Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Pony: Trip to the vet!

Little Pony is a kitten we placed in a barn because well.. she had a little too much attitude for us to be able to place her in a house. This girl is full of spunk and likes things her own way, any other way you might find your finger or hand a victim of her fury. Lets just say, she was too wild to be a house cat. Our alliterative - barn cat! She was spayed, de-wormed, fully vaccinated, FIV/FeLV tested and finally integrated slowly into the barn. She spends her days hanging out with the other barn kitty's, catching mice, wondering the woods and property on an isolated stable far outside of the city.

Well Little Pony somehow hurt her leg the other day and would not put any pressure on it. Probably was not quick enough to get out of a passing horses way, or maybe tested her boundaries a little too far with one, who knows. We took her right away to the vet, as she will be Eleven Eleven's responsibility for the rest of her life. One of our 'permanent foster' residents. We had to heavily sedate her, as there is no other way to be able to handle or manipulate this spitfire. The vet examined her and took a series of x-rays, there was no visible fractures or breaks. We are not too sure what is causing the pain. So she is now on pain killers and antibiotics, incase it was a starting infection. So far she has responded, so fingers crossed that was all she needed. She was also due for her booster vaccines, so we went ahead and did them at the same time.

Even the spitfires get the best possible care! Whether they appreciate it or not!

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