Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Punk:

This little Frenchie is currently at a shelter in Tiawan and looking for a forever home in Canada. She was found abandoned in a outdoor market in Taiwan around April. Regardless, she is one of the sweetest and happiest little dogs amongst the other rescued dogs at the shelter. She has not let her disabilities discourage her optimism and trust towards people. Loves to cuddle and be petted.

She will be flown to Toronto August 19th and will need somewhere to stay for that night, and someone to pick her up from the airport. Form there she will be picked up and brought to Montreal, where she will need a more permanent foster until a suitable adoptive home is found.

If interested in fostering please see:

If interested in adopting please see: http://www.elevenelevenanimalrescue.org/AdoptionProcess.html

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well, great news everyone Daisy the Hedgehog and Chili our little Chinchilla HAVE FOUND THEIR FOEVER HOMES!!!!!!!! It`s been a long and difficult road for the two of them but things are looking up! Thanks to Kelly, Ewa and Eric!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Attention all large breed dog lovers! Naya is is giant schnauzer x bouvier des flandres she is a true gentle giant. She was rescued a while ago because she was brought in to a vet clinic to be euthanized for diarrhea. Since then she's grown into a large, beautiful, diarrhea free girl. It's a miracle what a proper diet can do.

The problem she's having know is the because she is surrounded by other pets (cats, birds, rabbits) that she wants to eat! Her anxiety level has become so high she just can't relax. As much as her owner loves her, they really feel Naya would do better in a home with another dog maybe, but no other pets. Her anxiety is primarily expressed in barking. Training, citronella collars, sonic collars, medication, nothing works she only barks when the other animals... well.. do anything. Along with the help of a behaviorist it is believed that if her circumstances changed the barking would not be an issue anymore. When she's not barking she cuddles like the best of them, sleeps a lot and is a never ending supply of love.

Naya loves taking long walks in the woods or with her gentle leader. She's not a swimmer but enjoys getting her feet wet. She has an ongoing battle with car sickness, but she's mastered short drives, medium length drive are good too as long as she hasn't eaten.

Naya is a great dog she deserves the best, something her current owner cannot provide for her.
If anyone thinks they might be the right home for this girl please contact blue.bunny@live.ca

Violet now Mr. Jay

This little boy was rescued the other week after he was brought in by his previous owner to be euthanized. Her previous owner wanted to euthanize him because he became allergic to him. Thankfully he was able to be rescued at the last minute, we saved him from being euthanize as literally the euthanol syringe was being pulled up. He enjoys plenty of play time outside his large cage. He is a great bun, and with such a close call deserves a great new family. One that would not even dream of giving her up or euthanizing him. He is a jem, who ever adopts him will soon realize they are the luckiest bun owners ever.

Mr. Jay has been in foster care for almost a year now. His last foster home was planning to adopt him but has recently realized he doesn't fit in their lifestyle. This decision came as quite a suprise to us now we have less than a week to find a new foster or forever home.

Mr. Jay is a nice boy, he's on the large size as far as rabbits go, we think he has some flemish giant in him. Which makes for a great pet! He is great with kids, cats and small dogs.

PLEASE HELP!!! This bunbun has no where to go!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Eleven Eleven is kicking into full swing for the end of summer and invites you to join us!

Eleven Eleven is kicking into full swing for the end of summer and invites you to join us! Below is a list of up-coming events, bring your friends, family and of course 4 legged companions;

Sunday August 8th 12 – 16h join us at Naturalanimal & Pawtisserie for a Pet-Beauty Day and Adoption Event. Come meet our fur babies for adoption, meet the team or just bring in your pet for a little sprucing up. Nail cuts, ear cleaning and undercoat brushing by your favorite veterinary technicians all for 15$ or 10$ each.

Sunday August 29th 12 – 16h Join us on the Saint Laurent Street Festival with TooZoo. Meet our representatives and some of our animals for adoption. We will also be holding pet beauty day so feel free to have your pets nails trimmed while passing by. We will have a merch table where you will find some of our catchy shirts for sale and other items.

Septeber 4th Join us for a reunion. Dog Adoptees of Eleven Eleven are invited for a fun day in the sun, place and time to be announced. Friends of Eleven Eleven are also invited to celebrate a last weekend of summer and our loved companions.

September 11th Join us at the Beaconsfield Adoption Event, more information to come.

September 18th Join us to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANIVERSARY! At El Motor for a benefit concert, bands to be announced and more information to follow.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Fantasia International Film Festival (http://www.fantasiafestival.com) for donating an advertisement spot to us, and helping us spread the word.

We hope to see you all there

The Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue Team

Thank you to Fantasia International Film Festival

We would like to say a huge thank you to Fantasia International Film Festival for donating an advertisement spot to us, and helping us spread the word.

Roommates come and go...

Your pets will love you for the rest of their lives no matter what happens. Something to think about.

It's high time that we encourage ourselves and others to go vegan (more on that in future postings) and to continue showing support for shelter and rescue nonhuman animals. Eleven Eleven, along with numerous rescues, exist because we are a community of dedicated human beings--the very species that exploits nonhuman animals for profit, for convenience, and for amusement-- and have decided to take responsibility for the colossal mess our species has created for nonhuman beings.

So please think of your nonhuman family members when searching for an apartment. If you are considering adopting, please have a look at your allergies, your roommate and/or human family situation and your lifestyle. By doing so, you prevent a nonhuman being from being disposed of with jaded disregard. You will prevent a nonhuman being from roaming the streets, homeless and faced with the tragic possibility of being kidnapped, mutilated, killed or sold into a devastatingly exploitative practice or institution.

Because they are ill in the early stages, physically broken, of senior age, psychologically damaged is not grounds to have one killed or given away as if they are a toy one no longer has the use of. When we care for fellow human beings, we are there for them through joyous moments as well as through painful ones. Sending a nonhuman individual off to a friend or to their death because one couldn't handle it/has allergies/will be having a child/[insert excuse] is betrayal. The bond between a human and a nonhuman consists of friendship and parenthood. Nonhuman beings will never give up on us. Yet each and every one of the faces brought over to Eleven Eleven are victims of humans who gave up on them. It's high time that this changes. It's high time that we live alongside these individuals as equals.