Friday, February 26, 2010

11 days to save Brindi

Meet Brinid: Brindi is a young affectionate, loving, go lucky dog. Who wound up in a shelter for 2 years, but finally got a break and was adopted. She was adopted into a loving, active home where she found everything she wanted and more. Until she was seized by the city and put into a pound on death row. She had only been free for less than a year. She has now been in the pound, which is only set up to hold dogs for 30 days.. for 2 years. Her mom has spent over 30, 000$ fighting for her life in court, but the city refuses to release Brindi.

Brindi's moms says in her Free Brindi blog:
"On July 24, 2008, my beloved Brindi was seized and put on death row. She had a few scrapes with other dogs, but never bit a person. She's smart, gentle, affectionate, and passed obedience class. All the scrapes with dogs were on our property line, and happened accidentally. In all, there was one minor injury. I was never charged with an offense, but they seized her. I apologized, gated both exits, and arranged for a private trainer. At my expense, an expert assessed Brindi after she was impounded for 5 months: she found her highly trainable. I paid thousands to get euthanization order quashed in court. But the city kept Brindi, ignoring the law. Rather than holding a fair hearing on whether Brindi is truly a danger, AC charged me with 3 by-law violations on the last possible day, in order to leverage a new kill order. The trial began in October and won’t resume until January. I’ve asked HRM many times to release Brindi pending trial, or at least send her to a better kennel- the pound is not designed to keep a dog over 30 days; also asked the court. All requests were refused."

As Victor Larhkill from Let's Adopt says, "Starting from today, Brindi is no longer just a dog. Brindi is now a symbol that represents our most essential values: Justing and the Right to live."

Brindi's case will have it's final ruling March 9th 2010. We have less than 11 days to save Brindi's life.

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