Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jill Adopted!

Jill a traumatized post puppy-mill pup has been adopted! We are hoping she is able to come out of her shell a little bit with her new mom. We can't blame her for being so scared! Poor little girl.

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  1. This is Jill now "Lucky Girl's" mom with just a little note to say we are doing great!

    Lucky Girl just discovered tug of war and thank God no longer with my clothes!!!

    My baby girl is no longer the same dog and it took a lot of patience from everybody, myself, my boyfriend, father & family. She has started to trust my Dad after 7 months and still does not trust my boyfriend but he is not giving up.

    I am a lucky and very happy mom!!!

    Caroline you would not believe the difference in 7 month's and I can only look forward to many more changes and wonderful surprises!

    THANK YOU for trusting in me!!!