Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jill (now Lucky) a rescued traumatized puppy mill pup - Update

Jill was surrendered to the SPCA emergency shelter by a puppy mill. Eleven Eleven took her over January 31st and provided a foster to work with her issues one on one. In short Jill was absolutely traumatized by the experienced. Which left her a shell of a dog, she had no idea the joys of life, out doors, or human interaction. She flinched at every touch and pet, and was terrified of snow or anything related to outdoors. She would sit in a corner for hours on ends as she grew up with out the option of moving around, and never even knew once out of a cage that she was allowed to be free. She was adopted February 14th 2010 by a loving home, who at first was intimidated by the feats they knew they had to accomplish with this litter scared pup. Here are some of the up-dates of how with just a little time and TLC she is blossoming into a happy, joyful, fulfilled and 'normal' dog.

February 243rd 2010 Up-date:

Things are much better and I received a lot of support from work colleagues, my vet and I also called Canada K9.

I have an appointment at the end of the week with my vet for the booster and suture removal. She knows me now and shows affection but still does not come to me which will take a bit of time. She however has come a very long way and so have I. She was not good with the pee pad and it only took a day to train her to go outside. We had one oops since but that's o.k....

Outside is not her favorite place at the moment but getting much better. We walk three to four times a day and she finally walked for a whole half hour the other day. She no longer pulls on the leash and walks right beside me. We have come in contact with another friendly dog named Lokey (big dog) and she was very nervous at first and then she was o.k.. She is fighting her own fears one step at a time and doing rather well. Better then I would have thought.

I think we have a long friendship growing and yes things get better every day! She actually jumped from side to side with her ears up when she saw me this morning which was a verrrry big surprise! She was so cute... A real little Teddy Bear when she is a little excited.

February 24th 2010 Up-date:

She was too funny this morning! I put her on my bed on her blanket in the morning after our walk so she can keep me company while getting ready for work. For her that is a treat! Believe it or not! I was trying to fold a shirt and she came off her blanket took my shirt with her teeth and dragged it to her blanket and then jumped around like she did great thing!!! I guess I won't be folding that shirt today, I said. Then I tried to fold these sweat pants and she did the same thing!@# Just too funny to see her jumping around.

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