Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Arrival - Fleabag

This lovely little lady was found wandering the streets! She was rescued by our exotics rescue lady herself and seen by a vet asap. She is skinny as can be, so was probably roughing it out there for a decent amount of time. Not to mention was covered in fleas, hence her name. She is a little sick, and getting meds. But will be completely healthy in no time. She is a doll, and a survivor. Now all she needs is to find a home who will for once, cherish her.

If interested in adopting please see here:

Rocky - Adopted!

After 3 months of being with his foster home and looking for an adoptive home they have decided he ain't going no-where. Rocky's foster home has decided to adopt him. Rocky was rescued from being euthanized in December at just under 2 years old because his previous family could no longer handle the no longer little and cute, now fully grown puppy they bought at the pet store.

Pumpkin - Adopted!

Pumpkin (now Mottly) was adopted by her foster home. Pumpkin was brought into a vet clinic to be euthanized after her previous owner passed away and the rest of the family wanted nothing to do with her. We took a quick look at her mouth and realized she needed a teeth cleaning. Little did we know her mouth was so bad it was rotting, literally. She had a marathon dental from hell, the vet was in there for hours removing teeth left right and centre, fighting back bursting abscess built up behind teeth. She is a good example of what happens if you do not keep and eye on your pets dental care. Thankfully we had the dental done, if her teeth were left in that state any longer hre vital organs would have shut down from bacteria overload entering the blood stream. None the less, she recovered amazingly and after one week with her in foster she wanted to hear nothing about her being adopted to anyone else. The foster home adopted her and they are both happy as can be.

Kelly Green the not-so-lucky kitty's been adopted!

Kelly Green our special needs a not-so-lucky kitty brought in to be euthanized at a veterinary clinic on St. Patricks day was adopted. If she was not un-lucky enough this kitty is deaf and blind.. and was a street cat! Her luck has now changes and she is in a stable home to stay with a new kitty friend to guide her around.

She is now very content in the new home and already being showered with love and grooming sessions from her new sister.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Experienced Veterinary Technicians Join Forces to raise money!



Experience Veterinary Technicians join forces to raise money!

Have experienced and friendly animal health technicians trim your animals nails or clean their ears for only $15 for the two and $10 for one!

Naturalanimal and Pawtisserie and Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue welcome cats, dogs, and rabbits on Sunday, March 28th at 11am to take part in a fundraiser the rescue.

All proceeds from the event will go to the surgery for our beautiful survivor Charlie, who was hit by a car only 1 week ago. To read more about Charlie's story visit

Technicians from the following veterinary clinics:
The Animal Health Clinic -
The Poirier O'Brien Clinic -
The Riv-Sud Veterinary Clinic -

Porscha - Not feeling to well!

Porscha our Minature Pinscher who has been for adoption since December developed an intestinal infection last week and had to be hospitalized. She started with diarrhea for 4 days, 7 to 10 times a day of dark brown to black (indicating upper intestine bleeding). She was fasted for 24 hours, then started on rice and water, finally Medical gasto for 2 days. But nothing helped.

Day 4 she was then hospitalized at the emergency clinic (DMV):
  • X-Rays and an ultrasound were preformed and revealed her system was full of air and liquid poop.
  • She was check out by the vet and was running a bit of a temperature at 39.5 C
  • She was also very dehydrated so hospitalized for 24 hours on fluids (electrolytes + Calcium Phosphate)
She is now on an intestinal antibiotic, Metronidazole. But feeling much better! She will stay on the Medical gastro diet for a few more weeks and then should be good to be switched back to her normal diet.

***She is now recovered and doing just fine!

Foster Home Needed

We need foster homes for our remaining Husky puppies, and the mother Ginny. They each need house training, socialization and of course a lot of love and tlc. They are two months old.

We can provide crates and food if needed

Billy's family portrait

Become a valuable member of our ever growing rescue team!

Search Engine Management - Position needed!

Job description:
o Update: Pet, and with new arrivals, adopted animals, information (Spayed, ect).
o Create up-beat, funny, unique and informative short descriptions about each animal.
o Up-dates can be daily or weekly depending from week to week, minimum 1 hour per week of work.

Must have’s:
o Have basic HTLM understanding
o Have adobe photoshop to format and edit pictures to our dimensions

New arrivals, most pictures and up-dates on pets can be obtained through our blog which you will need to translate to the search engines. You just have to keep up with everything :P!

See blog:

Please email:

*Please note it may take a week to reply to your email as i am out of town and currently only have access to internet on weekends.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The nuances of nonhuman animal slavery

The victim feels the suffering in his own mind and body, whereas the victimizer...can be quite unaware of that suffering. The sword does not feel the pain that it inflicts.
--Philip Hallie

Oftentimes people make false comparisons due to familiarity with rampant speciesism present in society. Usually, people are so shocked that they begin exclaiming that the differing perspective is extreme without question. It's understandable considering the obscene amount indoctrination we faced as children and are still facing. Unfortunately we have been successfully indoctrinated that we scoff at the idea that our actions and mentality are speciesist. What is speciesism? Simply put, it is the discrimination against nonhuman animals. Our nonhuman animal consumption via food and clothing is one of millions of symptoms of speciesism. Our precise selection of one species over another is speciesist. Our enjoyment of saving one type of species because of their intelligence and/or beauty is speciesist. The list goes on and on. Today's blog is focused on nonhuman animal slavery (which, of course, is speciesism). I mention veganism because it is the antidote to speciesism. It is the compassion for all species--human or nonhuman. It is the principle of nonviolence and the rejection of all nonhuman animal commodification. In this blog, I mention the subtleties of nonhuman exploitation that are often overlooked. When we think of "pain and suffering" of nonhuman animals, we generally associate these with the physical abuse of them. However, one need not pet and coo over a cow moments prior to her death (murder) to exempt it from the exploitation category.

Here are some examples of these nuances:

It's like a religion.
I had to start the blog off with this first because people usually view nonhuman animal slavery as something that is necessary and harmless (neither are true). Usually, people treat the commodification of nonhuman animals as if it were a convenience in their lives. In a way it is, but oftentimes we forget that we are the oppressor who comes away from the situation untouched.

Going back to the topic, a religion or system of beliefs is personal. They shall not be imposed upon others. There is no concrete evidence that there is one deity, higher power or lack of. We shall never really know the truth whenever or if ever that time will come. Veganism, on the other hand, cannot even be likened to a religion because it is part of a very real social justice issue. An issue backed with facts, statistics and studies. To excuse such violations against facts is simply willful ignorance. When it is done through the use of religion, spirituality or atheism is also willful ignorance. It is a desperate attempt to validate something that is unjustified but that you want to continue doing. Simply put, it does not matter whether you see or not because it is still happening and it can always be accompanied by countless documented evidence. A system of beliefs does not have that.

It's art. It's entertainment.
It can be tricky when trying to define art. However, animals never consent to being used. We human animals, are their oppressors, assume that consent for our own ends. We also do not compensate them for their "work." Humans, on the other hand, can consent and are usually compensated for their time, energy and effort. For instance, I'll take myself as an example because I have recently taken part in a film that would be probably come off as controversial to some. If my character in a film is to be raped, I acknowledge that this is a work of fiction (or based on a true story) but I also consented to that. In addition, I am being compensated for this work because it is a story that is being told and nothing else. Although it may be offensive, it does not necessarily mean that it is condoned by the director and by the cast. Say, if I were to do Hustler Magazine (god forbid!), this is no longer representing a character. It is representing myself. I have consented to it and I was compensated. However, the lines of art are now blurred and have the potential to invite harm for myself and others.

Now let's go back to the nonhuman animals. Nonhuman animals are placed in movies, commercials, tv shows and just about anything involving entertainment (circuses, rodeos, bullfighting, swimming with the dolphins, zoos, etc etc). They may be given the basics but are not given the freedom to live their lives the way they want. It does not matter what their treatment was like or whether they were killed or not. What matters is that they were forced against their will to take part in something that they did not consent to, which is slavery. Slavery is still cruelty whether you "compensate" them with food, water and housing or not. When we take "artistic" depictions of speciesism (i.e. meat dresses, a video of a cat being skinned alive, romanticized images of horse drawn carriages, etc), it is not art. It is the equivalent to a snuff film--a porn film that ends with the murder of the actress(es). In fact, even worse. Actresses initially consented not knowing that their death was awaiting them. No nonhuman animal ever did say yes and depictions like these inevitably ended their lives. If not, at the very least, forced them to partake in slavery. Another form of "art" involving animals is by taking their remains and constructing something (i.e. high heeled hoof shoes, feather headbands, bearskin rugs, etc). This is fetishizing the oppression and cruelty towards them, thus causing the demand for their bodies much like my invitation for misogyny if I were to do Hustler Magazine. The difference is that I am a human being who can still consent to something but can put myself and possibly others in danger by perpetuating the objectification of women. I had a choice although it was a poor one. Nonhuman animals never have a say whether it was fiction or nonfiction.

Please do not take my words out of context.

The unnecessary dependancy on "working" animals--for the police, the blind, etc
This is not my being disrespectful towards individuals who suffer from certain circumstances. This is not my being insensitive. I do understand that the following is provocative but please read this part in its entirety.

First of all, if we take the dogs who are utilized for the blind, it is problematic from the start. For one, these dogs are specifically bred which means that this contributes to the overpopulation (more on that later). This automatically reinforces speciesism. Dogs like any other nonhumans and humans are sentient beings who have different personalities depending on where they grew up and who raised them.

Any "working" animal is an animal who is forced to do something against their will. How many humans hate their jobs? My point exactly. So what makes it any different? Most--not all--humans had the choice to partake in a job they hate. Nonhuman animals don't. If they were asked and had the ability to communicate in english, they would all say that they would want to be doing other things like chewing a bone or sleeping. Humans also saying "oh, they love it" is an assumption that acknowledges what's in our best interest not theirs. Food, water and housing is not adequate compensation and will never be as long as we dictate their lives. They are capable of boredom and probably do not want to be sniffing for drugs or weapons or accompanying a blind individual 24/7. Why not hire human beings to do the job? You want people to be employed? Well, there's a market waiting to flourish. If you want to know if someone is in possession of drugs or weapons, doctors (who can spot the physicalities) and psychologists can be hired for this. In addition, the technology we have is extremely sophisticated (don't forget, we are in 2010!), why not make good use of it instead of relying on free labour?

Body modifications: what's cruel, what's not
Tail docking, ear clipping and declawing are all cruel and done for aesthetic reasons. This in itself is a poor, poor reason to go ahead with the operations.

Spaying and neutering are NOT cruel. Given the circumstances of animal overpopulation and how humans have deemed themselves superior enough to have a say on who stays and who goes (in other words, routinely murdering thousands of healthy, adoptable animals on a daily basis), spaying and neutering are necessary to avoid this from happening. Spaying is equivalent to a hysterectomy and neutering is the equivalent to a vasectomy. Yes, it sucks that we're putting a halt on their reproductive lives but given their circumstances, it would be best. Until humans relinquish their urges to play god, we will be spaying and neutering them so that they do not multiply and add to the thousands of other animals who die because shelters need space (yet another poor reason). I don't know if they can survive in the wild but stray and/or outdoor dogs and cats are the subject of slavery also. Sometimes they are sold into dog fighting, laboratories and other exploitative institutions and practices. This is yet another reason why not adding to the overpopulation is a good idea.

Breeders are all the same whether they are reputable, puppy mill, or backyard
Reputable breeders and their supporters have a tendency to condemn puppy mills and backyard breeders but completely wash their hands of the problems they are causing. The grand one being overpopulation. There are enough animals in a shelter waiting to be adopted and one purchase from a breeder (reputable, backyard or puppy mill) subjects a shelter animal to death. They are all the same and they have created a business off of enslaving and mercilessly impregnating a nonhuman animal for monetary gain--or hobby. Let's put things into perspective. Would you have a 13 year old kid who you decided to make a business out of by making her fall pregnant so that you can make money off selling her babies? That's extremely unethical and not to mention, absurd.

Having them be a part of your family is not slavery...or maybe
What we do to cows, pigs, chickens and other animals who are not normally a part of our family, are slaves and are demanded that they be slaves. Unless you are breeding your dog or cat, you are not enslaving them. Unless you are putting them to work and dictating how their lives should be spent benefitting someone else, you are not enslaving them. Unless you submit them to a form of entertainment (from a movie to the circus), you are not enslaving them. Unless you are not caring for them properly (i.e. hoarding them or tying them to a fence for their entire lives), you are not enslaving them. If you have decided to adopt them and to care for them like most of us do with our fellow dogs and cats, where is the slavery aspect?

Dogs and cats are slightly different. Sure, they're confined to a decent sized space. Often, people will say that having a dog or cat family member is enslavement but what about fish, rabbits, birds, snakes, lizards, etc? Fish are from large bodies of water. No matter what size aquarium or garden pond you have, it will never be enough for fish. Rabbits also have no need to be confined to a cage for the duration of their lives when they have an entire forest to hop around in. Birds are meant to fly but they are imprisoned in cages and denied their very right to fly. Even if you keep their cage door open? Your house will never be vast enough for a bird. Snakes, lizards and other exotic animals deserve to be where they came from. They have no business hanging out in a restricted area nor should they be confined to a foreign place that their bodies may not adapt to. I'm not trying to be speciesist but dogs and cats adapt the best to a home environment in comparison to other domestic animals so there can be no slavery if you are not expecting anything in return from dogs and cats and are treating them with genuine respect. However, because Eleven Eleven is open to other nonhuman animals who may not be generally accepted in other rescues, it is best that we care for them until a better alternative arrives (for instance, if one were to have tropical fish from a certain region and then miraculously somehow visit that region and release the fish there). Sometimes there is no better alternative than caring for them (with the proper equipment and space) until they are ready to leave our lives.

How big is your heart? Meet the not-so-lucky St. Patty's day kitty

Lets just say Kelly did not win the genetics lottery, and should probably never gamble.

Kelly Green is named after St. Patrick’s day. The day she was brought into a clinic and asked to be euthanized. Kelly Green did not have the infamous luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s day, or in general. She did not win in the genetics loto that is for sure. This little doll, is blind as a bat. If that is not bad luck enough, she is deaf as can be. She was a stray, that some how survived and managed her way around outdoors with no eye sight or hearing. I guess she is lucky in that sense, and lucky that she hit Eleven Eleven right in our soft spots. She is so well adapted to her disability the family that took her in from the streets and eventually brought her to be euthanized because the other cat in the house did not like her had no idea. Even the veterinary clinic took a couple days and gathered the team of vets to confirm that she is deaf, and blind. She gets around just fine, maybe a little slower than most but her disabilities do not affect her. She is sweet as a pea, soft as can be, and full of life and spunk. Estimated to be around 9 months old, and otherwise very healthy. The only thing her disabilities will affect is her adoptability, with so many perfectly ‘normal’ cats and kittens for adoption how is she to compete with them? How big is your heart, big enough to fit this sweet heart in? Open up your mind and heart to her, she will open up yours big and wide. We dare you to take a leap, and give this jem a chance at life. To us she her disabilities and courage are what make her endearing, she is one in a million (literally), consider her a rare diamond.

*** Foster home needed! No dogs / kids.

*** There is no adoption fee, because we are just flat out lucky if we can find anyone with a big enough heart to adopt her.

FLEA BAG needs love!

We now have in our care a young ferret. She was found on the street, we think she's been there for a while as she was flea ridden, dehydrated and is so skinny... just skin and bones. Hopefully she'll be in better shape soon so we can find her a new home! We will keep you posted.

Bunnies need help!

We have received an email in regards to 4 rabbits they have been living in an emergency shelter... for 18 MONTHS! They are being fed livestock grain, bread and fruit... a horrible bunny diet. There are a male, female and a bonded pair of girls. One possibly has an eye infection but otherwise appear healthy (to be confirmed by vet evaluation). Anyone interested in adopting or fostering please contact

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Have a Ball!

Tonight is the Fur Ball, our upcoming fundraiser featuring the Sonny Best Band, Amy Keeler and Lake of Stew. The event kicks off at 8pm and is $10 with all proceeds going to the rescue.

Below is the preview posted by our friends over at

Momma Cat Update

This past week has been pretty rough on our newest arrival. Momma Cat, now known as Penny, suffered the loss of all four of her babies this weekend. The veterinarians and technicians were shocked to find that the litter had passed away over the course of Saturday night. Besides Penny's dehydration, both her and her kittens were eating normally.

The doctors at the Animal Health Clinic decided to go ahead with blood work to see if there was an underlying problem that a regular physical exam wouldn't have covered. After running bloods, it showed up that little Penny has an anemic blood disease called haemobartonella, which was probably picked up even before her arrival at the pound 2 weeks ago. Haemobartonella is a parisitic disease transferred through flea bites or open wounds and was definitely the cause of the death of the little kittens. Unfortunately, even if we had discovered the blood disease earlier, Penny's litter still would not have survived. The mother cat automatically passes this disease onto her litter, so the chance of her babies making it through when they were so fragile was slim.

Luckily, haemobartonella is not a long term disease. Thankfully our little girl will make it through, despite her ordeal. Penny was started on antibiotics immediately and will be placed in her foster home this weekend. In the meantime, we are giving her loads of TLC and hope for a forever home that will love her as much as we do.

Bouddha Finally Finds a Forever Home

Bouddha, our 16-year-old diabetic lover boy, has finally found a home. After nearly a year living under the Animal Health Clinic roof, Bouddha was adopted last Saturday afternoon. Bouddha came to us last year in a ketoacidotic state, 15 years old, and about to be put down. After going so long with his diabetes untreated, it didn't seem possible that his blood glucose levels would ever stabilize, but the merciful technicians at the Animal Health Clinic took him in, determined to find him a new home and a second life.

That second chance has finally come for Bouddha, starting over at 16 years old in a multi-kitty house. Living with another, older diabetic cat, Bouddha realy feels right at home. Although the ladies at the clinic will miss his vocal, charismatic personality, everyone is so grateful that he is finally peaceful and happy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

YAGO, Blue Fronted Amazon, has been adopted!

YAGO adopted!!! Yago's previous owner's were no longer able to provide Yago with the time and space he required. They came to us in hopes that we could help find a new forever home for him. Once again we came through!

This past weekend Yago was introduced to his new forever home. I've already received an update that his transition is going very smoothly. He's even been breaking bread with his new family. Things sound like they are going even better then we could have expected! Good luck Yago and family!

Billy - Adopted!

Billy was adopted within a few days of coming into the rescue! He is now in a fantastic home and enjoying life as an only child with all the attention. Good luck billy!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Charlie Update - Picked up from the hospital tonight

We went by to pick Charlie up tonight after his bag of iv pain killers was finished. He is now on Meatcam and Tremadol to help with the pain. Even with the epidural he got yesterday, being on iv pain killers since Thursday night, Metacam and the Tremadol.. he is still in an immense amount of pain. He hardly wants to stand or move, but even sitting or lying is also hard for him. He just can not seem to find the right position to sleep.

The car ride was an adventure in itself. Every bump, pot hole, turn, start or stop all was painful for him. He panted and trembled the whole time, and licked ny hand as if he was asking me how i can make it go away. We all know what the roads in Montreal are like. I cringed the entire ride home for him, it was torture.

He is finally safe and sound in his big new crate that he will have to call home for the next two months of strict bed rest. But i think he is happy to be out of the clinic. He was originally abandoned in a veterinary clinic when he was brought in to be euthanized by his previous owner, because he no longer had time for him. Because of that clinics are always stressful for him, he had no idea we have not abandoned him and will be coming back. Every time we go to one he anticipates being abandoned again. Little does he know, or maybe he should by now, over our dead bodies will that ever happen to him again.

Now it is plenty of meds, rest, tlc and then physiotherapy starting in 8 weeks that will last for months. But at least the hardest part for him is over, he survived a huge surgery and even got out of if with his leg still in place.

Now the hardest part for us is about to start, raising funds to pay off this surgery. We are in the hole right now, a very big and deep hole. With that it also means until Charlie's surgery is paid off.. with our deepest sympathy, we will no longer be able to accept anymore animals in need into the rescue. Our doors will be bolted shut, it would be irresponsible for us to take on anymore as we at this moment in time would have no means of paying for their medical care.

We will be hosting a fundraiser - pet beauty day at Naturalanimal in Westmount on March 28th (Sunday). Nail cut's and ear cleanings, full details to be announced soon. We hope to see you all there!

For now... he is happy to be back with his best little friend:

Update - Mom & Kittens

The mom is still a prune despite getting fluids under her skin twice daily. She will be hospitalized until Monday and then re-evaluated. So far she has been hospitalized since Tuesday. She is a sweet hear however, what a doll. We know the kittens will go fast but it will be so nice to see her placed and loved like each of her kittens will be.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Charlie Update - Leg was saved and in one piece (sort of).. after a 4 hour surgery!

4000$, 12 screws, 1 fourteen inch plate, a bunch of wires, 4 veterinary technicians, 2 surgeons, and over 4 hours later.. Charlie's leg was able to be saved.

... out moto is, we will see our rescues through thick and thin, through everything that may come their way. Once we take them into the rescue, they are our responsibility and we will fight teeth an nails for them until the very end. Well.. Charlie certainly took us for the whole 8 yards on this one..

Charlie went into surgery today at around 2pm.. and got out of surgery at 6:30pm. The extent of the injuries was one of the worst the specialist has ever seen, and the worst he has operated on successfully. Charlie was under anesthesia for over 4 hours. The surgery was long, and gruelling, Dr. Auger is the number one orthopaedic specialist in Montréal. If he could not do it, no one could. At times he felt like it was mission impossible and complempated just amputating, but had already gone so far and done so much work, so he pushed forward. It was a puzzle in there, with missing pieces and the pieces that were there just did not seem to fit. He has eleven screws, many wires and one 14 inch plate holding everything together. At least he is bullet proof now (or i hope so), i don't even want to think about trying to get him through airport security. Apparently he will be sensitive to cold in that leg now, go figure? At least the mission impossible was accomplished, and Charlie's leg is there to stay. Amputating it would have been about 300-600$ for us, but we just did not find it ethical to remove a leg that had the potential to be repaired and functioning again (call us crazy).

We were there from 5:30 pm to 8:30, amd went to go see him in the Intensice Care Unit at around 8:00pm before we left. He was totally out of it, completely un responsive. A combination of the anethsia he had been under, his epidural and iv drip fentanly/Metetomadine. Lets just say Charlie is seeing stars right now, and no longer in pain. He was in so much pain last night he was going into shock when he arrived.

His pre-op blood came back pretty normal, so we are not worried about any other damage. Just elevated liver enzymes which is normal with the fact that he was going into shock and muscle damage.

However the hardest part is not over yet he now has 8 weeks cage rest, many check ups, and not to mention physiotherapy. Expected recovery time is at least 3 months. Charlie has already been for adoption with us for seven months.

It is estimated he was hit at about 70 to 120km and hour, also tire marks that curve off the high way over a skunk (Charlie was probably investigating - which is second by his sunk reek) indicate that he was probably targeted by some sick, sick people. The fact that he was hit in the rear and not head on also seconds that. Oh and the tire marks on his back indicate he was fully run over, and is lucky to even be alive.

On another note i can not tell you how many times we were told today "He is such a good dog!!" by the surgeon himself Dr. Auger and every tech that had the pleasure of meeting with him. Even while in x-rays and in such pain he was going into shock.. he still did not even come close to trying to snap at anyone, all licks and tail wags. I can not say for myself i would be that patient if i was in that amount of pain.

Alas once again here we are.. any donation is sincerely appreciated and no donation is too small. We honestly are so grateful for each of your support, we can not even stress that enough.

See his Before and After X-Rays for yourself:



..... we just can not wait until he is back to his normal self and playing with his favourite little friend again..

How can I help my dog age gracefully?

This morning I received my daily Care2 newsletter and stumbled upon a topic you may have never even thought of. Often we focus on the human body aging but what about our adult canine children?

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Charlie got away from his foster about 20 minutes ago and ran away to a near by highway were he was HIT BY A CAR ON THE HIGHWAY. He is not putting any weight on one of his rear legs but seems OK. He is being rushed to the emergency clinic as we speak for thorough x-rays and a vet check up. Hopefully no internal injuries or bleeding, and that the leg injury is a simple break or sprain (like it is ever that easy!). We just finished our orthopaedic surgery with Dewey, we do not need to go back into specialize surgery again!!!

Update (1:15am) - Charlie was seen by Dr. Maseau at the Riv-Sud Veterinary Clinic and went into x-rays. Just below his femur head (where the legs connects to the hip) is severly fractured.. pretty much obliterated into peices. The doctor was talking amputation! We will be talking to the specialized orthapeadic surgeon Dr. Auger (Who did Deweys orthapeadic surgery less than a month ago) tomorrow morning when he comes in at 9am about the surgery potential. Which because of the extent of the injury.. the outcome is not that great. The surgery would include plates, nuts and bolts to try and peice his leg back together is also estimated at 3000 - 4000$. Right now he is hospitalized in ICU and at risk of a heart attack, his heart was RACING and he was going into shock as they were taking x-rays. We are attempting to stabalize on fluids and iv pain killers... now it is just a waiting game to talk to the specialist...

Only trick is, i will be in exams tomorrow from 8am to 4pm.. somehow have to figure out how i can summgle talking to the docotor in there. Eep.


Donations can be made via online money transfer or paypal to email address:

Elena Benelli, Vanessa Marussi, Lisa O'Keefe, Nip and Bones LLC, Dorian Wagner.

Here are videos of him taken just last week....

This was him at Christmas enjoying his santa paws donated toy

Mom (Now named Penny) and new borns - Update

The mommy was very dehydrated after being evaluated by the veterinarian today. So she will be hospitalized until the weekend and re-evaluated everyday along with receiving subcutaneous fluids twice daily.

Other than that the babies are doing very well, and the mom is such a sweet heart. Pictures soon to come, promise!

Foster Home Needed - Puppy Mill Surrenders

Recent puppy mill surrender for 13 dogs.

All placed but; Jack Russell, Senior (7 years) Husky, and Japanese Chin.

*Please note puppy mill surrenders need house training, and socialization.

Foster Home Needed - Kitten at risk of being poisoned

Kitten who is at risk of being poisoned. Both siblings have already become victims and died, this little guy is the only survivor and needs to get of the streets asap before he meets the same fate.

Male, about 6 months old, black and white.

All vet work and food provided by us.

Foster Home Needed - Pregnant cat

Adult semi-feral cat who is very pregnant needs a place asap to deliver the babies safely. She is nice, just not use to human contact so will have some warming up to do. This will save her and the babies lives, along with reducing the other door stray cat (over)population.

All vet work and food provided by us. Just need to open up your home and heart!

The Hoof and The Heel - Album now available on itunes!

For those of you who came to our Take Me Home Tonight benefit concert (or not) and loved the music (who didn't?).. well good news! The Hoof and The Heel just released their album on itunes! For a mere 6.93$ this jem on an album can be yours to listen to on repeat. We promise the songs never get old.

You can also listen to their music on their myspace account here:

Or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Let's also not forget to mention Christine Hale from this album is the artist of Love, Christine and is the genius artistic mind behind our logo and T-Shirts. In short, we love her.

Thank you good samaritan! - Rocco's bill is now fully PAID

We would like to thank the good samaritan (who wished to remain anonymous - we do not even know who it was!) who called into the DMV Foundation today and paid off the rest of the bill for Rocco's surgery. What a lovely surprise!!! We can not thank this anonymous heaven sent angle enough, seriously. Very.. very much appreciated. Who would have thought a random act of kindness like this actually happens so close to home.

For a little up-date on Rocco.. he is doing fantastic!! Loving his wheelchair donated by Walkin' Wheels (thank you!) and of course his brand new functioning leg.


Montreal Critters - Rabbit Food Donations

We would like to say a huge thank you to Montreal Critters for donating a whole tone of good quality rabbit food to us today! They have made a whole lot of bunny tails very happy! They also donated tortoise hay to make some happy little land tortoises. We can not thank them enough for their donation and continuous support!!

Thank MTL Critter & much love - Eleven Eleven Rescue Team

*Also, you can follow MTL Critters on Twitter, and Facebook!

"Tiny" the Brown Anole

"Tiny" is a young Brown Anole (pronounced "ah-NO-lee") lizard (Norops sagrei), who accidentally hitchhiked here in someone's luggage. Stressed out and dehydrated from her unexpected voyage, Eleven Eleven took her in and now she's doing great!

See for care information for this species.

She is up for adoption. Please contact us for more information.

Vicious Puppy Attacks Pit-Bull (Fight Breedism!)

Charlie and Daisy, both for adoption.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gray Tree Frog for Adoption

We now have an adult Gray Tree Frog for adoption. He comes with his 20 gallon aquarium and accessories. One of his eyes is damaged from corneal lipidosis, but the condition is stable. Contact

Pumpkin rescued / Needed surgery

We rescued Pumpkin from being euthanized Friday after her owner passed away and no one wanted her. She was then brought in to a clinic and asked to be disposed of. We could not let that happen, we is a sweetheart and still has a whole life of love to offer. We took a peek in her mouth upon deciding to rescue her and notice her teeth were pretty full of gunk. So we decided to do a dental, we would not be able to adopt her out with a mouth like that knowing it is a matter of time before she needs the surgery or gets sick from the bacteria build up in her mouth. Little did we know once getting in there how bad it actually was. Her mouth has been literally rotting, we are surprised she was even able to eat with the amount of pain she must have been in.

The vet was in surgery with her for hours; she had to have several teeth removed.. apparently there is not much left in there. She had two huge abscesses behind her teeth, which means those teeth had to be pulled out. Along with many others that were already on their way out. The bacteria / gunk build up on her teeth are what cause the infections and abscesses. The bacteria build up also irritates the gums, so the gums get inflamed trying to fight off the bacteria, eventually realize it's a loosing battle, and then recede to the point where the teeth fall out or are close to. If we had not gone into surgery and cleaned her mouth out.. it would have been only a matter of time (probably just weeks) before the bacteria build up entered her blood system and started shutting down organs like her kidneys.

Thankfully now her mouth is all cleared up, probably very sore today but should feel much better by next week. Because of the condition of her mouth we also had to give her antibiotics. To save the foster home the trouble we chose the ($$$) kind that is one injection and last 2 weeks. Not to mention she probably would not want anyone playing in there to pill her considering how sore her mouth is.

Pumpkin is now for adoption with a new smile (missing a few teeth), she is also spayed, de-clawed (done by original owners), vaccinated, de-wormed, and FIV/FeLV tested negative.

- We also owe a huge thank you to Dr. O'Brien from The Poirier O'Brien Veterinary Clinic for doing Pumpkin's marathon of a dental. She is also Eleven Eleven's number one recommended veterinarian in Montreal.

****Moral of this story - take good care of your pets teeth and mouth, maybe take this opportunity to take a look in your pets mouth today and see if it might be time for a clean up for them as well.. before it is too late.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet Grey Goose - previous 'devil kitty' now a lap kitty.

She is a not so new arrival, we took her on early January actually but have been waiting for her to progress before putting her up. She has progressed so far from when we took her on. When we took her on from another rescue, we were told she was a hand full to say the least. After being kept in a garage saved from being brought to The Berge Blanc for a sure death. Originally born outside in the middle of winter, and completely feral. They said the rest of her litter turned out pretty nice but she was insane. So crazy actually that the veterinarian could not sex her, or even hold her to vaccinate. Call us insane for taking her on and thinking we could break through to this tough nut, but we always like a good challenge. Well meet her now, an affectionate, adorable, delicate lap cat. She simply was terrified, and needed a little extra tlc. Even when she was brought to be spayed she had all the staff in her cage all over her, she is a sweetheart and makes you go all mushy.

This is what her foster home said:

I just wanted to let you know that Grey goose is doing SO much better! She's not really afraid of us anymore. She definately is easily startled but she's at a point where she walks all over us and cuddles because she wants to, not because we're holding her. My guess is that when she does get adopted, she'll take a little time to get used to the new people but she's going to be a wonderful house cat. She's really affectionate and playful and calls to us when we're not in the room with her. She's a talker!

Lets not forget, that all of this kitty's progress was because of the amazing foster homes loving dedication to her. They are awesome, and she would not have been able to come any where near this far without their help, experience, and patience.

Grey Goose is now for adoption, although will require a special home how will understand and be patient with her. Who will help her slowly gain her confidence around them until she is confident enough to snuggle up. She is a gem, and will be an amazing companion.

Jill (Now Lucky) Update - Progression of a Puppy-Mill rescue

Hi Caroline,

I am trying to send updates as much as possible but I am busy at work and when at home in complete awe over my new Lucky girl!

She got her booster shots not this past Thursday but the one before on February 25th. The vet wanted to wait one more week before removing the sutures. The Doctor thinks she is just a Gem... She said I have a great new addition! When I tried to pay and had Lucky in my arms it was a little difficult, so the girl at the cash asked if she could give me a hand and reached for Lucky who sat on her lap with her two front paws on the desk. She kept saying "look I have a new assistant". Really cute...

Wednesday March 4th, we had the sutures removed and it was a breeze.

You would not recognize little Lucky now... She has most of her energy in the morning.... She slept with me last night because she is waking me up at crazy hours!@# 4:30 a.m. and the next night 2:30 a.m.!@# So last night, she slept with me because I NEED some sleep oh... Boy! She steels all my socks and we even had a tug of war this morning. I put her on the floor so I could make my bed and found out that she is quite capable of jumping up on my bed!!! Then she wouldn't let me make it... All the time jumping around and running around like she succeeded something super special which she has actually...

This is all true but only when it is her and I... When I have visitors she regresses and I am sure tonight going up North, we will be back at square one... Sometimes, I get discouraged only because I know that she has that puppy in her and a stubborn streak too! But she will eventually come around.

To give her confidence in the beginning, when she wanted to go on the couch, she would put her paws on the couch and I would take her little hind paws and give her a heave ho, so she would think she could do it herself and I created a monster!@# Just joking...

Anyway, have to go...

More news to follow and keep your fingers crossed for my weekend up North!

Carole and Lucky girl

RUFUS & BECKIE Still looking for a forever home...

So Beckie and Rufus have settled into their foster home, but the foster family is concerned for their safety around their puppy. They love to be out of their cage just hanging out... but when it's time to go back in they put up a bit of a flight ;o) Beckie's skin infection has already started to show improvement and some new feathers have even been spotted!!! Yay!

Anyways, we are now looking for a forever home for the two of them. Please contact:

New Arrival - Mommy + 4 kittys!

We were asked for assitance when a kitty suddenly had 4 kittens Sunday in a shelter (A.M.R Animal Services and Boutique). A shelter is no place for a mommy to have kittens, or for kittens to be raised. So we took her in and will be placing her in a loving, comfy foster home where she can raise her babes with peace of mind.

The kittens will be for adoption in 8 weeks; one orange tabby, 2 tortoise shells and one dilute tortoise shell. The mom will be place once the kittens are, a beautiful orange tabby.

Monday, March 8, 2010

.. I think it is safe to say Dewey (Now Crosby) is feeling better!

Again, THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this even possible.

Your companions' food: the plant-based, vegan way?

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist nor a veterinarian. I have not investigated it any further if a plant based diet is adequate. However, having roamed around the message boards and hearing people's positive experiences with this issue inspired me to post the suggestion that there are possibilities.

I remember being a kid and hearing the following for the first time: "don't give them table scraps! They're going to get sick!" I don't know if I possessed critical thinking as a child but for some reason that statement was peculiar to me. I, like many others, went along with this notion because it seemed to be the tried and true method. Sure, nonhuman animals cannot consume certain foods and that was reason enough for for us to trust our vets' word. However, in 2010, there has been increasing concern over politics--food politics, human rights, nonhuman animal rights, the bourgeoisie vs. the working class and so on. Thanks to these ever growing concerns, people no longer trust "authority" for they have betrayed in too many ways we can no longer count.

Now, I'm not here to employ scare tactics. Then again, what's scarier? A company who has included a carcinogen in your companion's food or the naysayer who is saying "NOOOOOOOOO! Don't do it!" We also have to think "Is someone getting paid for circulating the information they're circulating? Or are they not?"

If you haven't forgotten there was a fairly recent scandal about the presence of melamine in food. Strike one. Because we love and respect all nonhuman animals, another concern came to mind: the exploitation of nonhuman animals for food, clothing, entertainment, chemicals and other ventures (such as breeding). Strike two.

Some vegans don't have a problem with nonhuman animal exploitation for their companions because they feel that it is okay. Other vegans find it sickening. Interestingly, there have been dogs (as far as my knowledge goes) who are able to adapt to a plant based diet. Even more interesting is that some have been able to thrive. Hmmm. And we thought they were carnivores. (You can look to Alicia Silverstone and Prof. Gary Francione's experience with putting their nonhuman children on that type of diet)

To make matters even worse, the pet food industry uses animal products that the public is unable to consume which translates into health problems for your companions. Strike three.

I know what you're going to say. "THEY NEED MEAT!" You exclaim. I do find it odd that Little Tyke the lioness was vegetarian (not vegan, but still...). She has served as an example of a carnivorous nonhuman who was able to survive on an almost-plant based diet. There are also veterinarians who acknowledge that a raw food diet is adequate for dogs and cats. Hmm again. I have provided some links to have a look see. Perhaps this may be an ethical, healthy solution for your companions. Meanwhile, as for you, it has been proven that veganism is adequate (if not more!) for human health. I will be elaborating on this in future blogs.

To go plant based or not? Hmmm....

Charlie's new friend

When we told Charlie (For adoption) he was getting a new friend (Daisy - For Adoption).. this was not what he was expecting!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 young rats for adoption

Here we have Bambi on the left and Dumbo on the right. These two rats are looking for a new forever home. They were weaned from their mother in June/09. They come with their cage and accessories. They love to be out of their cage and love nothing more then being handled, cuddled and loved by their people!

Anyone interested contact:




When we say 100lb Pit-Bull x Doberman cross, what runs through your head?

I bet this is not what you invision when we tell you we have a 100 pound Doberman Pinscher x Pit-Bull for adoption. Which means is he basically is a King Doberman sized Pit-bull. More to love we say! Stero-type aside, Charlie is a well mannered gentle giant! He has been for adoption since September, despite being better behaved than your average Golden Retriever. Because of his breeds he is continuously being looked over. He is a great dog, and is looking for a fantastic home. See for yourself:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ginny's puppies enjoy a nice spring day

Minou (Still to be named) - ON DEATH ROW / NEEDS FOSTER HOME

This kitty (still to be named) was dropped off at a veterinary clinic to be euthanized after her owner passed away. The previous owners family had no interest in her, and did not even know her name! They brought her to the nearest clinic after taking out the left over garbage in the house, she along with the rest of the objects in the house became garbage. She is sweet, affectionate, loving, healthy, young and declawed. There is NO reason for her to be put down simply because her owner passed away. She needs a foster/adoptive home ASAP to save her from euthanasia. Our deadline is Tuesday March 9th 2010 - help us save her!

RUFUS & BECKIE the two Cockatiels moved into Foster Care!

Update: Rufus and Beckie have been moved into foster care.
Rufus checked out great at his vet exam, but poor Beckie was discovered to have a horrible skin infection and an impacted preen gland. She is missing over half her feathers, there is no way to know which came first the feather picking or the infection... hopefully when we clear up the infection she'll be able to grow back her feathers... only time will tell. She's on the mend now but it will be a long road until she has completely recovered. Good luck Beckie & Rufus!!!

Baby Dewey Finds His Forever Home!

This Wednesday, our lovable little survivor Dewey left his foster to go to his forever home! Now Crosby, he is settling in as a part of his new family. His follow-up appointment was at Rive Sud last Thursday where the doctor informed us that the elbow is healing well and he should be able to make 100% recovery. After only two weeks since surgrery, Crosby's leg is looking almost brand new. He just has to get use to walking on it without that huge bandage! Crosby's new family is wonderful and we are so happy to see him end up in a responsible and loving home where all his needs will be met with affection and commitment. A big thank you once more to everyone who contributed and helped save this little guy's life! Another happy tail for this abandoned pup and for Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet Bouddha - He has been for adoption for over A YEAR now

Buddha almost had an early end to his life when he was going to be euthanized because he became diabetic. Buddha is one big lover boy, he is honestly an amazing cat. He has been living in a clinic since he was rescued and absolutely everyone has fallen head over heels for him. He is good with other cats, but because of his diabetes he would be best in a non stressful environment with no dogs or kids. Buddha would really like to find a home where he can spend the rest of his life in peace. If you are looking for quiet affectionate companion, he would make an amazing match. He is a low maintenance diabetic, only needs insulin shots twice a day and a special diet.

Charlie new toy / substitute friend?

Charlie is missing his foster buddy Tango, who got adopted Tuesday. Tango was the second foster friend Charlie had to see come and go while he still waits for his forever home. We picked him up a new toy to lift up his spirits, and has he now taken to cuddling it?