Friday, February 26, 2010

New Arrival - Rabbit saved from being snake food!

Meet Snake: After placing Shayo in foster care the foster family stopped off to buy a cage from someone off Kijji. Shortly after I received an urgent email advising us that the women selling the cage was so distressed about not being able to find a new home for her rabbit, she was considering giving him to someone who offered to take him, but to feed him to his snake!
Even if it was just a threat we couldn't take the chance, we got the poor bun out of there a.s.a.p!!! It seems the reason for the adoption was that the woman had developped allergies. In an attempt to reduce allergens in her home... this unfortunate bunbun was shaved! The woman was extremely lucky that she didn't cut through the skin, something that happens to easily when shaving rabbits.

Hopefully, a warm and loving home can see through the funny haircut and give this boy a loving, forever home!

Hehe... I've named him Snake, I'm sure this will be changed in his new home but I thought this was a good boy name aside from his story.

Snake is a Holland Lop cross
Approx. 2 yrs
Neutered today!
Supposed to be litter box trained (stress can affect this)

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