Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tiger is sick!

Tiger came down with a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection. Despite being up to date with vaccines and FIV/FeLV tested negative, she has managed to pick up the cold from the veterinary clinic she was boarding at. Probably a combination of stress from her previous owner dying, and having to move from a comfy home to a veterinary clinic, along with her older age of 9 years. She feels like crap, and has stopped eating.

We took blood on her last night and ran a full blood panel, which came back normal. She is going in for chest x-rays today, we are still waiting on those results. She is also on appetite stimulants, which are working and she is eating on her own now.

We were hoping to bring her to the adoption event this weekend, but it looks like that will not be able to happen. Good luck Tiger!

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