Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet YODA - Yoda is a male, neutered, and 5 years young! He acts like a big kitten. He loves to play, and knows not to be too rough as he grew up with two young boys. Yoda was first found living under a balcony, all tiny and mal-nourished "runt of the litter". He was placed in a home where he lived happily until recently, un-forseen circumstances have him searching for a new forever home, his family seprated, allergies were an issue. The result was Yoda being some what left behind in a condo probably very close to a trip to the SPCA. FYI- He gives the best head butts and lots of happy feet massages! Pic does not do justice it's super hard to get a good photo of this little guy! He gets along pretty well with other animals considering he'd never seen any before recently. However, he's a little rough for older cats, but young ones, or a ferret would be hilarious to watch!!! He's a great cat with lots of love to give.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foster home needed!

Supper sweet 2 year only australian shepherd mix this information we have about her is - " No problems at all with toy/ food possessivense. She loves people and is ready to please :)"

If interested in fostering please see:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Come celebrate our one year of rescuing!







DATE: Saturday, September 18th, 2010
TIME: 8:30pm
VENUE: Il Motore (

Come out and join us to celebrate one year of animal rescue!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Punk:

This little Frenchie is currently at a shelter in Tiawan and looking for a forever home in Canada. She was found abandoned in a outdoor market in Taiwan around April. Regardless, she is one of the sweetest and happiest little dogs amongst the other rescued dogs at the shelter. She has not let her disabilities discourage her optimism and trust towards people. Loves to cuddle and be petted.

She will be flown to Toronto August 19th and will need somewhere to stay for that night, and someone to pick her up from the airport. Form there she will be picked up and brought to Montreal, where she will need a more permanent foster until a suitable adoptive home is found.

If interested in fostering please see:

If interested in adopting please see:

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well, great news everyone Daisy the Hedgehog and Chili our little Chinchilla HAVE FOUND THEIR FOEVER HOMES!!!!!!!! It`s been a long and difficult road for the two of them but things are looking up! Thanks to Kelly, Ewa and Eric!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Attention all large breed dog lovers! Naya is is giant schnauzer x bouvier des flandres she is a true gentle giant. She was rescued a while ago because she was brought in to a vet clinic to be euthanized for diarrhea. Since then she's grown into a large, beautiful, diarrhea free girl. It's a miracle what a proper diet can do.

The problem she's having know is the because she is surrounded by other pets (cats, birds, rabbits) that she wants to eat! Her anxiety level has become so high she just can't relax. As much as her owner loves her, they really feel Naya would do better in a home with another dog maybe, but no other pets. Her anxiety is primarily expressed in barking. Training, citronella collars, sonic collars, medication, nothing works she only barks when the other animals... well.. do anything. Along with the help of a behaviorist it is believed that if her circumstances changed the barking would not be an issue anymore. When she's not barking she cuddles like the best of them, sleeps a lot and is a never ending supply of love.

Naya loves taking long walks in the woods or with her gentle leader. She's not a swimmer but enjoys getting her feet wet. She has an ongoing battle with car sickness, but she's mastered short drives, medium length drive are good too as long as she hasn't eaten.

Naya is a great dog she deserves the best, something her current owner cannot provide for her.
If anyone thinks they might be the right home for this girl please contact

Violet now Mr. Jay

This little boy was rescued the other week after he was brought in by his previous owner to be euthanized. Her previous owner wanted to euthanize him because he became allergic to him. Thankfully he was able to be rescued at the last minute, we saved him from being euthanize as literally the euthanol syringe was being pulled up. He enjoys plenty of play time outside his large cage. He is a great bun, and with such a close call deserves a great new family. One that would not even dream of giving her up or euthanizing him. He is a jem, who ever adopts him will soon realize they are the luckiest bun owners ever.

Mr. Jay has been in foster care for almost a year now. His last foster home was planning to adopt him but has recently realized he doesn't fit in their lifestyle. This decision came as quite a suprise to us now we have less than a week to find a new foster or forever home.

Mr. Jay is a nice boy, he's on the large size as far as rabbits go, we think he has some flemish giant in him. Which makes for a great pet! He is great with kids, cats and small dogs.

PLEASE HELP!!! This bunbun has no where to go!