Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet Ginny & Her Puppies

We have been itching to release these picture for a while now. Meet Ginny and her puppies! Ginny was rescued from a hoarding situation up north with about 40 other golden crosses. She was the only Husky and if she is not already special enough she is missing a leg. Who knows how or why, but she gets around just fine! On February 4th she gave birth to 6 beautiful healthy puppies, 5 males and one female. Despite the predictions of 2.. maybe 3 babies and confirmed by 2 doctors, lets just say watching her have SIX was an experience. Aft 3 we kept thinking the next was the last, after about 5 we were not sure when it would end! The pups will be for adoption April 1st, and will also be needing foster homes for then. Ginny is a very well tempered, easy going, affectionate mommy and tiny at only 35lbs (although very underweight). We are hoping her puppies carry the same temperament and petite build.

If interested in adopting please see here: http://www.elevenelevenanimalrescue.org/AdoptionProcess.html

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