Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet YODA - Yoda is a male, neutered, and 5 years young! He acts like a big kitten. He loves to play, and knows not to be too rough as he grew up with two young boys. Yoda was first found living under a balcony, all tiny and mal-nourished "runt of the litter". He was placed in a home where he lived happily until recently, un-forseen circumstances have him searching for a new forever home, his family seprated, allergies were an issue. The result was Yoda being some what left behind in a condo probably very close to a trip to the SPCA. FYI- He gives the best head butts and lots of happy feet massages! Pic does not do justice it's super hard to get a good photo of this little guy! He gets along pretty well with other animals considering he'd never seen any before recently. However, he's a little rough for older cats, but young ones, or a ferret would be hilarious to watch!!! He's a great cat with lots of love to give.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foster home needed!

Supper sweet 2 year only australian shepherd mix this information we have about her is - " No problems at all with toy/ food possessivense. She loves people and is ready to please :)"

If interested in fostering please see:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Come celebrate our one year of rescuing!







DATE: Saturday, September 18th, 2010
TIME: 8:30pm
VENUE: Il Motore (

Come out and join us to celebrate one year of animal rescue!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Punk:

This little Frenchie is currently at a shelter in Tiawan and looking for a forever home in Canada. She was found abandoned in a outdoor market in Taiwan around April. Regardless, she is one of the sweetest and happiest little dogs amongst the other rescued dogs at the shelter. She has not let her disabilities discourage her optimism and trust towards people. Loves to cuddle and be petted.

She will be flown to Toronto August 19th and will need somewhere to stay for that night, and someone to pick her up from the airport. Form there she will be picked up and brought to Montreal, where she will need a more permanent foster until a suitable adoptive home is found.

If interested in fostering please see:

If interested in adopting please see:

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well, great news everyone Daisy the Hedgehog and Chili our little Chinchilla HAVE FOUND THEIR FOEVER HOMES!!!!!!!! It`s been a long and difficult road for the two of them but things are looking up! Thanks to Kelly, Ewa and Eric!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Attention all large breed dog lovers! Naya is is giant schnauzer x bouvier des flandres she is a true gentle giant. She was rescued a while ago because she was brought in to a vet clinic to be euthanized for diarrhea. Since then she's grown into a large, beautiful, diarrhea free girl. It's a miracle what a proper diet can do.

The problem she's having know is the because she is surrounded by other pets (cats, birds, rabbits) that she wants to eat! Her anxiety level has become so high she just can't relax. As much as her owner loves her, they really feel Naya would do better in a home with another dog maybe, but no other pets. Her anxiety is primarily expressed in barking. Training, citronella collars, sonic collars, medication, nothing works she only barks when the other animals... well.. do anything. Along with the help of a behaviorist it is believed that if her circumstances changed the barking would not be an issue anymore. When she's not barking she cuddles like the best of them, sleeps a lot and is a never ending supply of love.

Naya loves taking long walks in the woods or with her gentle leader. She's not a swimmer but enjoys getting her feet wet. She has an ongoing battle with car sickness, but she's mastered short drives, medium length drive are good too as long as she hasn't eaten.

Naya is a great dog she deserves the best, something her current owner cannot provide for her.
If anyone thinks they might be the right home for this girl please contact

Violet now Mr. Jay

This little boy was rescued the other week after he was brought in by his previous owner to be euthanized. Her previous owner wanted to euthanize him because he became allergic to him. Thankfully he was able to be rescued at the last minute, we saved him from being euthanize as literally the euthanol syringe was being pulled up. He enjoys plenty of play time outside his large cage. He is a great bun, and with such a close call deserves a great new family. One that would not even dream of giving her up or euthanizing him. He is a jem, who ever adopts him will soon realize they are the luckiest bun owners ever.

Mr. Jay has been in foster care for almost a year now. His last foster home was planning to adopt him but has recently realized he doesn't fit in their lifestyle. This decision came as quite a suprise to us now we have less than a week to find a new foster or forever home.

Mr. Jay is a nice boy, he's on the large size as far as rabbits go, we think he has some flemish giant in him. Which makes for a great pet! He is great with kids, cats and small dogs.

PLEASE HELP!!! This bunbun has no where to go!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Eleven Eleven is kicking into full swing for the end of summer and invites you to join us!

Eleven Eleven is kicking into full swing for the end of summer and invites you to join us! Below is a list of up-coming events, bring your friends, family and of course 4 legged companions;

Sunday August 8th 12 – 16h join us at Naturalanimal & Pawtisserie for a Pet-Beauty Day and Adoption Event. Come meet our fur babies for adoption, meet the team or just bring in your pet for a little sprucing up. Nail cuts, ear cleaning and undercoat brushing by your favorite veterinary technicians all for 15$ or 10$ each.

Sunday August 29th 12 – 16h Join us on the Saint Laurent Street Festival with TooZoo. Meet our representatives and some of our animals for adoption. We will also be holding pet beauty day so feel free to have your pets nails trimmed while passing by. We will have a merch table where you will find some of our catchy shirts for sale and other items.

Septeber 4th Join us for a reunion. Dog Adoptees of Eleven Eleven are invited for a fun day in the sun, place and time to be announced. Friends of Eleven Eleven are also invited to celebrate a last weekend of summer and our loved companions.

September 11th Join us at the Beaconsfield Adoption Event, more information to come.

September 18th Join us to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANIVERSARY! At El Motor for a benefit concert, bands to be announced and more information to follow.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Fantasia International Film Festival ( for donating an advertisement spot to us, and helping us spread the word.

We hope to see you all there

The Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue Team

Thank you to Fantasia International Film Festival

We would like to say a huge thank you to Fantasia International Film Festival for donating an advertisement spot to us, and helping us spread the word.

Roommates come and go...

Your pets will love you for the rest of their lives no matter what happens. Something to think about.

It's high time that we encourage ourselves and others to go vegan (more on that in future postings) and to continue showing support for shelter and rescue nonhuman animals. Eleven Eleven, along with numerous rescues, exist because we are a community of dedicated human beings--the very species that exploits nonhuman animals for profit, for convenience, and for amusement-- and have decided to take responsibility for the colossal mess our species has created for nonhuman beings.

So please think of your nonhuman family members when searching for an apartment. If you are considering adopting, please have a look at your allergies, your roommate and/or human family situation and your lifestyle. By doing so, you prevent a nonhuman being from being disposed of with jaded disregard. You will prevent a nonhuman being from roaming the streets, homeless and faced with the tragic possibility of being kidnapped, mutilated, killed or sold into a devastatingly exploitative practice or institution.

Because they are ill in the early stages, physically broken, of senior age, psychologically damaged is not grounds to have one killed or given away as if they are a toy one no longer has the use of. When we care for fellow human beings, we are there for them through joyous moments as well as through painful ones. Sending a nonhuman individual off to a friend or to their death because one couldn't handle it/has allergies/will be having a child/[insert excuse] is betrayal. The bond between a human and a nonhuman consists of friendship and parenthood. Nonhuman beings will never give up on us. Yet each and every one of the faces brought over to Eleven Eleven are victims of humans who gave up on them. It's high time that this changes. It's high time that we live alongside these individuals as equals.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Hedgehog, Chinchilla and Rabbit for Adoption!

Daisy the Hedgehog, Chili the Chinchilla and Snake the Rabbit are all looking for forever homes.
Won't anyone come forward and give one of these guys the forever home they deserve???


Nelson is your typical male tuxedo cat, he is full of life and spunk and can not get enough of playing. He is full of character and you can not miss him with his mitted paws. Come and meet him at our next adoption event August 7th at Naturalanimal in Westmount 12-4pm.

Charlie Update

We just got this wonderful video update in from Charlie, look how great he is doing! Hard to imagine just a few months ago we were recommend to amputate his right leg with no hope of saving it, well thanks to Dr. Auger and everyone who contributed to saving him we can say he is one happy dog. Although we are still paying off his medical bill ( this makes it all worth it!

Thank you to Jim and Marie for giving him exactly the happy ending he deserves.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Happenings THIS WEEKDN & CBC Radio interview Re-pitbull attack in NDG

This weekend is a busy weekend for Eleven Eleven, it is high seasons and we are in full effect. We have over 20 kittens of all ages and color for adoption, and recently had a pug invasion after a pug breeder decided to retire. We have over 40 animals in our care right now, and each one of them is anxiously awaiting a home of their own.

Saturday July 24th 2010: Dog Adoption Event

1:30-4:00pm at Parc Lafontaine

To promote the release of the Warner Bros movie CATS AND DOGS they are throwing a dog ‘speed date’ event and have invited Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue along with The SPPCA and The Underdog Club and many other rescues. Come and take a dog for a 5 minute walk around the park.. and see if there is chemistry.

For more information:

Sunday July 25th 2010: Kitten Adoption Event / Fundraising Bake sale with Montreal Confections

12:00-4:00pm at Naturalanimal in Westmount

There will be many little furry babies looking for a home to call their own or just a little love THIS Sunday at Naturalanimal in Westmount from 12 - 4pm.

Come by to find your purrfect match, or just enjoy a wonderful bake sale; Baked good provided by Montreal Confections (;

We will have over 15 kittens attending the event, and all their hearts are set of finding a home... lets not break their hearts. Appearances by your lovely Porscha a min-pin for adoption and other surprise doggy guests expected.

For more information:
Eleven Eleven Responds to Pit-Bull attack in NDG on CBC Radio
Catch our interview with CBC radio’s Daybreak about our view on Montreal’s potential pit-bull abn post woman being attacked in NDG yesterday morning by pit-bull cross.

Listen to audio clip here:

Fore more information please see our website:

The Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue Team and fur babies

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Arrival - Grizzly


Age: 6 weeks (not yet ready for adoption)
Sex: Female

Grizzly is one little ball of trouble, shes full of spunk this girl. She was found next to a trash can alone and lost, at only 2 weeks old. She was put with a surrogate mom and will be ready for adoption at 8 weeks old. We do warn you, she is full of trouble this one!

Bake Sale / Adoption event with Montreal Confections

Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue Presents:
Bake Sale / Adoption event with Montreal Confections

Sunday, July 25, 2010 / 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Natura Animal & Pawtisserie
4932B Sherbrooke

* Come by for a meet n’ greet with some of our furry critters looking for homes!

We promise a fun filled day with a whole lot of (very) cute company. Kittens, puppies, and other small critters looking for homes will be attending, and hoping to meet the home of their dreams (literally).

Stop by to see if you will find the right match for your home, to talk to an Eleven Eleven representative or just to come give the homeless animals a little love. While also enjoying outstanding baked good brought to you by Montreal Confections.

For more information:
Call: 514-845-0001

We hope to see you all there!

The Eleven Eleven Rescue Team

Mumsy Adopted

After being for adoption since last summer, Mumsy (now Mollie) has finally how a forever home of her own. She now has a lab named moose to spend her days cat napping with and is the new sister of Allie our famous squirrel-cat.

Vanilla Gorilla - Adopted!

Vanilla Gorilla has found her forever home and is now best friends with a Beagle named Daisy. Tow happy tails in one!

Maybeline adopted!

Maybeline (now Lulu) was dumped at a shelter at 7 months old, where she spent 2 months in a cage until we picked her up. She then spent 2 months with us in a (fantastic!) foster family, and finally 4 months later and now 11 months old.. she was adopted. She is finally able to be the puppy she had to put on hold, and i think its safe to say she looks very happy in her new home.

New Arrival! Cléo


Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Size: Large
Date Rescued: July 12th 2010

Reason Rescued: Cléo is a retired breeder, and after 3 years in a cage in a garage she is now enjoying her freedom and looking for a home of her own. She is a huge sweet heart, very well natured, obedient, and just full of life. She will make a wonderful addition to any home.

Pug invasion!

We recently had an invasion of pugs at 11-11; three wonderful pugs were retired by the breeder who is ceasing to breed (yay!!), and needed somewhere to go ASAP. We snatched them all up to avoid them being given away online for free and ending up in a puppy mill or as breeders again. After 3 years in cages in a garage they are now free and have been enjoying every minute of it, it is now their time to start their life. Respectively; Sushi, Bunny and Bad Boy are all well natured, loving, trouble making pugs and now looking for homes of their own.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Arrival - Broady!


Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: Small
Date Rescued: June 29th 2010

Reason Rescued: Broady ended up in a shelter somehow and needed more attention then they could give him in that setting. This little guy (like most little dogs) is full of spunk. He just cant get enough of playing with his toys, and nudging them into you to get you to play with him. He loves to play soccer, fetch, and 'kill the toy dead'. There won't be a dull moment with this guy in your life. He is not recommended for kids, but is good with cats and other dogs.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Duke (now named Oliver) was born to a stray mother outside with 5 other siblings. He was destine for a life on the streets and becoming feral. Thankfully we were contacted, and intercepted his fate along with his siblings and mother's. They were all placed in foster care to be socialized and the mother is sweet as can be.

Oliver is the first of his siblings to be adopted, and as you can tell is enjoying his new home already.


Hard to imagine this little angle face could have ever found himself homeless? We unfortunately pet abandonment in Montreal has no limits, not even cute little guys like Leon. He was dumped, found himself scared out of his mind in someones garage and then eventually with us.

He has now been adopted, and never to be dumped with the trash again.


Bowser wound up in someone’s garage as a kitten and they occasionally gave him food, so he stayed around for 2 years! Finally 2 days before the elderly couple had to move into an old age home they realized the boxes were packed, couches wrapped in plastic, movers booked but wait, the cat in the garage? At least they remembered him. As they were seeking a cheap place to ‘dispose of him’ they did not want to pay veterinary euthanasia fees, and then came across Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue as a cheaper alternative to ‘dispose him’. Point being, he has been rather neglected for the first two years of his life, but now things have turned around for him and after 6 months in foster care he has finally found a family all to himself.


Cash arrived to us 5 months ago as an emergency 'dump' because his owner was ticketed for having 3 dogs in an apartment. He was only 6 months old, a pet store puppy impulse buy, scared out of his mind because he has no idea what happened to him that day.

He has now found a loving family to call his own, with another friend to play with, big back yard, and a whole family to love him.

Mom + babies need a foster home

Mom + babies need a foster home asap! She has 4 babies, but now also has 2 surrogates. One surrogate is about a week older than the rest of the litter, the other is 2 weeks younger and is being bottle fed 3 times a day (drinks like a champ!), but also left with the mom + litter. Just being bottle fed because the others are too big, and not letting him drink enough.

*Needs to be secluded from dogs

Sunday, June 27, 2010

'Moving Day' and its effects;

It is that time of the year; I am sure you have heard everyone saying this. The ‘moving day’ syndrome. Well I am sure you have heard of it, but let’s put things into reality.

At least 90% of cats in shelters at this time of the year are being euthanized. When I say cats, I mean kittens (regardless of how cute), pure breeds, regardless of temperament. They can sweet can be, and purring right up until the last minute. At this time of the year, there is not much to save them. The sad reality is, there is just not enough space. What kind of world d is this, where a life is terminated cue to ‘space’. This is the reality; there are too many and not enough resources for them.

Dogs are also in the same position; breed, sage, cuteness, all aside.

If you have ever considered fostering, adopting, or donating. Now is the time, lives are on the line. Anything and everything will help. Please talk about this with your friends, co-workers, and family members. Fostering SAVES LIVES, adopting SAVE LIVES. If you are unable to do either, spread the word, play your part. Be the change you want to see in the world. Together, we can do this, we can save these lives.

Please see our website for more information;

Here is a list of dogs in Montreal that are currently on death row RIGHT NOW:
- X2 German shepherds
- Husky, blue eyes
- Husky, brown eyes
- X2 chocolate labs 2 months old
- White miniature poodle
- Beige shih-tzu
- X2 lab crosses 6 weeks old
- Pointer cross
- Rottweiler
- X2 daschounds (red and black/tan)
- Golden cross
- X2 golden retrievers (in 2 different shelters)
- Bichon Maltase
- Pug
- Black Chihuahua, male
- Spaniel cross
- Husky mix breed
- Femal Shih-tzu

*These dogs are not on death row for health or temperament reasons, they are great dogs that are just victims to humans irresponsibility.

Cats and kittens; to keep things short. There are HUDNEREDS being euthanized DAILY. Unfortunately we do not have a list, as there are so many and have a high turn over. (are being euthanized with in 1 day or more, while many more come). Any breed, color, age, temperament you are interested, is sitting in a pound on death row right now.

ADOPT a pet, SAVE a life.
Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


***Please note this is a post for Paws For Life***













Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'Compassion fatigue'

With such a sad reality of homeless pets in Montreal, and nation wide, many people feel helpless. In this field of work we are faced with neglect, abuse, death, and defeat on a daily basis. There is just such an immense number of animals needing help, and not enough resources. Which leaves us knowing as many as we help.. there will always be many more un-helped. Especially when public icons like Maria Carrie tweets a picture of her new puppy 'da baby' born to her female Jack Russle 'Chacha' that she bred beacuse, as she said to Barbara Walters; "I want my dogs to have puppies, they're going to be cute" (See article here). It is people like this, that make me want to give up and spend the day in bed.. instead of waking up at 6am everyday to get a start of the long day ahead (that will probably end at 2am and then start all over).

People ask us, what can we do to help? The answer is simple; if everyone adopted instead of going to a breeder (any pure-bred you wish to purchase can be found in rescues/shelters) and sterilized their pets (instead of waiting for their 'kitten' to have a litter before realizing its time for the 'kitten' to be spayed).. this sad reality would be a thing of the past. Shelters would be empty, dare i say.. us rescuer could go on vacation, take time off (what ever that feels like)? The steps to solve this problem are there, we just need to spread the word and actively get our co-workers, neighbours, family members educated.

Conveniently, after reading the article about Mariah Carey breeding her dog to have cute puppies, and realizing as hard as i work and as little sleep as i get, this problem will never end. I then came across this article "Animal welfare workers cope with compassion fatigue".. dealing with such huge and hopeless issues on a daily basis is hard. Many of us quickly feel extremely overwhelmed with the reality, as it really is an overwhelming problem. This article probably relates to a lot of us who work in this field and feel the same way.

Take care,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet Whiskey

When we were told there is a terrier cross about to be euthanized... we did not expect to pick up this strange looking miniature hyena hybrid. Whiskey was a pet store impulse buy, is 8 months old, and until now spent around 20 hours a day in his crate. When the girl and her boyfriend broke up, Whiskey had no where to go and was on his way to be euthanized. He was rescued, and now in a safe foster home.. but is looking for a home as unique as he is :P

Meet Walker - The get-away pup

Walker is a 3 year old collie, hound, shepherd, god knows what else cross. He grew up in a home with over 40 other dogs, he was a victim of a hoarder. Because of this, he was left traumatized, unsocialized and is now a fully grown 3-year-old puppy that has a whole lot to learn about 'real life'.

Regardless of how terrified he is of all the new things he is now experiencing everyday, he remains gentle, loving and slowly becoming affectionate. He is learning to not only trust, but seek humans.

On Tuesday as he was being walked (and making great progress), unfortunately a truck drove me and scared him. He broke loose and bolted all the way from Westmount to NDG. Within 30 minutes of it happening we had people across the city looking for him, swapped the area with posters and corss-posted online through hundreds of people across Montreal (and as far as Florida!). We did not find him before night fall, and did out last round of looking for him at 12am. Thankfully our extensive efforts worked, and the next morning he had been found hiding between two cars in a garage. We were contacted immediately, as there was probably not a person in the area that did not know we were looking for him. He was returned safe and sound, went to the clinic to make sure he was all right and then was microchipped incase this happens again. He doe have some cuts and scraped on his pads, but other than that is in one piece.

He is now back safely in his foster home and happy to be there! He is also for adoption and looking for a family to see him through the development he needs.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


At 4pm on Tuesday June 8th Walker was spooked while being walked and bolted. Last seen at Giraud and St Jacques Street heading towards NDG.

Walker grew up in a hoarding situation, from that was unsocailized and very skittish. Because of this he spooks at anything, despite the fosters best efforts to always keep a tight hold on him.. he managed to break loose. This also means he is scared out of his mind, chasing him, running after him, or any quick movements will make him run faster. He will probably not let anyone approach him.

IF SEEN: It would be best to keep him cornered and wait for us to come as he know us.

PLEASE CALL US: 514-661-0388 or 514-585-5670

We are actively in a car in the area trying to find him ANY LEADS WILL HELP!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Allie a kitten raised by squirrels - ADOPTED

She was adopted Monday, hours after we had to transfer her from her foster home to a veterinary clinic as her foster was leaving for the summer and we had no where for her to go. It was a miracle as well, as our hopes were well below low at finding her a home as she would not let anyone touch her. She spent her days following her foster mom around the house like a little duckling, playing with pens and socks like the kitten she is and sitting as close to her mom as possible without touching her. With so many other friendly kittens for adoption in Montreal, she had tough competition and our hopes were low for her.

She is adjusting well to her new home and her adoptive mother has already been able to sneak a good purr out of her!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Arrival / Foster Home Needed

Meet Leon:

Leon is a 7 week old kitten who got lost, and abandoned by his mother. He wound up in a garage, alone and terrified. He is now in good hands, but needs a foster or adoptive home as soon as possible.

Lets find Leon a good home, how can you resist that face!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SNAKE (The Rabbit)

SNAKE (The Rabbit):
"He was on the verge of being fed to a snake for food because the owner couldn't find a home for him.
She had developped severe allergies and needed him out of her appartment asap.
In an attempt to relieve her allergies, Snake had been shaved when he first came to us.
Luckily it all grew back!

He is approximatly 2-3 years old, male

So this poor man has been looking for a forever home since January!!!

There is an adoption application process and an adoption fee.
Only serious inquiries please."
Won't someone be this boy's home!!?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet Rocky the Racoon

Meet Rocky the Racoon, he is a youngin' and was just discovering what life is about when he was caught in a STEEL JAW TRAP in the middle of Westmount! Thankfully he found the help he needed, which did not come from the regular wildlife rescue groups as they had prior commitments tonight. But rather a team of dedicated staff of a veterinary clinic, who take their job outside of the clinic hours (literally). He is resting tonight on I.V fluids, and although he has not broken bones, the foot will probably have to be amputated. Because he was trapped at least a few days, the wound is old and nerve damage extensive.

*** NOTE: We are not a wildlife rescue group, do not claim to be, and do not have the license to be. This is simply a case witnessed by an Eleven Eleven tech at work. This story to spread awareness for animal cruelty.


New Arrival / Foster Home Needed

Monkey needs a foster home ASAP. Like most of our Eleven Eleven cats he was brought in to a clinic to be euthanized on Saturday for no real good reason. Since we do not have any foster homes, we have had to pay to board him at the clinic. He is depressed, and not eating. We have him on appetite stimulants, which is working okay, but he needs to get out before his health deteriorates. 6 years old, neutered, de-clawed, vaccinated, very healthy. All he needs is a little LOVE.

Some of the weirdest pet entries so far!

Panda is the funniest and sweetest dog in the world. Her weirdest habit among many is that when she's fed human food she wants it on utensils. She also happens to eat off a fork like a human and without just trying to lick the food off. In this picture she has to lick because she's enjoying the remainder of my snow taffy (which she at first tried to bite like you would with a fork). She's also not allowed on the bed unless I'm feeling particularly generous but when she gets in there she always uses the pillows for her head and ALWAYS pulls the blankets to cover her if I haven't done so already. She's a cutie a half for sure! Best part of my life!

My dog Bee...Bee is a "special" dog ... She is a tomboy...never been too
happy about peeing like a she started off by backing up a
tree until her butt was in the air and pee UP the tree...Well now, after
many years of experience...she simply raises her butt in the air while
she is walking and pees..."SPECIAL"

My rescue kitty Mia Mau has a Q-tip obesession. She likes to dig them out of the washroom garbage can and play with them. Most mornings i wake up to a Q-tip next to my face. It is quite disgusting, but i love her nonetheless :-)

Salem is a very vocal dog! From whining and talking when he's too excited, too happy, annoyed, bored, sleepy or hungry to barking like the very serious guard dog that he (thinks) he is. When he barks, we tell him no, and he does it a bit lower.

"WOOF!" "No." Woof." "No!" "Wff." "No..." "wbwf." "no!" "bwrvv..." No...." "Bh."

And it goes on and on until he basically just make his huge mouth go pop with air, or blows a raspberry on the floor where he lays down and sighs as a sign of oh-so-tragic doggie drama queen protestation. He thinks he's so badass :) It can get annoying when it takes ten minutes of this after a delivery guy leaves, but IT'S SO CUUUTTE!

Celebrate Your Pet - Contest for THE WEIRDEST PET!

Dose your dog, cat, fish, hamster.. rabbit have weird habits? Have they ever done, or to they regularly do things that make you want to pull your hair out? But in the end.. you still love and maybe even a little more!

With moving day around the corner, and so many pets being abandoned for no real good reason, other than an apartment with a better view. Let us set a good example, lets show that pets should be treated as family, not accessories to our lives.

So what the cat ruined your couch, get a new couch! So what the new boyfriend is allergic, get a new boyfriend! So what the dog thought your 2 day old, 3000$ laptop was a chew toy?

Lets join together and celebrate all the annoying, weird, gross and even embarrassing quirks our pets have! And why we still love them, despite all the above.

WEIRDEST PET WINNERS (There will be 3 grand winners) get a free photo-shoot, on our Celebrate Your Pet Photo Day June 27th and they will also be featured in our promotional video.

TO ENTER: Post or send a picture and short description of the weird habit(s) they have and why you still love them
- Post on our Facebook contest event page -
- Send an email titled "CONTEST" to

TO VOTE: Your entry will be posted on our contest entry photo album, find you picture in the album and post it on you wall. Ask your friends to vote for you to WIN.

See album here:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

RUFUS Update

Rufus our long time foster bird has been adopted! He's found a great forever home.

His housemate is a female lovebird named Kiwi. So far they are getting along well.

He's extra happy because he gets a lot of time out of his cage, about 4 hours a day to fly!

Congratulations Rufus!