Friday, April 30, 2010

Milo - Adopted!

Milo (left) had no trouble settling into his new home!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


... 'Tis the season.. we have not even hit moving day or summer yet and everywhere is full to the brim with dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. We have been very overwhelmed and saddened with the amount of emails we have been getting, most of which we are completely unable to help from how full we are right now.

With that these two pups urgently needs fosters:

Maybeline is a young boston cross who has been in a shelter for over 2 months. She is going insane locked up 24/hours a day and the shelter is full to the brim. Literally, they are over their limit and Maybeline has been there far too long for such a good dog. They would like us to get her out as soon as possible, so her sanity can be saved and so they can free up cage space.

Brittany is a 6 months old, spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed lab cross who needs a new foster home ASAP. She is quite, gentle, and very well behaved. Needs to be crated, is fearful of new people and tall men. Issues that are easily worked through. She is house trained and great with other dogs.

If interested in fostering please see here:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sponsor an Animal – Speedy had his surgery!

Yesterday Dr. Plante of The Poirier O'Brien Veterinary Clinic and an Eleven Eleven Tech / Founder Caroline Ross both went in on their days off to perform the surgery Speedy desperately needed. Speedy needed an amputation after his knee was broken 4 months ago and left untreated by the previous owners. The surgery took over 2 hours, and Speedy was a trooper. Everything went very well, and should heal beautifully. He now no longer has a dangling leg to trip on.

Waking up was hard, as an amputation is a huge surgery and very painful. He was given a morphine injection before he woke up, has a Fentanly transdermal patch on, had a Metacam injection post-op and will be on oral pain killers for the next week or so. Needles to say, we have him on good pain management. He did loose a decent amount of blood during the surgery, as we had to go through a few very large veins and arteries so we kept him hospitalized and on fluids for 24 hours. We are going in to re-rvaluate him tonight and see if he is ready to come home or not.

Here is a video of him waking up from the anesthesia:

If you would like to contribute to his medical care please see here:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surrogate Father??

So we have all heard of surrogate mothers... what about fathers? Speedy is the best surrogate mother-father out their, and soon to be a tripod.

New Arrivals - the itty bitty kind

NEW ARRIVALS: These kittens arrived to us after being rejected by their mother who was sick from a mastitis. They were 4 days old, and had not been fed in over a day. Listless, lifeless, and on deaths door.. but thanks to 'round the clock feeding and a whole lot-a TLC they are now healthy little critters. We were also luck enough that we were able to place them with Charlotte, a mother kitty who we took in very pregnant and gave birth Thursday. Charlotte was very quick to pick up the new babies, and place them with the rest of her litter. Everyone is happy and doing really well, purrrrrs all around.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Arrival - Brittany

Meet Brittany

Age: Puppy 5-6 months
Sex: Female / spayed
Breed: Husky x Lab
Size: Medium
Date Rescued: April 16th 2010

Reason Rescued: Brittany was abandoned in a house when her owners moved. They left her and another pup, George, without food or water, until the city discovered them. They were then brought into a clinic to be euthanized by the municipality, as they do not have a pound.

Brittany, despite the hard start.. is a fantastic pup. Loving, affectionate, forgiving, smart, and all around awesome. She is fearful, of many new things, people, and dogs. But with a little reassurance she quickly overcomes her fear.

She wants nothing more than to just be right by your side, all of the time. She has great re-call, and picks up new tricks and commands very quickly. In fact we tought her to lie down in 5 minutes. She is crate trained, and house trained.

Charlotte finally has her kittens!

When Charlotte first came to us, we were told she was ready to give birth any day now, and it showed, her baby bump was already huge. Well "any day now" turned into two weeks, and she only got bigger by the day!

Everyday we'd thought we'd seen the signs and were on the lookout for kittens. Well this past Thursday morning, our patience paid off, we woke up to four beautiful, healthy, fluffy kittens. She must have given birth just as we fell asleep, because by the morning they were all cleaned up. The kittens are absolutely adorable (as most are), three tabbys like Charlotte and one black and white kitten. Charlotte's amazing character is really shining through, as she still loves company and sneaking in a cuddle while her kittens nap. She is a great mum, very attentive and always purring, although she wouldn't mind getting some of the attention that her kittens are getting!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Arrivals - Milo and Otis

These 2 month old adventurers were found wandering in Angrignon park. How they got out in the middle of a park alone remains a mystery, but now they are in the warm arms of Eleven Eleven. The two are males, have been dewormed, and just recieved their first round of vacines. The next step? Finding homes for these adorable little wild cats.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fosters Needed!

Foster homes desperately needed ASAP for several dogs recently abandoned. Seems moving season has already hit! Please spread the word. Let's try and find forever homes for these little guys!

Fosters needed for:

- 5 month old boxer cross, female

- 3 month old pure bred husky, female

- 14 month old pure bred weimeraner, female

- 14 month old terrier cross, male **URGENT-TO BE EUTHANIZED**

- 6 month old pure bred husky, female **URGENT-TO BE EUTHANIZED**

- 3 year old boxer/pitbull cross, female

To foster an animal for Eleven Eleven, please visit:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Charlie received his Pick-Me-Up gift from the Twitter community!

We always love how supportive the twitter community is!

@BorisKitty, @LouPeb, and @MtlCritters fellow twitter community friends came together to show support for Charlie. They sent over a very thought full get-well-soon gift package for Charlie, which he very much appreciated!



Experience Veterinary Technicians join forces to raise money!

Have experienced and friendly animal health technicians trim your animals nails or clean their ears for only $15 for the two and $10 for one!

Naturalanimal and Pawtisserie and Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue welcome cats, dogs, and rabbits on Sunday, April 25th at 11am to take part in a fundraiser the rescue.

All proceeds from the event will go to the surgery for Speedy, who needs and amputation. To read more about Speedy's story visit

Speedy will also be there for the Meet N' Greet, and will be accepting applications for furrrrever homes :P

Technicians from the following veterinary clinics:
The Animal Health Clinic -
The Poirier O'Brien Clinic -


Meet Speedy: a 6 months old Italian Greyhound who was facing euthanasia. Why on earth would such a rare, expensive breed, and possibly the cutest puppy ever be facing euthanasia?

Despite coming from a ‘reputable breeder’ (not that that even matters, a breeder is a breeder in our eyes) he broke his knee shortly after being bought, and his new owners thought he would grow out of it. Unfortunately (if only life was that easy), he did not, and then was facing euthanasia at only 6 months old. His knee is now a big ball of cartilage and scar tissue. He has not even used the leg for over 3 months. A specialist has evaluated him, and there is no hope in saving the leg because of how old the injury is. So Speedy now needs an amputation. Not that is will really make a difference, as he has never really used that leg and living up to his greyhound breed he is still faster than any other 4 legged pup out there.

His dead leg however is not his only issue (it can never be that simple). Again, living up to his grey hound breed.. he has horrible teeth. At 6 months old he has had to have a full dental, and extractions of adult teeth that were already rotting. We are not sure if he even has enamel on his teeth, which makes him pre-disposed to building up tartar. He even had a small benign growth in the mouth, which was also removed. Okay so Speedy is a lemon pup, but hey he still deserves a chance at life, which we are more than willing to give him.

Other than those small little issues, he is a fantastic little guy. Playful as any other puppy, happy, affectionate, a great kisser, and already house trained! His adoptive home should expect to be showered with more love than physically capable to handle, he is a little teeny-tiny bundle of joy. However he will need his teeth cleaned daily, twice daily ideally. It is just a matter of making it a part of your routine and he loves the tasty chicken toothpaste, so you won’t hear him complain. He will probably need a few more dental surgeries down the line, and will probably not be left with many teeth at a very young age. His three legs will not affect him or his joints in the long run, as greyhounds have great joints and hips.

In our eyes he is a gem, and we are hoping there are other people out there (who are just as crazy as we are) that can see the same golden pup we see. We will be amputating his leg as soon as the funds are raised, we have already had his dental done.

Lets join forces and save this little unlucky pup!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sponsor an Animal – Ginny & Her Puppies

Credits / Thank You!:

Thank you to The Animal Health Clinic and The Poirier O'Brien Veterinary Clinic for providing her medical attention.

Huge thank you to The Underdog Club who will be sponsoring her teeth removal!

The Contributors: Danielle Pare, Kimberly Jeffrey, Sylvia Bongiovanni, Robert Dinner, Amanda Black, David Velazco and √Člisabeth Farkas (P.E.P.S, Pet Sitting Services).

With out support like this we would be nowhere, thank you everyone.


Meet Ginny: She is a young, affectionate, happy, obedient dog who loves nothing more than to just simply be by your side. She is one of the sweetest dogs Eleven Eleven has ever come across, and has no ounce of angry or resentment in her considering where she came from. Ginny is a survivor in the strongest way possible, not only over coming conditions that would kill most dogs but not even letting it affect her personality and demeanour. Not even holding her negative experience against anyone, or the humans beings that inflicted it on her. The only thing that gives this lovely girls past abusive conditions away, is her missing front leg.

Ginny was rescued in December by Animal Quebec from a hoarder up north who was hoarding over 30 dogs in despicable conditions. She was kept and compassionately cared for by the loving and dedicated volunteers at The SPCA Emergency Shelter until we took her over. Ginny was one of the many, but only one of the very few Huskies, most are golden crosses (also for adoption, through the E-Shelter). They were chained to trees outside with no shelter, warmth food or water and expected to survive. Eleven Eleven took over Ginny January 31st and welcomed her into a loving, warm foster home. She gave birth 4 days later to 6 healthy puppies February 4th, despite the doctors predictions of only 2 puppies.. maybe three. We were very surprised to see this tiny little mother of only 35 pounds produce so many puppies!

Ginny is emaciate, on a body condition scale of 1 to 9 she is easily a 2. Despite being so under weight she also has to nurse 6 puppies, before we can nurse her back to health. On top of having 6 puppies Ginny fought with gastro-intestinal upsets which we worked very hard to control. Medication after medication and expensive diet after expensive diet, we have finally found a combination that agrees with her. Which unfortunately is an extremely expensive food that only comes in 8 pound bags, which she and the puppies goes through at least one a week. Ginny also has two severly broken Canines with full pulp exposure which we are looking into having a root canal or cap done on them to save the teeth, otherwise if not possible we will have to remove them. She will need to be spayed, and before going into surgery will need a full blood panel done. When she is spayed we will look to fix her canines at the same time, and still will need to be on fluids because she will be under for a long period of time. She has had several worm protocols to help facilitate the control of the gastro-upsets along with the puppies. The puppies will all also need to be spayed, de-wormed, vaccinated and placed.

Charlie Update - ADOPTED! / THANK YOU

We are happy to tell you with great excitement, that today we have brought Charlie to his new home 2 hours up north.. Charlie has been finally adopted. I shared my home and heart with this lovely gentlemen for 8 months, and will miss having his big head greeting me or resting on my lap. I will miss his gigantic kisses, and big hugs. I will miss him rolling around in my lap for belly rubs with failing limbs, that sometimes got me in the face by accident. I will miss him sitting in my lap, or trying to, even if he did not really fit. I will miss the look on his face when he knows he did something wrong, or how he was always excited to see me even if i was not at my 'best'... i will miss him. But he has now found his forever home, a family entirely for himself.

The family he has been adopted into is exceptional, and has decades of experience with this breed. He is an only child of the family, and will be down right spoiled dirty-rotten. He has plenty of acres to run fee in (with no cars of course), a lake to spend his summer next to, and most importantly a family to call his own. We are told not to expect him back, he is there to stay.

We have enjoyed our time with him, and concurred many feats towards promoting a good name for pit-bulls with him. Many people may not know that he was actually a favorite at the old age home my grandmother resides in. He broke boundaries, and opened up minds. He welcomed adults or infants, puppies or dogs, with the kindest nature and biggest kisses. He is a mascot for the breed, and has made a huge impact on the way many people viewed pit-bulls before they met him. We hope, and know he will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

He has become one of Eleven Eleven’s mascots, and always will be.

I first met Charlie September 4th, 2009, when he was brought in to be euthanized by his previous owner at just over a year old. I was 2 hours into a 12 hour shift, and had until the end of the day to rescue him or he would meet his fate. He was huge, and weighed as much as I did, but he was such a good dog, that’s all I could describe him as, a good dog. Because he was, and is, and I promised him I would do everything in my power to save him. Which I did, and in-between two 30-minute beaks that day I found a place for him to go that night. At the end of the shift, we took him to his new temporary home. He later had to change fosters, to Joanne. He was so out of control, massive, and had no training that his fosters felt he could never be placed. So I got him a personal trainer, that worked with them one on one through his issues. He then went to classes every week with the foster. Thankfully to the wonderful, dedicated foster home and mommy, Joanne (who is also my mother), we turned this out-of-control teenager into a well-mannered gentlemen. But despite his perfect temperament, and immaculate training, due to breed prejudice, Charlie was overlooked and no one was even interested in adopting him. We had him for 8 months, and were ready to keep him another year if needed until he found his home.

Then in March, I got the phone call. Charlie had gotten away, and had been hit by a car. I did not even hesitate, he was rushed to the emergency clinic within 20 minutes at 1am and was already going into shock. X-Rays revealed a shattered femur. At first glance the vet said to just amputate. But I am stubborn, and I promised Charlie like I promise all of the rescues that I would do everything in my power for him. Which I did, he was seen by a specialist who was not sure if he could save the leg either. I still pushed forward; within 10 hours of the accident Charlie went into reconstructive surgery to piece the leg back together (literally). 4, 000$, five hours, 12 screws and a 14 inch plate later, his leg was back in one piece. It was the hardest surgery the doctor has ever done successfully, and it indeed was successful. He has now regained almost full use of the leg.

Without support and help like yours Eleven Eleven would be helpless, Charlie would be helpless. From the bottom of our hearts, and deeper we sincerely thank you for all of your support. Charlie being saved is a direct result of each and every one of your support, you have helped make a tremendous difference in this very special dogs life.

We have reached close to half of what is needed to recover his surgery funds, and will continue to pay off his debt (for a while). Slowly, but surely. If we had to do it again, we would in a heart beat. He was worth every penny needed to save his life, however many times we have had to save his life.

We also have a special thank you to say to his foster home Joanne who made this perfect dog what he is today, and The Under Dog Club for the wonderful support they have shown us.

Again, THANK YOU from Charlie and the Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue team

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eleven Eleven T-Shirts For Sale Now!

Eleven Eleven's models and their furry friends got together to show you what we've got in store (literally):

All shirts come in men and women cut in sizes extra small to extra large. To buy your own, visit:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Charlie Update

It is hard to imagine just a few weeks ago we were fighting for this man's life, and now here we are, enjoying the spring weather with him. He is strong as he has ever been, happy as he has ever been. We are also trying to get our head's around the fact that next weekend we will be saying goodbye to him as he moves on to the next level in his life, and finally becomes a part of a family.

We love you Charlie, more than i think you will ever understand.

Puppys first bath

We took advantage of the nice weather to give some stinky pups a much needed bath. It was all their first baths, although they did not see why they needed to be washed and threw a bit of a fight.. they all subsided to the soapy back rubs pretty quickly. We now have three squeaky clean pups who enjoy their days and nice weather in a massive out-door play pen.

Daisy - Adopted!

Daisy has been adopted into a loving family this weekend, where she can finally get all the love and affection she deserves and seeks. She was rescued at 6 weeks old in the middle of winter after being locked on a balcony because she was not house trained. She blossomed from a terrified, scared little puppy into a spunky pup full of life and energy.

Alaska, Sprite and Moshi - Adopted

Alaska (now Charlie), Moshi and Sprite of Ginny's puppies have been adopted this week!

New Arrival - Charlotte

Charlotte was dumped outside, like the millions of other cats. Except she was not spayed and is now very, very pregnant. She is a sweet heart, and we have taken her in to see her through the pregnancy and the kittens through adoption. She is due any day now, and will be moved to a comfy foster home tonight for her to settle in and have her babies in peace. Once her babies are old enough, she and the litter will be looking for new homes.

New Arrival - Izzy

Izzy was dumped in a neighbourhood where his previous owners hoped he would find the amazing, loving home they had not interest in giving him. Instead he almost became road kill, but was thankfully saved before that fate. He is a great kitty, very affectionate, playful, perfect really. Their loss. Izzy is now looking for a great home, where he will be loved and treasured.. forever