite build.

If interested in adopting please see here:

Foster Home(s) Needed - Urgent!


Their time is up at the pound they are at:

1- Rotty cross puppy (Picture below), picked up as a stray

2- Cute affectionate adult cat (Picture below), picked up as stray

3- Two Staffordshire Terrier's picked up by animal control after being left in a house with no water or food for three weeks. Very emaciated, however friendly towards humans and other dogs. Cats/Kids unknown. Female brindle around 1, Male grey/brown around 2-3 years old. They wanted to euthanize today but will keep until Sunday max. (Pictures to come)

Contact: if you can help

**Female pitt saved

Maggie (Magpie) - R.I.P

We are very sad to announce that Magpie passed away recently during a routine spay. She had complications during the surgery that ultimately led to her heart stopping. Although she was revived within a few seconds, it was enough time to cause serious brain damage. I sat with her for 4 hours with her hooked up to oxygen, hoping and praying for her to wake up and be ok. Unfortunately the grim reality became all too true, Maggie was not going to be able to wake up. At 7:50 pm the clinic began to close for the night, and we had to disconnect her from the life support. Although we contemplated transferring to the emergency 24 hour hospital, she began to crash immediately after being disconnected. We had to face the facts that Maggie's brain damage was too severe, and had to humanely euthanize her.

May you rest your head in peace Maggie, we fought for you from start to finish. May we save many more in your honour.

Bambi - Adopted!

Bambi has been adopted today after 5 months of being in the rescue looking for a home! She was rescued as a feral kitten on thanksgiving day, she was one of 15 kittens born last summer to the #09LA01 feral population. She was so scared at first, but turned into such a love bug. We will miss the little gal!

Tiger is sick!

Tiger came down with a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection. Despite being up to date with vaccines and FIV/FeLV tested negative, she has managed to pick up the cold from the veterinary clinic she was boarding at. Probably a combination of stress from her previous owner dying, and having to move from a comfy home to a veterinary clinic, along with her older age of 9 years. She feels like crap, and has stopped eating.

We took blood on her last night and ran a full blood panel, which came back normal. She is going in for chest x-rays today, we are still waiting on those results. She is also on appetite stimulants, which are working and she is eating on her own now.

We were hoping to bring her to the adoption event this weekend, but it looks like that will not be able to happen. Good luck Tiger!

Want to volunteer, here is a great chance!

We receive many email request to volunteer for Eleven Eleven, walk our dogs, clean our cages. We do not have a shelter, so volunteering for us is more at events, planning and not so much with the animals. Here is a great chance to work with animals that need your help!

The Montreal SPCA Emergency Shelter needs volunteers

Some of the tasks include
- Socializing,
- Feeding
- Cleaning Cages
- and just giving the dogs tons of love!

The shelter is located at 7314 Mountain Sights (a 5-minute walk from Namur Metro) and is open from 9:00 to 20:00, 7 days/week.

*Note they are separate from The SPCA, the emergency shelter is at a different location

For your first time, just show up and ask for the Supervisor.

The Montreal SPCA Emergency Shelter rehabilitates and finds permanent homes for large groups of animals that have come from a single place: generally a puppy mill or hoarding situation.

Questions? Email or visit the Facebook page.

The emergency shelter is run by a dedicated team of passionate animal lovers. They are a great environment filled with fantastic people to volunteer for and with.

Porscha - Back in the rescue

Porscha one of our special needs pups was adopted 2 weeks ago but unfortunately we just got her back. She is a puppy mill survivor, and lost her ability to produce tears because of the neglectful conditions she was kept and bred in. Because of this when she was first rescued her eyes were leather dry, and she was unable to see at all. The first vet even recommended to take the eyes out. But the true survivor she is, with a little meds and tlc she pulled right around and even re-gained most of her vision. Her new sister was unable to accept another dog in the household which cause tension between the two dogs and made them both snappy. Despite our best efforts to make the pair hit it off which included 2 play dates before the adoption, where they got along great. Once Porscha was in her new friends territory things were not the same. Porscha also has trust issues with men, no fault of her own. Her only previous experience with humans was negative, and most likely a male. It takes just a little bit of time and tlc for a male to gain Porscha's trust, 2 weeks is in no way a reasonable time to expect her to gain trust. She was unable to connect to the male in the house, which was very discouraging and became frustrating. Porscha sensed the frustration, which made her even more terrified. She has and can connect to males, as she has shown in her foster home it simply is a matter of time. Porscha is now happy as can be back in the arms of her previous foster home, and is there to stay until we find a suitable family for the little one.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Update: Any one that can help search tomorrow morning(Monday Feb22) 9 am Jack Astor's Galerie Des Sources HWY 40 exit 55

An Ontario flyball team participating in a flyball tournament at Ile-des-Soeurs QC today were stolen their truck, a 2004 black Chevrolet Silverado licence plate "501 ONE" from the Jack Astor's restaurant parking lot in Pointe-Claire QC with the dogs in the truck. Anyone who sees the truck or the dogs, please contact Claire Gordon RIGHT AWAY at one of the following numbers:


The dogs are: Trek and Tronic, black & white Border Collies, Zoom, JRT, River, Cattle Dog with a docked tail.

Pictures of Trek and River can be seen here:

The police was called, and they are also calling the media and all animal control officers in the vicinity. We are circulating the message on several discussion boards.

Please crosspost.

Urgent! Foster Home Needed for Bunny!

EMERGENCY!!! Need a foster home for a rabbit who might end up as rabbit food if we can't find a foster A.S.A.P!!! Message if anyone can help!

New Arrival!


Age: Senior
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
De-Clawed: Front paws
Date Rescued: February 2010

Reason Rescued: Tiger is a nine-year old sweetheart who is looking for a home. Her original owner passed away. She loves cuddles, and is looking for a nice home to retire in.