Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rescued Today: Pickle, Pepper and Penguin

Pickle, Pepper and Penguin were rescued today from a stray cat population of 15 kittens. They were the lucky three that we were able to catch today. We are hoping to catch more kittens this week. They are all very very sick, and absolutely covered in fleas. We are hoping to catch them all as soon as possible, because to be honest in the shape they are in.. the rest of the kittens will most likely not survive winter or even make it through fall. Obviously we can only do that if we have foster homes, which we don't have any free homes right now. 

They will be seen as soon as possible by a veterinarian and started on a course of antibiotics and eye ointments. 

We desperately need foster homes with no other cats (as they are contageous) who can give them the treatments and socialization that they need. Veterinary care, treatments, food and anything else needed will be provided by the rescue. 

Pickle: 2.5moths old, male

Pepper: 2 months old, female

Penguin: 2 months old, male

*They are all suffering from severe eye infections, however their eyes and eye sight are and will remain intact. Their eyes were simply glewed shut with secretions from the infection.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daisy Adopted!

Daisy: Was rescued August 3rd and adopted August 29thThis beautiful girl almost had a very early end to her life when she was going to be euthanized with her siblings (Twister & Diamond) for being sick. They all had an upper respiratory track infection, caused by the rhinotracheitis virus. It is a very common infection that many street cats an SPCA cats acquire. Daisy was born outside to a stray mother but was raised in close human contact.  She is one of the most affectionate cats I have met, she constantly purrs and looks for love. She has now finally found a home to reciprocate her unconditional love. 

Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Bouddha

Bouddha almost had a early end to his life when he was going to be euthanized because he became diabetic. Buddha is one big lover boy, he is honestly an amazing cat. He has been living in a clinic since he was rescued and absolutely everyone has fallen head over heels for him. He is good with other cats, but because of his diabetes he would be best in a non stressful environment with no dogs or kids. Buddha would really like to find a home where he can spend the rest of his life in peace. If you are looking for quiet affectionate  companion, he would make an amazing match. He is a low maintenance diabetic, only needs insulin shots twice a day and a special diet. 

Meet Bentley: our Holland Lop FOR ADOPTION

Bentley was dummped in an appartment building at 9 months old as estimated my the veterinarian at the time. He is now around 5 years old, and unfortunately has to be re-homed. The girl who originally saved him from the apartment building can no longer keep him. He is already castrated and very friendly. He now just wants to find a nice home to ride out the rest of his life peacefully in. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lilly: American Bobtail FOR ADOPTION

Lilly was found abandoned and sleeping in a pile of dirt on the side of a street. She was brought to us covered in dirt, and completely peppered in cuts and scabs from head to toe, not to mention also very skinny. She has not let her previous life affect her however! She is one big baby, and just loves attention. She loves to purr and get rubbed down head to toe. She is very healthy and has been seen by a veterinarian who thinks she is around 2 years old. She was also tested for FIV/FeLV and is negative. Lilly is now looking for a place she can finally call home.

And check out her adorable tail!                 

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Spay and Neuter your pets?

Because there is a huge overpopulation. Every kitten or puppy you allow on this earth directly steals the home of a shelter animal that really needed it, and indirectly kills that animal. 

We wont stop untill this no longer happens, and the shelters are empty. 

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This week we are hoping to get Daisy spayed Tuesday, and Twister neutered Wednesday

Twister has been on the new antibiotics for a week now and still has sneezing fits 1-2 times a day. So we may not neuter him Wednessday.

Daisy has a potential adopter and should be going to her new home Friday!

Honey may also have a potential adopter!

The Found Manx cat we have in our car also has a potential adopter!

Diamond went to her foster home today now that she is healthy, and apparently the other cat in the house is really not being welcoming

Logo T-Shirts

These are the revised Logo shirts. They will be up on the online store launching soon. They will also be for sale at the fundraiser event September 4th at Vinyl. If you are interested in purchasing any shirts please send us an email ( with size and amount so we can make sure to order them for you and have them available at the party. 

*The prices have not been set yet, we are waiting to get a final price from the printer. But they will be between 15-20$.

Video of Honey

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Help save rescued dog from China, after being thrown out a car and now needs his leg amputated!

Xiao-Hei was thrown out of a car and got hit in China. A Canadian girl was traveling and working at the same time in China saw him, and brought him back with her. He suffered from an injured hind leg and the only way to help him is to amputate this leg. However, the girl is a young student that can't afford the surgery cost all by herself so we are hoping to help her raise some funds. Surgery will be performed at the Animal Health Clinic in NDG, they have agreed to do it at a discounted cost if we can come up with the money! 

Honey now ready for Adoption!

Honey first came to us a week ago after being found on a road in really bad shape. She was listless,  tiny, skinny, full of worms, and her eyes were sealed shut with secretions from having an eye infection. She was put on a course of antibiotics and has now fully recovered from her eye infection. She put on weight, and has turned into a bright, playful, affectionate little kitten. She is constantly purring! shes so full of love and life!

Diamond Ready for Adoption!

Diamond and her siblings (Twister & Daisy) were brought in a box, all very sick and had an upper respiratory infection, Rhinotracheitis virus. Diamond was the sickest of the group, she was so affected by the infection she could barley breathe. We were not sure if she was strong enough to fight off the infection, even with the antibiotics. But we gave her a chance, and to our surprise she responded amazingly to the treatment!! She has now almost completely overcome the infection. On top of a sever upper respiratory infection Diamond as had a nast eye infection, leaving both of her third eye lids retracted. Her eye infection has now completely cleared up.

This is what she looked like when she first came in three weeks ago!

FOUND: Manx/Bobtail Cat

Please contact if you have lost your cat, it is a manx/bobtail type (has 2 inch tail). It was brought to us,  thought to be stray because it was sleeping in a dirt pile, very dirty, under weight and full of cuts/scabs. It was found by someone August 20th at 10am on Melrose between Somerled and Terrebonne. 

Please include: 
Sex, Age, Color 

Thank you. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Update on Moon! Cute video and pictures!

     Moon and Madeleine were rescued from a shed at 6 weeks old when they were risking getting kicked out! They grew up with no human contact and were both terrified of humans! However both their foster family's did amazing jobs and they both turned into amazing kittens! Moon was adopted by her foster mother Krysten and and grown so much since i last saw her! She is such a beautiful girl, both of them are stunning kitty's. Madeleine is being fostered right now but is being adopted around August 28th! What happy endings for such a harsh start to life!

Heres some more pictures of Moon: 

Logo Shirt Designs In!

This morning we got in the first set of shirts for our clothing line! These are our basic Logo Shirts for the rescue, but we will be getting much funner ones coming soon!

A big thanks to lovely Christine!

15 Kittens need to find homes!

A few stray cats have produced over 15 kittens this summer, we would like to try and find all the kittens foster or adoptive homes! Let us know if you think you could help!

We will also be getting all the females fixed ASAP!

*Pictures of them comming soon

Monday, August 17, 2009

Twister still fighting his Upper Respiratory Infection

Daisy and Diamond twisters sister have now finished their course of antibiotics and have overcome their infection. However poor twister is still fighting his. We have started Twister on a different course of antibiotics for another 10 days, hopefully with this he we finally kick his infection. He does look really good none the less! he is still a very happy playful kitten and looks 100 times better than when we first rescued him!

hopefully he will be able to get neutered August 26th as scheduled!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pictures of Honey

This is what we have for now, not the best photos! But this is the best her foster mother could do. I will take better pictures of her soon to put on the website. 

Friday, August 14, 2009

NEW ARRIVAL: HONEY! sick little kitten saved tonight now needs foster home ASAP!

Honey was found on road earlier tonight in really bad shape. She is tiny (1.5lb), skinny, listless and covered in dirt and oil patches. Her eyes were sealed shut with secretions, and belly distended with worms.  Thankfully we have not heard her sneeze yet, so fingers crossed she doesn't have rhino! she was nick named "Help" because despite her tiny size she has a very loud sad meow that sounds like "help!". She has been veterinary check, de-wormed (Pyrantel Pamoate), and started on a course of antibiotics. She is only about 6 weeks old, and still has beautiful blue kitten eyes!

*pictures to come soon

We currently desperately need a foster home for this kitty!!!! she cannot be kept with other cats, but dogs are fine.

please let us know if you know anyone who can help!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diamond has overcome her upper respiratory infection!

        BEFORE                                      AFTER
(August 3rd)                             (August 13th)

Diamond and her siblings were brought in a box to be euthanized. They were all sick and had an upper respiratory infection, Rhinotracheitis virus. Diamond was the sickest of the group, she was so affected by the infection she could barley breathe. We were not sure if she was strong enough to fight off the infection, even with the antibiotics. But we gave her a chance, and to our surprise she responded amazingly to the treatment!! She has now overcome the infection, and is ready for adoption!

Diamond is a beautiful, elegant, petite cat. She has bloosmed with us from a terrified, deathly sick kitten into a playful, active, affectionate, healthy kitten. She is a joy to have around and really has an amazing personality. She has overcome so much at such a young age, and is just ready to relax and be a kitten. 

Upcoming T-shirts!

We are currently in contact with Christine from, she is an amazing talented girl, whos designs you will completely fall head over heels for!

We are working on getting some basic T-shirt designs to open and online shop and sell at events. They will be sort of peta style with powerful meanings like this, but in a very arorable way like this, and this, i am very excited to see what she comes up with! We should be having them around September 7th (after our event so we can afford this!). 

For the event however we will be having t-shirts for sale at the event to raise money. I will post the design for them soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Madeleine getting toilet trained - to go in the toilet!

     We have done this with a few of our personal cats. Training them to do their business in the toilet! sounds strange, sure, but actually works out really good! it also saves you a life time of slavery to a litter box, and environmentally more friendly. She is just on the first level right now of training but has taken to it very well! she is being fostered at my mothers right now, and my mother is very good at toilet training cats, so we figured why not! 

also i had to add this picture, its too cute!

for more information on toilet training you kitty, Click Here.

todays inspiration

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fundraiser/Launch Date Set!!!

everyone keep your friday september 4th open!! Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue will be throwing a huge fundraiser / launch party at vinyl!! Amazing djs, great alcohol deals, 5$ cover. The cover goes directly towards the rescue, and our animals. More details to come, but i am excited, its going to be huge!

URGENT! Baby mice need foster homes to save them from being snake food!!!

We need foster homes for 14 baby mice that were born after the common miss sexing of the pet store, along with another female being pregnant. 

If these mice do not find foster homes/homes they will have be humanely euthanized, in order to prevent them from becoming snake food. 

Please let us know if you know anyone who knows anyone who could help!

email: for any questions, or if you can help!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Video of Daisy - For Adoption

Video of Madeleine Playing

New Web Site Launched

last night i pulled and all nighter and launched the new website for this rescue (Previously In The Flaws Rescue) the new website is looking good i would say. Please go and check it out, and give me some feed back:

Twister Adopted!

Twister: Rescued August 3rd and Adopted August 9th. Twister and his siblings were going to be euthanized because of an upper respiratory tract infection. Although he is still overcoming the respiratory infection they were kind enough to look over that. It wonderful to see our efforts put into saving Twister and his siblings turn into success. Twister will be enjoying the rest of his life in his new home, and right now an only child. He still has to finish his course of antibiotics. We will be getting him neutered August 26th, once he has fully overcome his respiratory infection (hopefully).    

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Cat! Minoushka will be coming into my care after being dumped outside

Today i was  informed of someones boyfriend who had dumped his cat outside in the woods... although he continues to go an feed her, it is only a matter of time before she gets eaten by something or freezes to death in the winter. She is just under 2 years old, spayed, vaccinated, ect. I will be re-vaccinating her, and de-worming her when i get her. I will be placing her in a foster home, as soon as i can find one and then hopefully find her a loving home.. where she won't get thrown back into the woods. Pictures to come soon!


Hi everyone, i have decide to change the name of In The Flaws Rescue... it will be a pain in the ass to go through and change everything but i am really excited about the new name!! I don't know why i didn't think of it before. the new rescue will be called: 

Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue

Because everyone needs a guardian angel, including animals

Just thought this was cute

funny pictures of cats with captions

Twister is feeling better!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Pictures of Madeleine


Piglet Adopted!

Last night i drove Piglet to her new home, this is a picture of her in the car on the way. Piglet, a one year old female pug, was given up to me on July 7th 2009 because of her shedding. She came to me petrified and overweight. The first few days I had her, she would not move, and just hid under my couch, or in my pile of clothes. She weighed a whooping 22.9lbs, I was able to get 4lbs off her in one month of my care. With Purina Over Weight Management and a lot of exercise. She bloomed into one of the sweetest dogs I have ever come across. Like any pug, she loves to play, and everything in life to her is a game. Her spirits always high, she can make you smile on any day with just her goofy personality. She loves to shower you head to toe in kisses, until you can no longer stand it. Everyone who met her instantly fell in love with her. Fostering her was a pleasure; she brought a lot of joy into my life while having her around. I loved her like my own, and will definitely miss having her around. But I know she has been placed in an amazing home. She will be unconditionally loved for the rest of her life and have all the attention she deserves (and demands for!). I am very happy to see her go into her new home, and I am excited for her, as this is the beginning of a long, amazing life with them. 

Rabbits Drowned at Petland

"This photo was taken in the back room of a Petland store in Akron, Ohio, and posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Carlisle, who can be seen grinning as she holds two dead, soaking-wet rabbits by the scruff of the neck—rabbits she just drowned while on Petland's time clock. On Carlisle's Facebook page, she confirmed a friend's guess that she had drowned these two rabbits and wrote, "[T]he manager took the pic for me. [S]he reminded me that there were people outside as [I] was swearing at them to just hurry up and die but then she was so kind as to take this picture."

These horrific deaths followed what was apparently an equally horrifying life for these rabbits. Other comments Carlisle posted made it clear that the rabbits were drowned after sustaining agonizing injuries when they were allowed to "attack and eat each other." The rabbits suffered from "deep wounds all over," "an eye missing," what Petland staff "suspected was a broken jaw," and paralysis from the waist down—injuries that would not have occurred had these animals been provided with proper care and supervision."

See entire article HERE

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Need to raise money to spay two stray cats that keep having kittens!

There is two stray mothers who are continuously producing litters outside of a nice mans house who is feeding them He has put the kittens up for adoption. However i would like to nip it in the bud, instead of finding the kittens homes, lets get the females spayed!! The two females both had a litter 3 months ago, the kittens are now up for adoption. Although one of the females is already pregnant again! and the other one probably will be soon aswell. 

Monday, August 3, 2009

Three kittens rescued today!

I took these three kittens in today, after they were going to get put down. They were born outside, but raised in human contact. They like many stray kittens, they have contracted an upper respiratory, Rhinotracheitis Virus. The black one, and the tabby and white one are females. The black and white kitten is a male. They are all in good spirits otherwise! the Tabby female is the most out going of the bunch. Shes the first one out the cage and exploring, and has a built in motor somewhere. She purrs like there is no tomorrow at any bit of attention. She is the least sick as well, barley has any secretions or sneezes. The black and white male is very affectionate as well, and also has a little motor inside. He is pretty sick, but nothing some TLC and antibiotics can't help. The black female.. she is the extremely sick. This infection has hit her the hardest, and just breathing right now for her is a struggle. Her nose and eyes are completely caked with secretions, her airways full of mucus. You can hear her struggle to breath between the mucus and not to mention sneezing fits. She will need the most TLC of the group, and hopefully will pull through. They have all been started on a course of antibitotics, hopefully they will respond well and bounce back.

* I have until the weekend to find them a place other than where they are right now, otherwise they will be euthanized. Foster homes desperately need for them, together or separate!


To see their individual write ups, for more details on each individual kitten click here

Madeleine's spayed and recovered!

Little Madeleine in the car on her way to get fixed this morning. Her surgery went very well, she is now back at her foster home. Just a little bit groggy from a long day, and all the drugs. But should be back her self by tomorrow morning!


Piglet unfortunately has fallen sick, on Thursday night she did not want her dinner. Over night she pooped blood, literally, everywhere. Friday morning i took her into the clinic to have a veterinarian look at her. Parvo virus was not a main concern, because she is fully vaccinated and an adult. (Parvo virus is a deadly contractible disease that has similar symptoms). A coprology was done, and no parasites were found in the sample. She was sent home with an intestinal antibiotic Metronidazole to give twice daily and Rantidine, with a Gastro Intestinal Diet (Medical Gastro Formula). Saturday morning i woke up, yet again to what looked like a murder scene. There was blood everywhere, and droops of blood in between puddles of blood/stool. Thankfully since Saturday she has been doing a lot better, and does not have diarrhea anymore. I am not sure what caused the episode of stomach upset, i am assuming she has eaten something funny. Not to mention she has taken a habit of eating mushrooms from my lawn. Although i had them analyzed to be no-toxic, i am sure toxic or not it didn't help her stomach. With the weather this year, my lawn has become peppered with mushrooms, which now i have to pluck by the hundreds daily to avoid Piglet eating them. 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Madeleine is getting spayed

Tonight i am going to pick up one of the two kittens i rescued two weeks ago for her foster home. She will be getting spayed tomorrow! in preparation for her adoption at the end of august. So tomorrow morning i will be waking up at 5am, to leave my house   6am to get there for 7am, and then turning around to work at 8am. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. Fingers crossed for her in surgery tomorrow!