About Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue is a Montreal, foster home based registered non-profit organization. This rescue specializes in finding homes for animals who would have otherwise been killed. Many of our animals were literally minutes from being euthanized. We treat, re-habilitate and re-home a wide variety of animals (Dogs, Cats, Exotic Animals, Reptiles and Amphibians), within the ability of our resources and funds at the time.

Our mission is to rescue as many animals in need as possible while still providing an exceptionally high quality of care per animal. We also aim to raise awareness and bring the community together for the love of animals through a variety of events. 

Our network of Guardian Angels:
  • Take on, treat and re-home animals with treatable medical conditions.
  • Catch, socialize and place feral kittens.
  • Catch, sterilize, and re-release feral cats.
  • Raise abandoned animals from any age.
  • We also do simple re-homing for animals who would otherwise have been killed.
  • Rescue, treat (if needed) and rehome reptiles and amphibians
  • Rescue, treat (if needed) and rehome exotic animals (Rabbits, Birds, Rodents, Hedgehogs, ect)
  • Sponsor animals in need, who need life saving surgeries that devoted loving owners are unable to afford. 
  • Provide information for animals we are not within means of helping.

"I was inspired to start this rescue so I could continue to aid and protect animals as I have tried to do my entire life. Hopefully with the help and contributions from animal lovers like yourselves and your friends I hope to foster more animals, facilitate and organize better ways to support the animals in this community. Which is why I am expanding my efforts, in hopes of being able to reach out and help more." - Caroline Ross