Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Arrival / Foster Home Needed

Meet Leon:

Leon is a 7 week old kitten who got lost, and abandoned by his mother. He wound up in a garage, alone and terrified. He is now in good hands, but needs a foster or adoptive home as soon as possible.

Lets find Leon a good home, how can you resist that face!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SNAKE (The Rabbit)

SNAKE (The Rabbit):
"He was on the verge of being fed to a snake for food because the owner couldn't find a home for him.
She had developped severe allergies and needed him out of her appartment asap.
In an attempt to relieve her allergies, Snake had been shaved when he first came to us.
Luckily it all grew back!

He is approximatly 2-3 years old, male

So this poor man has been looking for a forever home since January!!!

There is an adoption application process and an adoption fee.
Only serious inquiries please."
Won't someone be this boy's home!!?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet Rocky the Racoon

Meet Rocky the Racoon, he is a youngin' and was just discovering what life is about when he was caught in a STEEL JAW TRAP in the middle of Westmount! Thankfully he found the help he needed, which did not come from the regular wildlife rescue groups as they had prior commitments tonight. But rather a team of dedicated staff of a veterinary clinic, who take their job outside of the clinic hours (literally). He is resting tonight on I.V fluids, and although he has not broken bones, the foot will probably have to be amputated. Because he was trapped at least a few days, the wound is old and nerve damage extensive.

*** NOTE: We are not a wildlife rescue group, do not claim to be, and do not have the license to be. This is simply a case witnessed by an Eleven Eleven tech at work. This story to spread awareness for animal cruelty.


New Arrival / Foster Home Needed

Monkey needs a foster home ASAP. Like most of our Eleven Eleven cats he was brought in to a clinic to be euthanized on Saturday for no real good reason. Since we do not have any foster homes, we have had to pay to board him at the clinic. He is depressed, and not eating. We have him on appetite stimulants, which is working okay, but he needs to get out before his health deteriorates. 6 years old, neutered, de-clawed, vaccinated, very healthy. All he needs is a little LOVE.

Some of the weirdest pet entries so far!

Panda is the funniest and sweetest dog in the world. Her weirdest habit among many is that when she's fed human food she wants it on utensils. She also happens to eat off a fork like a human and without just trying to lick the food off. In this picture she has to lick because she's enjoying the remainder of my snow taffy (which she at first tried to bite like you would with a fork). She's also not allowed on the bed unless I'm feeling particularly generous but when she gets in there she always uses the pillows for her head and ALWAYS pulls the blankets to cover her if I haven't done so already. She's a cutie a half for sure! Best part of my life!

My dog Bee...Bee is a "special" dog ... She is a tomboy...never been too
happy about peeing like a she started off by backing up a
tree until her butt was in the air and pee UP the tree...Well now, after
many years of experience...she simply raises her butt in the air while
she is walking and pees..."SPECIAL"

My rescue kitty Mia Mau has a Q-tip obesession. She likes to dig them out of the washroom garbage can and play with them. Most mornings i wake up to a Q-tip next to my face. It is quite disgusting, but i love her nonetheless :-)

Salem is a very vocal dog! From whining and talking when he's too excited, too happy, annoyed, bored, sleepy or hungry to barking like the very serious guard dog that he (thinks) he is. When he barks, we tell him no, and he does it a bit lower.

"WOOF!" "No." Woof." "No!" "Wff." "No..." "wbwf." "no!" "bwrvv..." No...." "Bh."

And it goes on and on until he basically just make his huge mouth go pop with air, or blows a raspberry on the floor where he lays down and sighs as a sign of oh-so-tragic doggie drama queen protestation. He thinks he's so badass :) It can get annoying when it takes ten minutes of this after a delivery guy leaves, but IT'S SO CUUUTTE!

Celebrate Your Pet - Contest for THE WEIRDEST PET!

Dose your dog, cat, fish, hamster.. rabbit have weird habits? Have they ever done, or to they regularly do things that make you want to pull your hair out? But in the end.. you still love and maybe even a little more!

With moving day around the corner, and so many pets being abandoned for no real good reason, other than an apartment with a better view. Let us set a good example, lets show that pets should be treated as family, not accessories to our lives.

So what the cat ruined your couch, get a new couch! So what the new boyfriend is allergic, get a new boyfriend! So what the dog thought your 2 day old, 3000$ laptop was a chew toy?

Lets join together and celebrate all the annoying, weird, gross and even embarrassing quirks our pets have! And why we still love them, despite all the above.

WEIRDEST PET WINNERS (There will be 3 grand winners) get a free photo-shoot, on our Celebrate Your Pet Photo Day June 27th and they will also be featured in our promotional video.

TO ENTER: Post or send a picture and short description of the weird habit(s) they have and why you still love them
- Post on our Facebook contest event page -
- Send an email titled "CONTEST" to

TO VOTE: Your entry will be posted on our contest entry photo album, find you picture in the album and post it on you wall. Ask your friends to vote for you to WIN.

See album here:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

RUFUS Update

Rufus our long time foster bird has been adopted! He's found a great forever home.

His housemate is a female lovebird named Kiwi. So far they are getting along well.

He's extra happy because he gets a lot of time out of his cage, about 4 hours a day to fly!

Congratulations Rufus!

House & Feed a cat for a day

Kitten Season is here, spring cam early this year and so did 'kitten season'.. we are over flowing and unfortunately over our brim right now in cats/kittens.

We currently have EIGHTEEN kittens for adoption, this week alone we rescued two mothers and their litters from the streets. All of the fosters we have are at their brim, and with summer many are leaving to go home for the summer or on vacation for a few weeks. Our foster homes for cats are at a serious LOW right now. To compensate, we have had to resort to boarding, last month alone we paid well over 100$ in boarding fees.

For us to continue to take in, feed, and treat the growing demand of cats in need at this time of year, we have set up a fund. If you are unable to foster but would like to donate towards housing & feeding a cat for a day, you can do so below.

10$ houses / feeds a cat for 1 day, 20$ houses / feeds a dog for a day.

Of course we would much rather prefer to have foster homes for them. Please spread the word amongst family, co-workers and friends that fostering an animal is rewarding and SAVES LIVES.

You can find more information about fostering here:

Thank you in advance,

The cats/kittens of Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue

For once... we are on Paris Hilton's side!

Pet Beauty Day Fundraiser - THIS WEEKEND

Brittany Adopted!

Brittany finally found her forever home. She was abandoned in an house when her previous owner moved away. He took the cute little new puppy, and left Brittany and another dog behind in the house for god knows how long. Because the city does not have a pound, she was brought straight to a clinic to be euthanized. We picked her up from the clinic, about 2 hours outside of Montreal.. and took her into our care. She has since worked through her separation anxiety, fear issues with men, and other little details. She blossomed into one of the most wonderful dogs we have ever had the pleasure of saving, or meeting.

Yesterday was HER day, we brought her to her new home over and hour east of Montreal. She will now be spending and sharing her life with her new friend a Great Dane! The new family is looking forward to including her in the obstacle classes they do with their current dog. She has a nice house, with a big yard to run in now. Her days of being and underdog are OVER.

Ginny Adopted!

Last weekend we made the trip to Vermont to bring Ginny the mother of 6 Husky puppies to HER forever home.

After a few wrong turns, getting lost, and crappy weather, Ginny (and us) made it to her adoptive home in one piece! A fresh start to a whole new life. Thank you to everyone, supporters, contributors and especially the Montreal SPCA Emergency Shelter volunteers for helping her get to this point.

She is a very loving and nurturing home, with a lot of space to run and finally just be able to enjoy life.

Her new mom says:

Hi Caroline,

She’s doing great, getting used to Vermont and our home. She is a joy to us and I think she has that figured out already.
She is too funny when she doesn’t want to pay attention to us. As I expected with a husky, Ginny definitely has a mind of her own.
She is a challenge, but a good one and we couldn’t enjoy her more!

She is also eating well, we have licensed her and she has an appointment with a local vet.
Thanks so much for bringing her into our lives.


New Arrival - Pandora & her babies

Pandora and her babies were rescued yesterday afternoon from outdoors. They grew up under a shed next to a old rail road. Taking this family off the streets, means saving them from a life time of outdoors and therefor producing well over 3, 000 cats between them in their life span. Which is why we fight so hard to rescue as many families as we can from this fate.

Pandora and her family are of the very many families that lived this life, and one of the few that will get the chance we are going to give them. A chance at a real life, not a life doomed with certain death.

Pandora and each kitten need individual foster homes, ASAP. They are healthy and can be with other cats, the kittens need socialization.

Dewey (now Crosby) Up-Date

Remember that big ball of fluff we called Dewey (now named Crosby), well look at him now! He was rescued in February after his previous owner broke his elbow at 3 months old, for having an accident in the house. He has healed very well from the orthopaedic surgery we did for him, however his elbow is sometimes still a little sore. He is all grown up and very, very happy. Thank you to everyone who contributed and made this possible!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Charlotte and her seven dwarves

Charlotte has been nicknamed Mother Theresa, because she is an absolute saint! Not only has she been taking great care of her own kittens, but she happily took on 3 kittens (born two days earlier than Charlotte's own litter) who were rejected by their mother, as she was suffering from mastitis.

As soon as the kittens were in the room and meowed, Charlotte immediately picked them up and they've been part of the family ever since. At first, all the kittens' weights were careful monitored to make sure they were getting enough to eat. They all growing amazingly fast and are starting to be playful. Some are even getting curious about life outside of the box! Seven kittens is a lot for one mother, but Charlotte is doing great, eating a ton and making sure her kittens get more than enough.

Monet Nesquick
Sirius Cheetah

Lupin Pickle

Vanilla Gorilla

Meet Nelly & Babies / Foster Home Needed

*Nelly and her three babies need a foster home ASAP, WITHOUT other cats. They are all fighting and being treated for an upper respiratory infection.

We welcomed Nelly and her 3 kittens into the rescue yesterday. Well actually, we spent over an hour trying to catch them outside. Nelly was dumped a few years ago on moving day ago, and has since had multiple litters outside. Yesterday, we finally put and end to the vicious cycle. Saving this one mother from the streets, will save and prevent thousands of kittens from being born.

Sponsor an Animal – Charlie

Charlie had his follow-up evaluation by Dr. Auger last week, it is now 8 weeks post operation. It is hard to believe it has already been 8 weeks since the accident, since we almost had to say goodbye to him uncertain if he would even make the night. Well 8 weeks later, he is doing fantastic and is almost in full use of his leg that 2 doctors and the specialist were not even sure if it would be able to be saved.

They took a third set of follow up x-rays, everything has healed almost perfectly. There is a fragment of bone that is not 100% attached to the main bone, but Dr. Auger says with time it will attach itself. The break through the femur head has healed, along with all the other breaks. However the one concerning factor is that the 14 inch plate needed to keep all he pins and bone together is now rubbing against Charlie's knee joint, and causing irritation which is resulting in damage. We have been told exactly what we feared the worst.. we are going to have to go back into surgery. In a few months from now, once everything has healed even more we are going to have to go back into surgery to remove the plate and pins. The estimation for this surgery is 1000$ if everything goes well. Oh Charlie, our million dollar baby.

On a better note, he is doing great in his new home and slowly adapting to the new family and rules. He is pushing his limits, like he does (which is how he got in the accident in the first place), and seeing how much he can get away with. They have so far only lost a few sandwiches and a banana bread loaf to his counter surfing habits. Because of his cage rest, and pent-up energy he had taken the habit of burning this pent up energy by stalking their cat. Which they have been working with, and he is now responding and leaving the cat alone for the most part. They none the less, love him.

To read more about Charlie, or contribute please see here:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meet - Allie.. the Squirrel-Cat

Actually, Allie was rescued from a population of squirrels at the beginning of March. She survived the winter nesting with the squirrels, and eating nuts. She is only about 7-8 months old, and until we took her in, she had spent her life outside.. with the squirrels. She is still adjusting to these funny looking sub-scpecied of squirrels she lives with now, called humans. They have beds instead of holes in trees, and food other than nuts. It's a rather new, and funny life-style in her mind.

Her foster mom says; She is weirdly more interested in being around people than many cats I know. When she's not sleeping she's following me like a baby duck, and often I'm on the computer or even lying in bed reading or about to fall asleep, and she sits as close as she can without being touched and just stares at me until I play with her. If I don't get the cat dancer going she'll hop up on the bed and get even closer, or start playing with her toys by herself. She's kind of weird with her clinginess, but in a good way. She will one day allow someone to pet her, but she would have to have been living with them for a few months at least, which isn't really practical for most people.

In other words, she is adorable. But still has some adjusting to these funny looking squirrels she is living with. Won't you be the one that gives her a chance?

Foster Home Needed

We need a foster or adoptive home for a 9-10 month old, neutered, vaccinated, male/neutered and de-clawed Tonkinese, ASAP. Being given up, for the same reasons as every oriental breed.. needs more attention then they are able to give him. Would do good in a home with another cat to play with, and alone a minimal amount of time.

Friday, May 7, 2010

To put things in perspective: 'We have found a kitten'

To put things into persecutive on the overpopulation we have in Montreal with our stray cat population, below i have posted a few emails that we have received within the past week alone about kittens outside.

The first email below we have taken priority to help, along with two other litter of kittens not listed. However all of the other emails, we have had to reply starting with 'i am sorry' because we are absolutely powerless to help. With the lack of foster homes, and more important.. funds, we are left unable to help any other way other than giving information.

With a reality like this, when you hear shelters and rescues say 'we are full' or 'we can not save them all' ... we are, and we can not. We are absolutely drowning, with every life we save we know there are hundreds more un-helped. This is where you have to be their saviour, you can make the difference in their life. Take it upon yourself to be the rescuer, be or find the foster home, find the responsible adoptive homes, make sure they have been sterilized. Make the difference in these animals lives, yourself. If we all work together, this could become history.

It is an epidemic of the most preventable form of cruelty. The need to spay and neuter our animals, to prevent contributing to this is vital.

Please also see Cheryl Cornacchia's article published this week in The Gazette - "One Unspayed Cat: 3, 200 Kittens"

** The kitten pictured to the top left, was rescued by Eleven Eleven from a feral population at 6 weeks old in the middle of the winter.

** We are always looking for fosters for pregnant cats, or for feral kittens that need socialization. If you are interested in fostering please see here:

We have a stray cat that we have been feeding in our shed. We were planning on having her neutered when we noticed she was pregnant. Unfortunately she gave birth to kittens which should by now be three weeks old. We have not entered the shed for fear she will move them. We are unable to keep these kittens as we already have cats. We will still have the mother neutered in the trap and release program.

What can we do with the kittens? They will have to be euthenized if they are not socialised. Can you help us? In this town abandoned cats are an epidemic.

Thank you

We have a stray cat problem here in Dorval. There are 5 kittens which were being fed by several people in the neighbourhood. They are in fact getting to be quite big.

Now we've been told because of one complainer that we can no longer feed these cats.

Dorval has no animal shelter. The city by-law states residents cannot feed stray cats but the by-law also states it is against the law to be cruel to animals. I think it will be cruel to sit and watch these cats starve to death so we are in a catch 22 situation.

The only thing the city seems interested in is to issue fines if we are caught feeding these cats. Although they have recently said they will look after the situation. Now I'm wondering if they plan on putting these cats down which I'm against.

My question to you is there anything you folks could do to help these animals!

Thanks for your time.

We recently found a litter of four kittens in our back yard, guarded by their mother. They've made a home in a half empty bag of peat moss. They seem to be safe for now, but we're not sure what do with them. We'd like to make sure they grow up safe and healthy but adopting them by ourselves isn't really feasibly for us. Is it possible to find a home for them? I think they are around 3 weeks old. For now, while they are still living in the yard, is there anything we could do to help them, such as giving the mother some food? We've given her a dish of water. We haven't dealt with a situation like this before.

Thank you for your time


I might need some help finding a kitten a home. Last weekend my son found a stray kitten who appears to be around 4 - 5 weeksold, but I can't be sure of his age, as I'm no expert. He seems to be still nursing, as he is a little plump. He is the only kitten t...hat we saw. (My son found him in a old, beat up camper that it behind a garage.) I didn't want to take him when I saw him, because I think he still needs his mother, and I wasn't able to take him home, as I already have a full house, and one more pet would probably drive my hubby over the edge. Can you please give me some advice on what to do with, or about him? Thanks so much!


Je cherche un famille d’accueil temporaire pour une belle petite chatte affectueuse qui, somme toute, a été abandonnée. La maman a eu 4 bébés (3 noirs et 1 tabby) en dessous du cabanon de mon 2e voisin. Les bébés ont environ 4 semaines.

Il y a un HIC...Mes voisins ont 2 chiens dont un Jack russel qui est très gentil mais c'est un vrai chasseur (c’est sa nature de terrier) et il n'aime pas les chats. Les voisins ont sécurisé les lieux mais les chatons grandissent et vont vouloir explorer...

Je fais quelques contacts ici et là...Les refuges sont plein de chats abandonnés. C'est toujours comme ça. Le Berger blanc peut recevoir la mère et les bébés mais on ne se cache pas que c'est l'euthanasie qui les attend. L'idéal serait que la maman et les chatons soient en famille d'accueil le temps de permettre aux chatons d'être socialisés et adoptés. Ça ne sera pas simple d'attraper les bébés mais c'est faisable. La maman se laisse flatter et elle ronronne. Selon le vétérinaire, les bébés ne devraient pas être séparés de leur maman. La maman est aussi facilement adoptable.

J'étais prête à les prendre chez-moi le temps que les chatons soient prêts a être adoptés mais étant donné que j'ai déjà 2 chats dont un que j’ai sauvé alors qu’il été bébé. Mon chat a la rhino (grippe de chat). C’est une maladie respiratoire chronique qui est contagieuse. Si je fais entrer la marmaille, j’expose mon chat et les bébés à de gros problèmes de santé qui pourraient être très graves.

Il faut attraper les bébés et la maman...Pour la maman, ça risque d'être simple mais les bébé compliqué à cause de l'espace restreint.

Je ne sais pas comment les choses vont évoluer car tout ça se passe chez mes voisins. En attendant, je fais des démarches ici et là pour une famille d’accueil...un sous-sol, une chambre d’amis pourraient faire l’affaire...Vous connaissez la vous connaissez quelqu’un qui connaît quelqu’un...faites-moi signe.



I have several feral cats which have probably all had kittens but right now
I have one mother with two kittens.they are about 5 or 6 weeks old. I had three
cats, but I just lost one she was 17 years old, I will probably take in one of the kittens
but I was wondering about what to do, I would like to get the mother fixed and put the
other kitten up for adoption. they are very friendly kittens due to the fact that my 8 year
old daughter is always holding them, they dont run away , they even fall asleep on her
please let me know how you could help me

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cola - Adopted!

Cola, the last of Ginnys puppies has gone to his forever home and is having a blast. He is finally a part of a big family with a whole lotta love to share. Might we also say, what stunning puppies Ginny had! They are all over 20 pounds and 3 months old, which means they will be up to 60 lbs fully grown. Ginny is hardly 40lbs!! How on earth did she manage to have, and raise 6 puppies who are going to be 60 + pounds. My goodness Ginny!! Ginny will be going to her new home in Vermont this weekend.

New Arrival - Chouppie


Age: Adult (1 year)
Sex: Male
Breed: Daschund
Size: Small
Date Rescued: May 4th 2010

Reason Rescued: Chouppie is the result of sites like Les Pac, the french version of Kijiji. He was bought, and sold, bough and sold, until he finally came to us. Between the 4 homes in 1 year, he was very clearly abused. However with a little work his trust issues with new people can easily be worked through. He is looking forward to finding a home that will let him know, he is there to stay. Fear issues aside, he is sweet, affectionate, lovey dovey, loyal and all you could want out of a pup. He would be a great family dog, and actually prefers kids or younger people over adults.

New Arrival - Maybeline


Age: Puppy (+/- 9 Months)
Sex: Female
Breed: Pure bred mutt (Boston cross)
Size: Small
Date Rescued: May 4th 2010

Reason Rescued: Maybeline was in a shelter for 2 months in a cage. This is no place for a puppy to be, and for very good reasons.. she was going crazy. We took her on and are showing her 'the good life'.. the life her previous owners stole her from when they decided to get a cute puppy, who was not so cute at 7 months. She is a little rocket bottle of love, affection and sweetness (get ready for it!). She is a small little busy bee at only 25 pounds and practically fully grown. She is a genuinely good natured and tempered puppy. She is now looking for a home that will let her know she is there to stay, and of course let her be the puppy she has had to put on hold for 2 months in a cage.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sadly Beckie had to be euthanized because her skin infection took a turn for the worst and mutated into an antibiotic resistant strain. It broke my heart to have to make this decision but it was absolutely the right thing to do. Now poor Rufus is all on his own! HE NEEDS A FAMILY!!! Who will help this little man! He needs a family who can give him lots of attention to get him through his mourning period.
Who will love him??? Anyone??

Mission 'Save Speedy' - ACCOMPLISHED

We embarked on a mission, a mission so save one little unlucky pup. Together with the support of the public, the joint efforts of several medical professionals, and dozens of compassionate caring individuals; we are proud to say this mission has been accomplished.

Speedy has been adopted in to an exceptional home, and will become a certified Zootherapy dog. His great nature, love and joy is abundant and contagious. The love and joy he will be able to share and bring to countless peoples lives will be extraordinary. But most importantly, he has become a loved and cherished member of a family he can call his own.

Speedy received the surgery he desperate needed, after his leg was injured and left untreated as a puppy. Unfortunately the leg was unable to be saved, which left the one option of amputation. His leg was amputated thanks to Dr. Monique Plante of The Poirier O’Brien Veterinary Clinic who came in on a day off, the founder and technician. Caroline Ross who also came in on a day off to assist the surgery. Of course this would have never happened if it was not for the staff at the DMV, most importantly Leesa Fauve Guillemette who pleaded to save him.

We would like to thank each and every donator, supporter, and caring individual that came together for this one special pup.

To see his full story, or contribute please SEE HERE

You have heard us say this a thousand times, but we can never say it enough. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

Contributors: Jody Gallacher, Dorothy Kryworuchko Languedoc (Creations and Stuff by me), Chastity Castro, kimberly jeffrey, Sylvia Bongiovanni, Isabella Amodei, Alex Robert, Gabrielle St-Jean Savoie, Gabrielle Lisa Collard, Adele Russillo, ilana shamir, Dan Saindon, Chris J Shiers, Simon-Pierre Ratte, Vanessa Marussi, Elena Benelli.

Please see his thank you video, see how happy he is now and what you have helped accomplish: