Friday, February 26, 2010

Puppy mill dogs - owners share their experiences

We recently posted an up-date on Jill (now Lucky) a traumatized puppy mill dog that Eleven Eleven took on the feat of socializing and finding her a special home to work with her. Lucky is now doing great in her new home, and slowly coming out of her shell. See Lucky's up-dates and story by clicking here

With that post we had some other people share their experience with their own Puppy Mill dogs that they rescued and worked with. Helping a Puppy Mill dog explore their world and over come feats is a humbling and life changing experience. See their stories and response to Lucky (Jill) below: 

Louise Makovsky: It is certainly special to have a puppymill dog. I remember when mine found a box of kleenex and thought it was amazing that she could keep pulling them out. One of the strongest memories was when she was taken out of the car and brought in front of my home she looked up at the sky and wagged her tail, I realized that she had probably never seen the sky...caged all of her life. Very touching. Good Luck Jill.

Shelly Elsliger: I have a rescued Boston Terrier from a back yard breeder who was kept in a cage in the basement for two years. we have had her for two years now..a little love bug who runs the house with joy and bliss and constant tail wagging....She still willl not go in the basement..understandably so...nice thing now is that she doesn't have to and knows it:) There are soo many rescues that given the chance- can teach us humans so much about forgiveness, strength and unconditional love! Thanks you soo much....ElevenEleven Animal rescue is truly making miracles happen and creating happy endings!

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